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Salina W - Ideal Weight Loss with Hypnosis
Alive & Free client Salina describes how Alive & Free helped her to lose weight.  With Alive and Free Hypnosis, Salina has lost 27 pounds! But most importantly she feels more confident and great about herself.

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Hypnosis is mind control


Hypnosis does not control your mind, it only relaxes your mind so you are more open to positive suggestions and imagery to help you reach your goals. 
Congratulations Hillary!
Congratulations Hillary J. for successfully losing 18 pounds in 2 months with Alive and Free Hypnosis & Wellness! As a Professional Chef, food is her life. Alive and Free Hypnosis has helped her to no longer feel tempted and controlled by food. She's feeling great about herself and continues to make lasting healthy habit changes.

Hillary is loving her her progress and is looking forward to more success! 

Way to go Hillary!
Bring a Friend Event
Join us for our Bring a Friend Event at Alive and Free Hypnosis & Wellness

Where & When 
Brampton Location: 
Wednesday June 21st at 5 - 8pm

Mississauga Location: 
Thursday June 22nd at 6 - 9pm
How Hypnosis Can Help You Climb the Corporate Ladder

John Moyer writes about the 5 ways Hypnosis can help you climb the corporate ladder.  He says, "Hypnosis works by embedding specific messages into an unconscious mind. Within hypnosis, these types of messages are positively geared to course correct limiting behaviour. The hope is that the negative behavior is reduced or even eliminated completely".

Read all about the 5 areas here:

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