Treatment Planning Webinar
Dr. Colin Richman, Periodontist
Dr. Jim Gray, Orthodontist
Dr. Estelle Zandstra, Prosthodontist
Tuesday, January 8
8 PM Eastern, 5 PM Pacific
This patient presented for treatment due to her severe malocclusion and constricted mandibular arch. She requested replacement of her unaesthetic failing restorations and wanted to enhance her smile. The patient was current with maintenance and routine dental care but had previously rejected a three-to-four year orthodontic/orthognathic treatment plan. She was concerned with the inherent risk of future gingival recession and opening of embrasure spaces if she underwent orthodontic/orthognathic treatment. Her long-term goals included oral and systemic health, functionality and predictability. She is employed as an office manager in a dental office and is knowledgeable about dental wellness.