Your Heart's Delight!
February 5, 2019   
In This Issue
Golden Zircon
H.D. Opal Heart
H.D. Coral Hearts
Opal Cab
Tourmaline Hearts
Brecciated Jasper Hearts
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Golden Zircon Octagon

Natural golden zircon from Sri Lanka. 
No treatment.

Boulder Opal Heart

Half-drilled, hand-carved. Untreated opal. 

See all opal carvings.

Coral Hearts

Natural, untreated coral half-drilled heart-shaped charms. 

Opal Oval Cabochon

  Natural calibrated semi-black oval opal.  From Australia.

Chrome Tourmaline Hearts

These make emeralds "green" with jealousy!

Brecciated Jasper Hearts

These natural brecciated 6mm jasper hearts are on 16" temporary strands.

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The Stachura Team

Joe & Mary, Anne, Ellie, J.D. & Anggie
Joseph P. Stachura Co., Inc.

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