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Fire places, fireplaces, fireplaces. Need we say more?
Estate Stone Panels
What you choose to put on your fireplace surround is actually a bigger deal than it seems. It needs to be just as durable as it is beautiful. If you choose stone you are in the clear. Stone is not only durable but it is also beautiful. Realstone carries some of the most beautiful natural stone in the world. Each exquisite panel features color and pattern combinations only available from Realstone. Each panel is hand made to the exacting standards and attention to detail that they are known for. Sleek, stunning and timeless are what they believe in. So when you are thinking abut updating the front of your fireplace - or installing a new one - check out this beautiful collection by Realstone. We promise, you won't regret it. It will last a lifetime.
Array Twin Cotton
CTO lighting is known for their luxury contemporary lighting. They believe in investing in artisans and the skills they offer to set them apart from other lighting companies. Their signature materials are satin brass, bronze, alabaster and hand blown glass. Their statement lights produce a warm ambient glow that sets a mood of sophistication and elegance. These lights paired with a fireplace and you have yourself a nice warm escape from reality. There is a longevity to CTO lights, the design and manufacturing is never rushed, always considered and is timeless well beyond trends, a real current and future classic.
Okay, so this wasn't exactly our idea, technically it's everyone's idea. When the weather starts to get cold we all know where our minds go- to a tropical paradise- but if that's not in your foreseen future, there is nothing better in close second than warming up your toes with a heated floor or warming up your whole body with a steam shower. Can I get an amen for cold weather remedies?!
Photo: MrSteam
MrSteam, the name says it all. A daily steam shower is one of the most refreshing rewards you can give yourself, and to have the feeling of the spa right in your own home is even better. Step inside and feel your senses expand. Steam cleanses and nourishes the skin, leaving it with a healthy glow. It hydrates dry skin. And, hallelujah, it can also aid in the fight against cellulite while boosting your metabolism. That daily steam indulgence is a natural detox that removes harmful impurities from your body. As if that weren’t enough, steam is also recommended for the relief of symptoms of colds, flu, sinusitis, bronchitis, allergies, asthma, throat irritation, arthritis and more. Sold yet?
Monarch Wood Flooring
When you ask someone "is this floor heated?" you are more than likely standing on tile, well, because we all know how cold it can get, especially in the winter. Laying heating elements under wood flooring though, that is a game changer. Monarch Hardwood Floorin g has beautiful options for engineered wood flooring that is perfect for heating elements. They are committed to protecting the health of our forests and their customers. Their wood is sourced from responsibly managed forests in Europe and the U.S., and they strive to use the most eco-friendly adhesives and finishes available. So not only will you feel good about having these floors in your home, your feet will feel good too.
Photo: Monarch
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We fabricate and install all of our slab. Lets talk about what keeps the slabs moving.

Fusion CNC Saw Jet
A powerhouse for production, the Fusion CNC saw jet really gets the job done. It maximizes cutting time by using a CNC saw for straight cuts, and then switches to a precision water-jet for tight angles. This powerful sawing station saws 3 times faster than conventional bridge saws, reducing cost while increasing capacity. In the image it is cutting backslash from a whole piece of slab. This machine is the ultimate combination of accuracy and productivity. Pretty impressive if we do say so ourselves. Machines like this one are crucial to our fabrication process both for efficiency and accuracy. Aside from our amazing fabricators and machine operators, these machines are the hub of operations.
...about fab
Now that we have covered a machine lets talk about the process. Our fabrication shop is one of the best, if not the best around. They can produce 2-3 projects in a day, or 2-5 thousand square feet. Production time mainly revolves around material. The most difficult material for fabrication is quartz. Because it is man made there are a lot of factors that play into it being more difficult to cut and easier to break. On the other hand quartzite, which is a natural material that originates from sandstone. Being that this material is more stable, it makes it easier to fabricate. Once the material is cut our amazing fabricators take the rest into their own hands, polishing, finishing edges, and seaming.
Eliza H.
Eliza joined the Earth Elements family in Bozeman in February of 2015. First coming on the team in Tile & Stone, Eliza now works in sales in Tile, Stone & Wood Flooring. In her free time, Eliza enjoys spending her time living the good life with her husband, Evan, and fur-baby, River. If you can’t hear her (as she is incapable of talking quietly and walking slowly), you can find Eliza on any and all of the amazing rivers that Montana has to offer, because her husband is literally addicted to fly fishing. She is happiest in the woods, in a tent under the stars or by a fire. She is always outside in any way that she can. The “southern girl” in Eliza is always wanting to help “all yall”
Like Eliza, Brad has been with Earth Elements since the beginning pretty much (October 2014 to be exact) Brad has worn many hats since starting at Earth Elements. He stared here in Bozeman as a plumbing and hardware sales manager and then got the chance to relocate when Earth Elements opened a showroom in Jackson Wyoming. He is currently managing our Jackson location living there with his family. Brad is originally from Billings Montana and went to school here at MSU studying creative writing. In his free time he enjoys floating the river, fishing, skiing, and bow hunting.

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