Open House

Ever wonder what hypnosis is all about?  Learn how Hypnosis can help you create positive change and how the power of your own mind can work for you!

Where & When 
Brampton Location: 
Wednesday August 23rd at
5 - 8pm

Mississauga Location: 
Thursday August 24th at
6 - 9pm
We'll have a short Q&A and then everyone in attendance will have an opportunity to experience a hypnosis session. 

Seats are limited, call now to reserve.
Mississauga 905.890.1818     Brampton 905.454.7400
Alive and Free Hypnosis Testimonial:
Nicole B. - Smoke Free with Hypnosis
Alive and Free Hypnosis client Nicole B. describes how Alive and Free Hypnosis & Wellness has helped curb her nicotine cravings and as a result, make her smoke free after 35 years!

She's tried "patches, acupuncture, and nothing was working" until she came to Alive & Free Hypnosis!

To learn more about hypnosis and how we can help you, please call us at 905-890-1818 or visit our website
Congratulations Mark!
Congratulations goes out to Mark for successfully overcoming his anxiety! Mark came to Alive and Free Hypnosis & Wellness to start feeling better and more positive! Mark feels great and continues to overcome his stress and anxiety easily due to what he learned through hypnosis.

Amazing job Mark!
Did You Know That Hypnosis dates back almost 3,000 years!
Alive and Free   
Hypnosis & Wellness
Referral Program
Reward yourself with our Alive and Free Referral Program and help someone create a healthy change! 

For every referral that joins Alive & Free, you will receive $150!

Please call us at 905.890.1818 or 905.454.7400 for more information.
How SNL Star Jenny Slate Used Hypnosis to Get Over Stage Fright

Blogger Brittany Malooly shares an inspirational story of how SNL actress Jenny Slate overcame Stage Fright.

She writes, "Jenny Slate is someone we admire for her confidence and honesty. Recently, the Landline actress decided to open up about something we haven’t heard her talk very much about: being fired from Saturday Night Live.

Naturally, Slate struggled after this experience. Her self-worth took such a dive that she developed crippling stage fright. What did she do to get back to her old self? Interestingly enough, Slate says that she turned to hypnosis".

Read full article here:

  Chiropractic Care with Dr. Helen Lee
After 17 years of practice, Dr. Helen Lee is most passionate about helping people not only regain a pain free body but to reach their optimal health, mind, body & energy

Call us today for more information or to book your initial screening consultation with Dr. Helen Lee!

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Brampton: 905-454-7400 
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