Elite Strength Program has become our most popular class at Fishers Sports Academy, and for good reason. The results we saw last year were nothing less than exciting to our staff and all clients. Below you will find answers to any questions you may have!
What is ESP?
Elite Strength Program is our baseball & softball specific sports performance class. We came together as a staff to develop ESP to work on developing functional strength for baseball and softball players that will transfer to the field!
Why is ESP important?
Our goal is to develop strength and speed. We believe that working on hitting and position specific skills is very important in a players development. Once your technique is refined, your son or daughter isn’t going to see a lot of improvement if their strength stays the same. With ESP, we will work on athletes functional strength and speed that will help with hitting and position specific skills.  
When are ESP Classes?
Classes will begin on October 22nd and the final class will be on March 26th. Both groups, high school & 6th - 8th grade, will be held on Tuesday’s & Thursday’s.  
High School Classes  
4:15 - 5:45 PM 

6th - 8th Grade Classes   
5:00 - 6:30 PM 
There will be no class on the following dates:  
October 31st (Halloween) 
November 28th (Thanksgiving) 
December 24 & 26th (Christmas) 
January 31st (New Years Eve) 
What will my son or daughter be doing during class?
In ESP the athletes will be working on all around strength, power, mobility, stability & core. We have found that these areas are the most important in increasing productivity on the field. In class, we will be using various exercises and movements to target these areas while keeping safety as our top priority. 
Who is leading the classes?
Brian Griffitts and Danny Collier will be the two instructors. Brian runs Griffitts Sports Performance and has partnered with FSA to run his classes here. Brian has helped hundreds of athletes improve and achieve their goals for over 20 years. In his years as a sports performance trainer, Brian has worked people ranging from 3rd grade to professional athletes. Brian and Danny have worked together to develop a sports performance program that increase strength and speed that will translate to the field.   
If I have a Griffitts Sports Performance Membership can I attend ESP classes?
Yes, this is an added benefit of having a Griffitts Sports Performance Membership. You are able to attend an unlimited amount of Sports Performance classes plus ESP classes throughout the duration of your membership. If you are interested in attending sports performance classes regularly throughout the year, please reach out to Brian directly.
Email: brian@gspindy.com Cell: 317-523-7385
How do payment work?
We have set up a reoccurring billing membership for ESP. You will make 5 payments of $129. The first will come out on 10/22, then on the 22nd in November, December, January & February. 
February 22nd will be your final payment.
How do I sign up?
Follow the link below to go to our 'Memberships' page. Once you are there, you can sign up for the "ESP Baseball & Softball Membership." You will either need to sign into an existing account or create a new account.
If you have any issues at all signing up, please respond to this email and we will help you get your child signed up!