Your Help Needed: Assistance for Ukraine

Your assistance is needed in providing medical aid in Ukraine. Assistance is needed in the form of monetary support and donation of medical supplies.
To provide monetary support:

Your funds will be used for purchasing surgical instruments and materials from international companies and delivering them to the Ukrainian military hospitals.

To donate medical supplies:

The Councilor of the Lithuanian Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons has established a logistic chain to provide necessary instruments, medications and materials to hospitals in Ukraine. His office will serve as a connection point for western doctors and companies that are willing to help. Logistic support is being offered by aggregating shipments of materials from the west and forwarding this aid via charity trucks from Vilnius to Myron Uhryn Charity Foundation in Lviv where the items will be distributed to the hospitals in need. 

A Google document has been arranged to coordinate supply requests and shipping:
  • In the Google document requests are highlighted in yellow
  • Once the requests are accepted by western doctors, companies or associations the information about the accepting party is filled in the green areas
  • The doctor who accepts the request commits to purchase the items and to ship them via a chosen logistic chain (see the logistic chains tab at the bottom of the document)
  • Once the items are delivered to Ukraine, the receiving party fills in the red area with the date of delivery

If you are willing to contribute with medical aid, please follow these steps:
  1. Open the 'view only' Google document by clicking on the link below.
  2. Download and save it to your computer, you may edit the downloaded file only.
  3. Please find the items you would like to purchase and donate in the yellow fields under the sheets titled instruments, materials, and medications, and fill in the green fields next to them with your name and country.
  4. Please fill in the green fields with the name of the selected logistic chain that are listed under the sheet logistic chains (for example, 'SOS clinic') or any other logistic chain operating in your country that can deliver to Lviv, Ukraine.
  5. Save the document and email it to and wait for the reply with important information regarding your shipment.
  6. Administrators will update the Google file with the information submitted by you and make it visible online. The requests from Ukrainian hospitals are being updated on a daily basis. 
For more information please contact Dr. Simonas Grybauskas.

Thank you for assisting the Ukrainian people during this time of need.