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The Hock Tools Newsletter
# 7 / 2015 
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715-Advancing Handtools, Wow, The Perfect Edge Badge
Hock Tools 
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Scott Seganti's of The Sonoran Woodshop Tells the Story of his Special Marking Knife

715 In-the-Spotlight, Scott Seganti Marking Knife, Assembled, Red
Scott Seganti "turned" 
a Hock Tools #MK025 Marking Knife
into  a special marking knife  with a walnut handle.

Marking knifes are an essential tool for woodworking; using them takes your woodworking to a new level. For years I used an X-acto knife that I bought from a craft store. It worked okay in most situations; however, I found it wasn't ideal especially when marking dovetails. After a little research I purchased a #MK025 marking knife blade from Hock Tools.

715 Keep Reading Red

Thank you, Scott!
Some Call 'em Utility Knives. No Matter! Hock Tools' Smaller Blades Make Great Gifts!
715 Carving, Marking and Violin Knives-Grouped
Did you know that Hock Tools carving, marking & violin knives appeal to 
non-woodworkers as well as woodworkers? 

I happen to use a #VK025, our 1/4" Violin Knife, in my sewing kit and a #CK100, our 1" basic  Carving Knife, in the kitchen.

So, yeah, Hock knives are handy utility knives...

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33 Years of Excellence
Ron in HOCK Shop
Ron Hock
Although it is impossible to ignore the news of the day and each of us at Hock Tools bows our heads as we say je suis Paris, I also know we can't let our days be held hostage by fear. We work on in spite and perhaps in defiance of threats of terrorism. If there is anything I've learned from Linda's parents who were Holocaust survivors, it's that even through their fear and sorrow, they lived their lives the best they could and let love, not their fear, rule their hearts and days.

In light of recent events I'm glad The Holidays are upon us. We may not agree on whether to say Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays or Seasons Greetings here in the U.S. but we are just that kind of cranky, and loudly share our disagreements even during the most festive of times. And, if nothing else, we are diverse - and this Happy Toolidays newsletter comes with wishing you Happy Thanksgiving and whichever other Holiday brings you joy this season. We're fortunate to get to do that and I for one am planning to celebrate the Toolidays as much as celebrating someone not sharing my world view.

In the meantime, if there is anything you need from Hock Tools, just let me know.

Ron's Signature
Ron Hock
Hock Tools
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(888) 282-5233
(707) 964-2782
NewThe New Hock Tools Shop Apron:
Pockets in all the Right Places and Cross Ties for Comfort!
715 In-the-Spotlight I, Ron, Apron, Front
Ron Models the New Hock Tools Shop Apron

Our new aprons have three waist pockets as well as a pocket on the bib for glasses and two skinny pockets for pens, pencils, measuring devices, etc. 

Durable, washable poly/cotton blend for easy care and cross ties in the back, so the straps hang on your shoulders instead of your neck -- way more comfortable. 

Order Yours Today!

Advancing Handtools:
Your Happy Toolidays List:75 Hock Tools $50 or Less.
Happy Toolidays Bailey 2015
A Bailey #5 
fitted with a Hock Tools 
#BBS200  (Blade & Breaker Set).

And now, for your list of
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