This month, is the last month we are showcasing our high value, budget lines. Each product is carefully selected to make sure that you're getting the highest quality items to suit your style, space and budget.
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Our Downtown Bozeman Location is now on the website as a virtual tour. If you haven't seen our new showroom check it out on our website or stop in and see what we have!
All Earth Elements locations will be closed on September 3rd in observation of Labor Day. We will reopen on September 4th with our regular business hours.
A lot of change comes with fall, with the most obvious - the changing colors outside - we must not only think about the changes happening outside, but also inside. The things we are loving this season are statement floors in small spaces and lightening up your cabinets. All with a budget conscious client in mind.
Cozy Collection
Statement floors...must we say more? When designing or redesigning your powder room (or full bathroom) you really really want to make it pop, or make a statement if you will. Richards & Sterling has the perfect solution - and ever better it is very budget friendly. Their COZY series will make all your eclectic style dreams come true. With 6 different patterns you can mix and match or use all of the same one - its your choice. This tile is truly a show-stopper.
1600 Series
Cabinets are one of the first things you see when you walk into a kitchen. This season we are looking at phasing out all white cabinetry and going for a lighter wood instead. Bellmonts 1600 series is one that comes in with budget and style. They pride themselves on building the highest quality frame-less cabinet on the market featuring greater interior storage capacity, unobstructed openings, and wider drawers with the clean crisp look of flush-fitting, full-overlay doors and drawers. We are talking modern, and versatile. We can not say enough about this series.
These items are just the right combination of modern and creative. Take a step into taking a step out of your comfort zone.
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Mitzi Lighting
Combining these two finishes is similar to a magic trick. If you are trying to achieve a modern, classic, creative look these two finishes might just be for you. Mitizi Lighting pulls off this look seamlessly. They combine classic with contemporary, without losing quality. Designed with thoughtful simplicity, each fixture features form and function in perfect harmony. Less clutter and more creativity. They pride themselves on being a brand that is attainable high design - meaning more $$ left in your pocket.
Mixing metal finishes used to be something that was frowned upon, but mixing metals is directional for the year ahead, especially in the kitchen. For 2018, everything goes — together. Warm-toned fixtures live harmoniously with stainless appliances. It’s all good. It's almost like you can have your cake and eat it too. Top Knobs is one of our favorites when it comes to getting this look with a budget in mind. Their Kinney collection is the perfect mix on modern and simple.
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LET'S TALK . . .
plural noun:  trends
  1. a general direction in which something is developing or changing.

Trends change, they evolve and they disappear. Lets talk about two trends - one has seen its glory days, while the other is here to stay. We will also talk about how they could make or break the resale value of your home in the future.

a thing of the past?
As beautiful and clean looking as they are, all white kitchens are on their way out this season. In fact, this trend might cost you. All white kitchens decrease your home resale chances, on top of that, for the new owner to re-do the white kitchen cabinets they should expect to spend at least $5,000 either replacing or resurfacing the cabinets. Now, we want to make it clear that we aren't saying you shouldn't do the white kitchen of your dreams - if it's your forever home, but we are saying you might want to stay away from this trend if you are planning to resell. It has seen its glory days when it comes to resale.
Now, let's talk about stainless steel. We all love to hate it, but we should all be working on loving it. I know what you're thinking...'ohh but the fingerprints!' stop right there, because most of our mid-range appliances come with options for finger print resistant finish options . We only make this argument because stainless steel is a trend that is definitely here to stay. People like stainless steel. It matches everything, and is durable, so the outer appearance will more likely than not, last a lifetime. With choices on finishes, who would choose anything different? The answer; some people, but if you are planning to resell your home, don't be that person. Being that most people prefer stainless steel, it's a good idea to opt for it rather than against it.
Sammi joined Earth Elements in August as the Plumbing and Hardware Sales Manager, bringing plumbing and hardware back into the Whitefish location. In her free time she enjoys keeping busy with her 2 children, and her husband. She actually shares a birthday with both of her children and has come to conclusion that her birthday will cease to exist ever again. Sammi is a native Montanan "east sider", but fell in love with the northwest Montana because of her fir st job as a boat captain for the Glacier Park Boat Co. She lived in the park, driving big tour boats which solidified her love for the area. You can call her captain.
Troy joined the Sun Valley Team in May of 2017. In his free time Troy is a varsity mountain bike coach for the local high school mountain bike team. In the winter months he works as a ski patroller at Sun Valley Resort, this year will be his 20th season of patrolling. Additionally he loves fishing, hiking, mountain biking, riding motorcycle and skiing. Troy definitely keeps busy! We are glad to have him on our team.

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