SFNE Buy American Fabricated Effort Update | November 9, 2021
SFNE’s Massachusetts Buy American initiative has taken a step forward.
An amendment has been filed in the Massachusetts Senate that would allow you to compete for taxpayer-funded construction projects instead of that work going to foreign companies and economies.
Amendment #165 to Senate Bill S2564 (see below) would require that any economic assistance legislation allocated for public construction projects give preference to U.S. manufacturers when buying steel, iron, and other materials for new buildings and renovations.
The only way this Amendment will continue to move forward is with your help! Please contact your senators and ask that they support Amendment #165 to Senate Bill S2564.
While phone calls work best, you could also send an email. A sample letter is below, and you can click here to find your senator's contact information.
Please remember to call the senators that represent the community where you live and work. 
You can also contact senators even if you don't live or work in Massachusetts. This legislation will positively impact your business as it will add local jobs, generate needed tax revenue for government services, and create economic activity for your downstream trade partners throughout New England.

Also, please share this email with your employees and colleagues. It is important that all members of the steel fabrication community support this important measure.
If you get any responses from your efforts, please let me know. Your help is appreciated.

Catherine A. Flaherty

Catherine A. Flaherty, CAE
Executive Director
SFNE Sample Email
Dear Senator _____________,
Amendment #165 to Senate Bill S2564, filed by Senator Lovely, deserves the support of the Massachusetts Senate.
The purpose of this Amendment is to ensure that these taxpayer funds end up in the hands of businesses located here in Massachusetts or the United States, not those of foreign countries. 
This Amendment is a critical economic policy coming out of the Pandemic. Foreign businesses have taken over our manufacturing industries. We need a policy that supports our businesses, employees, and economy instead of those dollars going to foreign countries.
This policy is already in place in many states and our federal government. Why not Massachusetts?
Please support Amendment #165 to Senate Bill S2564.
I appreciate your consideration on this matter.
Senate Amendment
ECO 165
American Manufacturing

Ms. Lovely moves that the proposed new text be amended in section 93, by inserting at the end thereof, the following:- "Provided further that any manufactured products, including but not limited to, iron, steel and fabricated steel, purchased or utilized pursuant to a request for proposals under the provisions of this section shall be manufactured in the United States of America as required by Federal law pursuant to 48 CFR sec. 52.225-21."
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