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Dear 3D Lifesavers,

The elections are over, the holidays are upon us and year's end is fast approaching. We need your support more now than ever. Now is the time for us to come together for the prevention of distracted, drugged, and drunk driving. We Save Lives has been working hard for the last several years, to change attitudes and make drugged and distracted driving socially unacceptable. These are some of the ways we have been working on your behalf:

Reflections from Inside
Our video #reflectionsfrominside has been shown all over the world, reaching more than 200 million people, and the impact has been overwhelming.   "Here's One Powerful Way To Discourage Drunk Driving" is just one of the many headlines used to describe this video.
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Courage to Intervene Promise
Promotes intervening when someone is about to
drive dangerously and irresponsibly. It demonstrates that young people can stand up and speak out to stop the 3D's.  Every one of us can make a diffe rence by being vigilant, valiant, and vocal.  
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Drop the "A" Word
Through our social media efforts we convinced the AP Style Book to rethink their definition of the word "accident" and instead encourage the use of the words "crash", "collision", and other terms.  When negligence is claimed or proven, the use of the word "accident" deflects responsibility and accountability away from the person. We continue to alert the media and others when accident is used inappropriately. 
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Airplane/Drive Mode
Airplane/Drive Mode Petition- asks mobile device makers to add the word Drive to Airplane Mode. A simple solution that wills ave thousands of lives. 
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We work tirelessly with our partners and DUID victims to educate members of Congress and state legislators about the seriousness of drugged driving (DUID).  We identified the problem and provided solutions.  We were the first advocacy organization to make this issue a priority and we will continue to push for appropriate legislation to ensure DUID  is taken seriously by our courts.    

We introduced and continue to support roadside oral-fluid testing that would help law enforcement identify drugged drivers and get them off the road. 

We support efforts to implement the 24/7 sobriety program across the country that would mandate offender sobriety through intensive testing for drug and alcohol use. 
Now that we have moved to our new location near the geopolitical center of the world, Washington, D.C., we can work even harder to protect you and our loved ones.

" Mourning is the most intense process that most people ever go through. Grief is complex, unpredictable and primal. Many people are frightened by it-frightened by feeling it, frightened by seeing in others. Fortunately, there are ways to move through it, and those all involve expressing your feelings. If you act upon your grief, you will make room in your life and in your heart for hope and happiness. If you suppress it, it sticks around forever. However, unpleasant or disturbing some of those feelings may be, there is no benefit in trying to ignore them." This is the first paragraph of Chapter 12 in my book co-written with Nancy Hathaway, entitled Giving Sorrow Words: How to Cope with Grief and Get on with Your Life. As we approach the holidays and I see more and more people posting remembrances on our Facebook pages, I am reminded of these words over and over again. The holidays are an especially difficult time for those of us whose loved ones were killed, especially if it is around this time of year. 
The tragic consequences of the 3 D's affect all of us, and it is up to all of us to make a change. 
There are 660,000 distracted drivers at any given time, drunk drivers kill on average 30 people everyday, and drugged driving is on the rise.  
We need  your help to support and promote solution driven policies and programs that save lives by changing dangerous driving choices through viral awareness, education, advocacy, and ongoing partnerships. 
Please consider donating to help us achieve our mission.
We thank you in advance for your support! Your donation is greatly appreciated and will be used to help further educate and promote solutions, policies and programs. You can donate online at DONATE. Your donations can be made in your name or donate in honor of someone special.
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