Your ISBT Connection | July 1, 2022
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Featured News
BevTech 2022 Proceedings - Now Available

Wow - what a great meeting we just had in Frisco! The BevTech Program Committee put together an outstanding program with plenty of opportunities to connect.
We hope you enjoy these presentations from both the general sessions and the Technical Committees. Thank you to all the speakers for working hard to enhance attendees' knowledge and support the ISBT as the premier technical group for the beverage industry.
See you next year in Orlando, Florida!
Save the Date for BevTech 2023!
ISBT's 70th Annual Meeting

May 1-3, 2022
Caribe Royale
Orlando, Florida
BevTech 2023 - Call for Outstanding Presentations

Are you a leader in the beverage industry? Do you have innovation that can be shared? Is your technology worthy of a presentation at the premier beverage Industry event?
ISBT is now accepting proposals for presentations for the General Sessions and our nine Technical Committees. Each proposal will be evaluated and reviewed by industry subject matter experts for technical merit, industry significance, and innovation. BevTech 2023 will take place May 1-3 at the Caribe Royale in Orlando, Florida, USA.
All proposals are due by August 10. To learn more about presentation requirements and where to submit your proposal, please click the button below.
If you have what it takes to present, send your proposal in for consideration for the most prestigious event in the beverage industry.
BevTech Canada 2022 - Save the Date and Call for Papers

Save the Date! Join us Tuesday, October 18 for BevTech Canada™ 2022.
BevTech Canada™ 2022 Call for Papers Open Through August 1
Our 2022 conference theme is “Flexible Operations — Meeting Market Demands in a Changing World”. BevTech Canada™ is a great place to present and learn more about the latest beverage industry technology.
If you are looking for an opportunity to present, discuss, and learn about the latest beverage innovations, we invite you to join us at BevTech Canada™ 2022. This year's meeting will be held at the Barrett Centre for Technology Innovation in Toronto, Ontario.
In today's fast-paced environment, consumers, convertors, brands, and suppliers are reacting to geopolitical, financial, and pandemic realities. Balancing consumer and industry trends, sustainability, and food contact regulations requires technologies and solutions that enable all aspects of the Beverage industry to flex operations. Acknowledging the impact of current events on beverage consumers and trends, this conference will explore water management innovation, PCR content in packaging, micro plastic impacts, supply chain and labor strategies and food contact regulations relevant to bottlers and brand owners. We are preparing for an interesting and informative meeting and look forward to returning to a live event in October.
We would love to have YOU join us as speaker or guest. Please click the button below for full instructions on submitting your proposal, which is due by Monday, August 1, 2022.
Thank you for your interest in participating,
The BevTech Canada™ Program Committee
Member News
The Beverage Industry Resource Guide contains information from beverage industry supplier members from a promotional standpoint. It is for advertising purposes only and does not reflect the opinions or position of ISBT. 
Job Openings at Berry Global - Berry Global is hiring for multiple Engineering Positions.
MICA Alicyclobacillus by Diamidex - CFU Detection in Filterable and Non-Filterable Sample
Filling Machines are Getting Smart - Explore a demonstration of Balluff products at work in the filling process.
Industrial Physics Presents: A Thirst for Perfection - Discover beverage testing equipment!
MilliporeSigma Presents the LANEXO® Lab Inventory, Safety and Compliance Management System - LANEXO System helps to save time spent on repetitive, error-prone operational and administrative tasks like manual inventory control, and expiration date monitoring—by up to 97%.
Lab Time with Anton Paar - Episode 5: Coffee - Take a break and enjoy the next clip in our new series "Lab Time with Anton Paar". Find out how to prepare coffee samples for further analysis.
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Featured Catalogs
Data Key Communications is proud to introduce its Supplier Catalog Library, a great resource for those in the beverage industry who want to see digital catalogs from ISBT suppliers collected in one spot!

If you're a supplier who would like to have your product catalog hosted online in the Catalog Library with a shareable and embeddable link, receive statistics about readership and clicks throughout the year, and be featured in the ISBT Connection, please contact Zach Raynsford for more information.
Beverage Institute by ISBT®
Henry Ford: “If I had asked the public what they wanted, they would have said, ‘a faster horse’.”
  • Use education to move in the right direction! Click here to sign up for a Beverage Institute course.
Do More to Improve Your Education:
Beverage Institute courses are rated 4.2 out of 5.0 stars for meeting learning goals!
  • 3-session online seminar running Oct. 4, 11, & 19, 2022
  • A must attend seminar for any technologist involved in new product innovation
  • Learn the total process and explore the roles of different departmental functions.
  • Understand where your function fits into the process and what is needed ensure a successful new product launch.
  • Presenters include Tropicana’s former General Manager of New Ventures.
  • $230 for ISBT members, $275 for non-members
  • $215 Early Bird Through August 15
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Enroll and complete a course within 60 days; you can then sign up for a second course within 30 days and receive extra savings!
  • Take up to one year to complete the second course.
  • Second course will be discounted up to 50% off or up to the value of the first course, whichever is lower.

As an ISBT member, you can have a non-member enroll in a Beverage Institute course.
  • That person can be someone from your team, your company, a supplier, or a customer - anyone who would benefit from the additional knowledge.
  • That person can sign up for the course at the member’s discounted price.
  • Enter “sendafriend” as the promo code.
Get a full week of learning (39 hours) for only $1,499 - a $2,925 value!
  • 8 courses: Fundaments of Beverage Technology, Sanitation for Fountain Beverages, Beverage Ingredients, Introduction to Microbiology, Water & Wastewater Treatment, Sweetener Course, Complete Gases Course, plus PET Resin, Preform, and Bottle Technology
For more information, contact Tom Reimer at or visit
Welcome, New Members!
ISBT is proud to announce we have gained 10 new members since June 15. Please join us in welcoming them to the association! To view the complete list of new members, click the button below. For information about joining ISBT, click Join ISBT below.
Industry News
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EU Sugar-Reduction Drive Gaining Traction Amid Reformulation Investments - The European soft drinks sector has delivered a 17.7% reduction in average added sugars in the last seven years based on the bolstered health and nutrition commitments set out by the Union of European Soft Drinks Associations (UNESDA).

Coca-Cola Unveils New Marshmello’s Limited Edition Coca-Cola - Coca-Cola Creations and Grammy-nominated artist Marshmello have teamed up for the creation of new Marshmello’s Limited Edition Coca-Cola.

Crystal Pepsi Returns to Canadian Shelves for a Limited Time - There are a few things the ’90s are particularly remembered for: the style, grunge music, McPizza, and, apparently, Crystal Pepsi.
Committee Profile
Congratulations to John Mojonnier and his committee for being honored as ISBT's Best Committee at BevTech 2022!

Beverage Operations and Processing Technical Committee

The mission of the Beverage Operations & Processing Technical Committee is to share the basic / best practices of beverage operations, review new / traditional beverage processing techniques, and advise guidelines, best practices, and principles to benefit a successful beverage processing facility.
Beverage Operations and Processing Technical Committee Chair John Mojonnier, Mojonnier
ISBT Resource Guide
2021-2022 ISBT Resource Guide Online Now

The 2021-2022 Beverage Industry Resource Guide is designed to help facilitate connections and relationships between members. This year's print resource guide has grown considerably over the very first guide, which was published in 2020. We are excited to now feature more than 250 soft drink brands, 60 regional bottling companies, 20 consulting firms, and more than 350 supplier members segmented by business category!

Check out the full online edition of the Resource Guide by clicking the button below.