Volume 114 | April 2019
A New Trend is Sprouting Up
Sprouted grains are April's Whole Grains of the Month. Generally speaking, sprouted grains are whole grains that have been soaked and allowed to sprout, beginning the very first steps on their journey to becoming a new plant. These special whole grains are thought to have additional nutrition benefits, and are also a favorite ingredient of bakers and chefs. For a deeper understanding of sprouted grains and their uses, check out the videos linked below.
Fueling Up with Whole Grains
Whether it be for a big race or your weekend Zumba class, whole grains contain nutrients essential for a body in motion. From carbs, to protein, to iron, to magnesium, learn more about some of the key nutrients that whole grains can offer athletes of all levels.
Whole Grains and Fiber Linked with Lower Risk of Many Diseases
Researchers analyzed data from more than 200 studies encompassing 4,635 participants to better understand fiber and whole grains’ relationship with disease prevention. Fiber was linked with a 15-30% lower risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, colorectal cancer, and death, with similar findings for whole grains. The researchers noted a dose-response relationship for both whole grains and fiber, indicating that those who eat the most may confer an even greater benefit.
Highlights from Whole Grain Sampling Day
Our participants were a diverse bunch, with supermarkets, universities, restaurants, food companies, health centers, and bloggers all adding their voices to our celebration! It’s a bit disappointing that we can’t be in a couple hundred places at once, soaking up all the whole grain excitement around the country. But that’s what photos are for, right? 
Cooking with Sprouted Grains
This recipe uses two tricks to transform brown rice into a creamy risotto: 1) choosing a short grain sprouted brown rice, and 2) parboiling the rice before beginning the risotto process.

An Oldways Whole Grains Council recipe
The sprouted whole wheat flour and sweet potato add a subtle sweetness to this flavorful Mediterranean flatbread.

An Oldways Whole Grains Council recipe
Like most whole grains, sprouted brown rice is a great option for stir fries. For a meatless meal, try tofu instead of chicken. 

An Oldways Whole Grains Council recipe

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Director of Nutrition

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Whole Grains Council Program Director

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Whole Grain Stamp Program Manager