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Earth Elements is all about knowledge. The more knowledge we can gather the better we can develop our talents, for both our employees and our clients. Last month our Jackson showroom hosted the ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) conference. This conference advances the interior design profession and communicates the impact of design on the human experience.
November is the month for thankfulness and gathering. Family and friends get together to be together. This month we wanted to talk about the wellness kitchen, because, well, it brings all of the above things under one roof, in the heart of the home, the kitchen.
The Galley
What is better than feeling like chef in the comfort of your own home? For the wellness kitchen the prep island is an important feature. It provides a way for everyone to be involved and have a role while cooking, all while still spending time together. An ideal Wellness Kitchen isn’t just about food storage and meal prep, it also feeds the mind and soul through gathering and socializing. Thanks to The Galley Workstation this is possible. This feature is elegant and visually satisfying. The design encourages social interactions and environmentally friendly lifestyles. Installing The Galley into your kitchen island will give you aspects of a wellness kitchen you didn't even know you wanted, or needed until now.
Waterstone is our top contender when it comes to kitchen facets - not only are they made in the USA, they are compatible with reverse osmosis filtration systems. Having a filtration system for your kitchen is a key player in a wellness kitchen - whether you are looking to switch to a wellness kitchen or deciding to implement aspects of a wellness kitchen, having a filtration system keeps your water clean, and accessible. The water you use is important and the water you ingest is equally important.
Photo: Waterstone Faucets
Making the lifestyle changes necessary to embrace the full potential of a wellness kitchen could be challenging, but slow positive change is better than no change at all.
Photo: Vent - A -Hood
Vent - A - Hood
When talking about a wellness kitchen, everything in that kitchen has a purpose. The stove hood is no different. In a wellness kitchen clean air is a main element. Vent - A - Hood offers a couple different products to help with this but the one we choose is their Premier Lung Magic. If the name doesn't tell you enough, let us tell you a little more. First, it is quiet, one of the quietest on the market. Second, it is efficient. It traps all cooking contaminants, liquefies grease vapor and removes heat-polluted air. Third, it is fire-safe, meaning it prevents fire from spreading to the rest of the home. Last but not least, its powerful. You would have to combine multiple blowers in order to come up with the power this single hood has. Read more about its glory below.
Honestly, outside of the term "wellness kitchen" open shelving is a hot topic. There are some people who absolutely love it, and there are some people who simply cannot understand why anyone would choose to put their dishes on display rather than being able to shove them in a cupboard, shut the door, hiding the clutter that lies within. For the wellness kitchen the reason for open shelving is a little different than simply installing them for aesthetic. In a wellness kitchen they have the sole purpose of a sight line. Just like having glass doors on a fridge so you can see your food and be more inclined to cook - or use what you have before it goes bad, you see whats there and are more inclined to use it. Open shelves aren't just for plates, glasses, etc. In a wellness kitchen, putting your dried goods in glass jars helps with healthy cooking. You are more inclined to reach for those rather than digging out processed items from your pantry.
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Tips for transitioning into the wellness kitchen that works best for you.

 ...gradual change
A wellness kitchen is well thought out, built, and adapted. It truly is a life change that takes planning and not to mention time. This brings about tip one, slow change. Don't change everything about your current lifestyle right away. Incorporate and change things in your current kitchen that fit the wellness profile but do it in a way that makes sense for you and that doesn't fall completely outside of your current lifestyle. Your wellness kitchen is what you make it. For some it is a warm, communal space, full of light, fresh air, and the sounds of friendly conversation. For others, it is a temple to healthy eating, with living gardens, centrally displayed fresh produce, and easy composting. But, for all of us, it is a testament to the idea that the most important room in our house should be a reflection of our values and lifestyle.
No wellness kitchen is complete without a little give and take. Like the above tip, a wellness kitchen is really all about what you make it. It's about tailoring it to your current lifestyle and making subtle changes that make you and your family feel better as a whole - a little at a time. Balancing your current lifestyle with one you are trying to achieve can be a large task, but if you bite it off in chunks it won't feel that way, and before you know it you will be a living breathing wellness guru. Okay, maybe that last part was far fetched, but to put it simply, small tasks, or small changes often add up to a larger scale result. Balance the big tasks, like a remodel, with a small task, like recycling. Doing these small things will soon make you realize that you don't need to jump into something like this. If you can make the small changes, the big change will soon follow.
Kaitlin started at Earth Elements in October 2017. Now on the Tile and Flooring team, she enjoys the creativity that comes with the process and seeing everyone’s new ideas. Coming from California she is still getting used to the snow and winter activities. She’s been a Montanan for only 2 years and is still exploring as much of the area as she can. Kaitlin loves to hike, preferably never the same trail twice. She has a bucket list of Montana adventures and is open to suggestions! When she’s not hiking, you’ll find Kaitlin immersed in all kinds of local events and activities from farmer’s markets and concerts to ceramics and dance classes, and even a skeeball league. The Alpacas of Montana have really welcomed her with open arms.  
Sarah joined the Bozeman Earth Elements family in October of 2016   as a Procurement Specialist.  In her free time, Sarah enjoys all that Montana has to offer with her fiancé Sean and “land cloud”, Willow. Summer takes them to rivers all over the state to fly fish, hike, and camp. In the winter they back country ski, and downhill ski at Big Sky and if it is not too cold they will be out fly fishing (surprise surprise). Sarah also enjoys quilting, crafting, restoring furniture and doing anything creative with her hands and has always had an eye for design. Cooking is also a big passion for Sarah - she learned to cook at a young age in 4-H and continues to hone her skills to one day become a master chef. Sarah cannot necessarily say that she was “born” and raised in Montana as her family moved to Montana when she was 4 years old although Bozeman is where her heart is. She has traveled all over the world but Montana will always be her home.

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