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Greetings, PEPS family!

At my core, I believe in the power of social connection and the impact of PEPS. I know this in part from my own experience as a new mom, the PEPS Groups I’ve led, and the hundreds of stories of impact I’ve heard.     

My journey with parenthood began when my daughter Violet was born. Her arrival was not what I'd expected - complications from her birth led to a traumatic two week stay in the NICU. A few weeks after we got home from the hospital, I went on a walk with some new moms who lived nearby. That first walk turned into a daily routine and these women listened without judgement and provided love and support that helped me feel seen during a vulnerable time. 

The power of social connection that I experienced inspired me to foster that for other new parents, so I volunteered as a PEPS Group Leader, and soon after was hired on staff. I’ve worked at PEPS in many roles through seasons of growth and transformation, and I’m thrilled to lead PEPS as the Executive Director in this pivotal time. 

We know that when parents break out of isolation and find connection and support, they emerge more confident, resilient and with a stronger community. I have deep gratitude for the PEPS Community and I look forward to learning from and collaborating with you in my new role. I’d love to hear from you!  Please get in touch anytime at .

With gratitude,
Dana Guy
Executive Director
Dana with her husband and two children in front of trees and a bridge
Resources & Inspiration
You Have Kids. Yes, You Need a Will.

Creating an estate plan is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your child is cared for, if anything were to happen to you. Here are 6 steps to help you get started...(estimated reading time: 5 min)

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Teaching Kids about Friendship

How can parents support their children when it comes to meeting new people and developing friendships? (estimated reading time: 4 min)

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The Importance of Play and the Science Behind It

Evidence increasingly suggests that ordinary child’s play is essential to learning and development....(estimated reading time: 15 min)

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A Tranquil Isle in the Sea of Busyness

Here are some ideas on how each family member can make time to reflect, relax, and recharge...(estimated reading time: 3 min)

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A gathering of parents and advocates sitting on the steps outside of the legislative building in Olympia Washington
Have you heard the news?

Washington State is expecting! Paid Family and Medical Leave (PFML) is coming to Washington state on January 1, 2020! Check out this comprehensive guide, written by local parent, advocate and community organizer, Zandrea Harlin. ( estimated reading time: 6 min)
What PEPS parents are saying…

“I think PEPS is amazing and I will always support the organization. I don't know what I would have done without it. Being a single parent there were many times when I could have felt isolated or overwhelmed, but knowing that I could look forward to PEPS every week was invaluable and benefited my life and my son’s life. I am so grateful for PEPS.”
– PEPS Group Participant
Table Captain Info Night
The PEPS Luncheon Planning Team was joined by a group of 12 others last month at our South Seattle office location to kick off our 2020 Luncheon. We enjoyed wine, conversation, connection, and Luncheon updates. Attendees learned what it takes to host a table and shared best practices for inviting friends and associates and how to put a table together. 

We invite you to be an ambassador for your community and help make the PEPS Luncheon a success with us by joining our team of table captains! Learn more about what it means to host a table by visiting our Table Captain Toolkit, built specifically to support you!
Table Captain Event
Thriving Families Event
On October 12, PEPS collaborated with Families of Color Seattle and Amara for a discussion on the intersectionality of race and disability. Families joined us at Amara to hear four panelists - Celeste, Shayla, Ben and Hodan. A special shout out to our moderator, Christiana ObeySumner, and our panelists. It was wonderful to meet you and thank you for sharing your personal stories, experiences, and answering all the questions! ⁠  
Thriving Families event
“[I learned] the importance of not shielding kids with disabilities from topics of equity and intersectionality.” – Thriving Families: The Intersections of Race & Disability event attendee 
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