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Tom Fruin
Brooklyn-based artist Tom Fruin’s illuminated “light houses” have been exhibited in cities around the world, from Buenos Aires to Copenhagen to New York. Made of recycled plexiglass, Fruin’s Maxikiosco becomes a kaleidoscope of color during the day and a beacon of light at night. Catch it after dark to see the lights! Location: Summit City Hall at 512 Springfield Avenue.
What Lifts You
Kelsey Montague
Since painting her first mural in New York’s Nolita neighborhood in 2014, artist Kelsey Montague has painted hundreds of murals on six continents and in dozens of cities across the globe. One of a series of her signature What Lifts You murals, this specially-commissioned pair of wings incorporates a number of features characteristic of Summit: a shade tree (for the city’s many parks and tree-lined streets), a train (for Summit’s Midtown Direct line to NYC), and a large sunflower (a nod to the sunflower patch growing nearby). Try on the wings yourself and snap a photo while you’re there! Location: Look for it on the wall behind the new Bar Bacoa restaurant, where Maple Street meets Deforest Avenue. 
Aurora Robson
Artist-activist Aurora Robson’s Troika is a perfect example of the artist’s practice of turning “displaced abundance” into dynamic works of art. Sculpted entirely from plastic debris, this curiously-shaped trio would not be out of place in a Dr. Seuss book. Be sure to see it at night when Robson’s internally-lit sculptures become enchanted objects that glow from within. Location: Village Green near the Summit train station.
Kate Dodd
Award-winning NJ sculptor Kate Dodd created this colorful site-specific installation from more than 3,000 repurposed plastic water bottles. Composed of fourteen flower-like stalks, this whimsical grove demonstrates Dodd’s talent for using discarded materials to transform ordinary settings into fantastical spaces. Location: Kaus Way, where Woodland meets Springfield Avenue.
Anomie Exquisite
Andrew Light
Artist Andrew Light’s Anomie Exquisite was inspired by a random series of scrapyard finds. The resulting steel sculpture, defined by its central arc, rises on curved wings to evoke what Light calls the "echo of a movement." Location: Village Green at the corner of Broad and Elm Streets.
Summit Under Quarantine
Joanie Schwarz
In April 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in New Jersey, Summit Public Art commissioned artist Joanie Schwarz to collaborate on an online photo series to capture this unprecedented moment in our city’s history. The result was a moving and inspiring work that reflected both the uncertainty of the time and the resilience of the Summit community. The online series has now become a new outdoor exhibit that features more than two dozen photographs, including some not previously seen online. Location: Village Green across from the Summit Post Office, 61 Maple Street.
Returning Exhibits
Brickhead Love
James Tyler
Standing eight feet tall and weighing more than five thousand pounds, this colossal ceramic head immediately attracts notice with its imposing size and colorful tiles imprinted with the word LOVE. A familiar face on the Village Green, Brickhead struck a chord with Summit residents earlier this year when it wore a protective mask at the height of the pandemic. Location: Village Green near Summit Avenue.
Love Long Last
Andy Moerlein & Donna Dodson, "The Myth Makers"
This striking pair of fifteen-foot cardinals, constructed from intertwining strips of bamboo, greets visitors to the Village Green, signaling their role as "harbingers of good health and renewal." These twin avatars "stand independently but show a loving camaraderie and a long lasting love of home." Location: Village Green near the Summit train station.
The Watcher
Paul Santoleri
This large-scale mural of a Great Blue Heron occupies the wall at Lyric Park with a commanding presence. Under its watchful eye, a dreamlike cityscape unfolds just beyond the nest of its feathers. Location: Lyric Park, where Beechwood Avenue meets Bank Street.

Walk the Streets
Stretching across four floors, this sprawling mural, with its colorfully-patterned diagonal stripes, has transformed the facade of Summit's Springfield Avenue parking tier into a dynamic, eye-catching space. Artist Hellbent (JMikal Davis) describes his approach as "taking a vast array of colors and patterns and making them work together, which I think is what anyone wants from a community." Location: Springfield Avenue Tier Garage.
Permanent Installations
Silver Sentinel
Douwe Blumberg
Artist Douwe Blumberg's homage to this city of trees greets visitors at the Gateway to Summit. Says Blumberg: "When I do a piece, my goal is to capture something special in it. I'm not interested in 'pretty.' I want a spark of life." Location: Down the hill from town where Broad Street meets Dayton Road.
Valerie Larko
Stained glass panels inspired by cherry blossoms in full bloom at Summit's Reeves Reed Arboretum. Location: Bus Stop where Broad Street meets Railroad Avenue.
Spring & Fall
Judith Weber
Stained glass panels of abstract leaves referencing spring and fall. Location: Bus Stop where Broad Street meets Summit Avenue.
While Waiting
Barbara Ellman
Stained glass panels of crisp, colorful abstract forms reference a city's rhythms, momentum, and diversity. Location: Bus Stop where Maple meets Broad Street.
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