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ISBT Needs Your Help!

Volunteer Now to Support Your Industry

We need you! Your expertise, your passion, and your support can help make the ISBT better and even more relevant in these uncertain times. How can you help? Just say yes!

You can volunteer for the following areas by simply updating your member profile :
  • Supporting BevTech USA, Canada, Europe, Latin America, India, Asia Pacific
  • Generating Technical Content Publications and Guidelines
  • Developing and Reviewing Materials for Beverage Institute by ISBT®
  • Serving on Committees such as Membership, Business Development, or Marketing
In addition to these general needs, we have immediate need for folks in the following areas:
  • Google Analytics Reporting and Analysis
  • Business Development Skills

If you’re interested in any of these volunteer opportunities, please reach out to the ISBT Office directly at .

And don’t forget that you can always join any Technical Committee by expressing interest on the Technical Committee Application . (To join a subcommittee, please reach out to the subcommittee chairs directly to learn about current projects, meeting schedules, etc.) 
Kevin Doyle Passes the Baton to Michon Mitchell for Leading ISBT's Strategy Development Efforts

Kevin Doyle has been a member of ISBT for 31 years and served in many roles that have helped to shape the organization. He served as President of ISBT in 2004 and was an integral part of ISBT’s Board of Directors for 12 years. He received the Circle of Honor award in 2016.
Kevin spent 33 years of his career at PepsiCo. He led the startup of Aquafina and took on the operational role when they purchased SoBe. He manages three tech teams and is accountable for food service, Lipton, and technical brand stewardship.
Kevin leveraged his extensive background in the beverage industry to help ISBT develop a comprehensive strategic plan. This has allowed the Society to modify our mission and define the key goals and objectives to help us meet our members’ needs.
As he steps away from this role, he is mentoring his successor, Michon Mitchell of Coca-Cola. Michon has been integral in leading the board’s efforts to shape the new board of directors operational structure.
ISBT extends sincere gratitude and appreciation to Kevin for his years of service to the Society.
Kevin Doyle
Michon Mitchell
Christian Geubert Receives ISBT's Annual Award for Best Paper

During 2019’s annual BevTech® conference in Charlotte, North Carolina, Christian Geubert delivered his presentation, “Innovative Sealing Materials to Resist Flavor Transfer,” and received for that the annual award for the Best Paper. When considering a flavor’s ingredients and chemical nature, using an improper elastomeric material can impose a major risk on beverage production, caused by the failure of a small seal. Apart from limited chemical resistance induced breakdowns, flavor components can migrate into seals and contaminate subsequent batches. Choosing the right material in these products becomes an increasing challenge as beverage customers are always demanding new flavors and more variety.
ISBT’s annual award recipient is chosen from all presentations given in the general sessions of the previous BevTech ® . Because BevTech ® 2020 was cancelled due to COVID-19, Christian’s award was announced in the recent virtual meeting.
Having studied chemical engineering, Christian Geubert is now Global Manager Application Engineer at Freudenberg Sealing Technologies’ sector for the process industry. He takes care of technical issues concerning sealing solutions in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries, not only from his office in Weinheim, Germany, but also in the USA, China, and many European countries. If he is not consulting customers from his desk, you can find him giving lectures on hygienic sealing solutions at German universities, participating at Tech-Days with customers all over the world, or promoting hygienically designed sealing solutions in his role as secretary of the German regional section of the EHEDG. As a member of the EHEDG, Christian Geubert is an expert in hygienic design as well as in areas regarding legal requirements in the world of seals for the process industry.
Sensory Subcommittee Call for Members

The ISBT Sensory Subcommittee needs your help to review and provide input to an industry-wide Sensory Guideline we are interested in publishing. While safety is number one, delivering the right aroma, appearance, taste, and mouthfeel is what drives consumer satisfaction!
We hope that by developing this Sensory Guideline it will be commonly used in today's beverage manufacturing processes. To accomplish this goal, we are looking to bring together colleagues who currently design, work, audit, or interact with sensory QA / QC, or have a passion for sensory techniques.
We meet as a subcommittee for an hour every month (and work offline as needed) to complete the guideline.  As a volunteer organization, we contribute as much as we can as often as we can with the understanding that this work is in addition to our daily responsibilities. Some of the benefits are:

  • Your contributions will be recognized and used by the global beverage industry.
  • You will become a key part of ISBT, the globally recognized, industry-leading beverage technology organization.
  • You will have access to some of the most influential quality specialists in the beverage industry.

Please email Lori Brustad at  or Marie Pohler at by July 30 if you are interested.

Thanks for your consideration!
Beverage Institute by ISBT ® 
Unleash Your Employees' Potential!

The Beverage Institute by ISBT® has provided education to over 100 companies and more than 40 different job functions. Our students range from CEOs to plant employees.
NOW access these amazing materials via the ISBT Beverage Institute with discounts up to 40%!
The Beverage institute by ISBT® offers many benefits, including:

  • No travel or crowed conference / classrooms
  • 24 / 7 availability
  • Bite-sized micro-lessons that are easy to take and retain
  • Effective cost structure
  • Mobile device compatibility
  • A year to complete the course
84% of the students indicated that the materials met their expectations
for learning goals, quality, presentation, and content .
Beverage Institute by ISBT® offers an Institutional Program Agreement. Programs can be for a single course or module, or for any combination of courses and modules. Materials can be embedded in your company’s Learning Management System (LMS).
Institutional Programs take a variety of formats:

  • Discounts for purchases of 10 or more users / students at one time
  • Increased discounts as the volume of users / students increases
  • Unlimited access annual fee license for 1-3 years
This offer is available until October 1, 2020, so act now!
Visit or scan the QR code above to learn more about the Beverage Institute by ISBT® and the courses that are offered.
Tom Reimer
ISBT Director of Education
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In this course you will learn the technology and uses of HFCS, sucrose, stevia, and high-potency sweeteners.
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Packaging Technology Seminar

The ISBT is presenting a 4-Part webinar in 2-hour Sessions.
  • 9/16 - PET Bottles & Test Methods and PET Resin
  • 9/23 - Plastic Closures & Test Methods and Closure Resins
  • 10/14 - Can Bodies & Ends and Glass Bottles
  • 10/21 - Bag in Box and Pouches / Flexibles

Fee is $250 or $220 for ISBT Members

Why Sign Up?

Led by industry leaders, this course provides the technology to make and use primary industry packaging.

Who Should Take This Course?
If you purchase, are evaluating options, or work with packaging materials, this course is for you!

The course will allow you to upskill and create your “no-regrets” tool kit, so you’re prepared for any of the ways your role might evolve.

How to Sign Up?

Save the date for now.

Sign up options will be communicated in the August 1 Connection.
Upcoming Events
BevTech Europe Virtual Webinar to Take Place September 10, 2020

The 2020 ISBT European regional meeting will take place on Thursday the  10th of September from 14:00 to 18:00 Central European Time. Unlike previous years, we will meet and socialize on a virtual platform.
Online registration is now open . All participants must be registered in order to receive a personal invitation. The BevTech® Europe planning committee would like to invite all current and potential members to share their industry insights and offer to make an online presentation during this fantastic event.
This year’s virtual conference will span a total of 4 hours, including:

  • Five presentations: each presentation will be 20 minutes + Live questions/discussions with the presenter. 
  • One live panel discussion by some of the most influential specialists in the industry. This 50-minute discussion will highlight the knowledge gained from managing COVID-19 impacts at different stages of the supply chain. 
  • Two virtual “coffee breaks” with about 10 minutes allocated for each break. 
For the live panel discussion, speakers are free to talk about their experiences in managing their businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic but other subjects are also welcome, such as:
  • Sanitation of Fountain Systems in a Retail Environment 
  • Global Quality Standardization vs. Regional Approach Implementation 
  • Smart Use of Manufacturing and Quality Data 
  • Quality and Safety Management 
  • The need to launch new products/applications/packaging quickly versus proper testing 
Join us for BevTech Europe 2020. Same exciting people – just a different room!
If you are interested in becoming an event sponsor, please get in touch with the BevTech Europe Co-Chair, Marie Pohler at .
BevTech Canada 2020 - Call for Papers

Due to current social conditions, this year's BevTech Canada event will be held virtually on Thursday, September 17, 2020 .
BevTech Canada is a great place to learn about the latest beverage industry technology!
Whether you are looking for an opportunity to speak on a specific topic or want to hear about and discuss the latest industry innovations, we invite you to join us at BevTech, Canada 2020.
This year’s theme is “Beverage Headlines: Beverage Industry in the News”.  
We are preparing for an interesting and informative meeting, and we look forward to breaking new ground as a virtual event in 2020.
We would love to have YOU join us as a speaker or guest!
Interested presenters, please send your abstract to our technical contacts, Stephan Frehner and David Watson, before July 15, 2020 .
Stephan Frehner
David Watson
905 515 2878
Thank you for your interest in participating with the Institute of Beverage Technologists in Canada.
Best regards,

The BevTech Canada Team
BevTech Latin America ® - Virtual Webinar October 8, 2020 + Call for Papers

ISBT will host its 2020 Latin American Regional Conference in a virtual webinar format with 10 innovative technical presentations!
Join us in this alternative “venue" that will allow beverage professionals from all countries in Latin America and other regions in the world to participate in our conference, learn more about the ISBT Technical Committees, and understand what the Latin American beverage industry is looking for.
We invite all current and potential members of ISBT to participate as a speaker with a presentation in Spanish, spotlighting the latest technology and innovations in the beverage industry. Don’t miss this opportunity to present at the BevTech Latin America 2020 conference!
We are looking for speakers and papers related to the following topics and trends affecting the Beverage Industry:
·   How COVID-19 has changed food and beverage processes
·   The economic impact of COVID-19 in the beverage industry
·   Sustainability and trends in the packaging and beverage processes
·   New challenges of sanitation, microbial control, and water treatment
·   Non-invasive quality control solutions for processes, ingredients, and packaging
·   New challenges for fountain technology in beverages after COVID-19
·   Understanding sugar and sweeteners for healthy products
·   Learning more about the gases used in the beverage industry
Speakers and attendees will be able to offer comments and ask questions during the 50-minute live sessions. Everyone will also have the opportunity to “virtually” network with other industry professionals at the end of every presentation.
If you are interested in presenting at BevTech Latin America® 2020, send your application and a brief summary of the topic to our Technical Program Lead   Alicia Certucha before July 17, 2020.
Accepted presenters will be notified by July 30, 2020, and all final presentations should be submitted by September 14, 2020.
Registration: Online registration will open soon, so stay tuned for notifications. 
Featured Board Member Profile
Bob Yeoman

Bob has spent over 45 years in the gases industry, starting his career as a food and beverage carbon dioxide application engineer with BOC Gases. He progressed up through a variety of management positions and spent 10 years as BOC’s VP of Safety, Quality, and Regulatory Affairs for North and South America. He then was a founding member of B&R Compliance Associates, which over the last 18 years has grown to be a prominent FDA consulting firm in the gases and package chemical segments. Over the years, Bob has been a valued contributor to CGA, GAWDA, IBDEA, and ISBT standard and guideline development activities, and helped found the industrial gases global standard harmonization committee. Bob has also contributed time and efforts as a board member at CGA and GAWDA. His other board experience includes a number of non-profit organizations, where, in addition to serving as a board member, he has held executive committee and president positions.
Welcome, New Members!
ISBT is proud to announce we have gained 5 new members since July 1. Please join us in welcoming them to the association. (To view the list of new members, click the button below.) For information about joining ISBT, click Join ISBT below.
Industry News
*If you have news (i.e., new hires, personnel promotions, facility changes, etc.) that you would like to see mentioned in the ISBT Connection, please email . The deadline for submission for the August 1 issue of the ISBT Connection is July 29 .
CGA's eLearning Library Offers Unique Compressed Gas Training Resource - We recognize that some Compressed Gas Association (CGA) safety standards can be technically dense, especially for those new to the subject matter. That’s why we created our growing library of eLearning modules. These innovative training resources are designed to provide a helpful roadmap for employees who may need more extensive coaching in how to safely handle and work with compressed gases.

Coca-Cola Just Invented a Way to Save the Soda Machine from COVID-19 - Coca-Cola has figured out a way to save its highly profitable fountain soda business from becoming extinct at the germy hands of COVID-19.

PepsiCo Will Return to Social Media Advertising When They Better Manage Hate Speech: CFO - PepsiCo is getting its message across loud and clear that social media sites need to clean up their act on everything from diversity to hate speech on their platforms.

Keurig Dr Pepper Invests $10 Million in US Polypropylene Recycling - Keurig Dr Pepper became a founding sponsor of the Recycling Partnership’s new Polypropylene Recycling Coalition, committing $10 million over the next five years for the industry collaboration effort to increase and improve polypropylene plastic recovery and recycling in the United States.
Sponsored Resource Guide News
* The Beverage Industry Resource Guide contains information from Beverage Industry Supplier Members from a promotional standpoint. It is for advertising purposes and does not reflect the opinions or position of ISBT.
Messer Americas Website Wins Creative Industry Awards - Messer announced that the company recently won three industry awards for their new digital web presence in the Americas.
Case Study: Handling and Mixing Your Sweetener Ingredients - Semi-Bulk Systems has a customer who struggled with inefficiencies when handling and mixing their sweetener ingredients.
Precise Inline Mixing Takes High Speed Beverage Manufacturing to the Next Level - The Carlsberg Fredericia plant in Denmark is changing their production process, with over 50 different types of beer. The EU-funded Hydractflex project was born as a cooperation between Carlsberg, ProLeiT, ACM and HYDRACT.
If you have sponsored content (i.e., new products, case studies, white papers, etc.) that you would like to see mentioned in the ISBT Connection, please email or upload to the Beverage Industry Resource Guide by July 29.