Imagewear Sales Success
A Simple Formula for Smart Uniform Programs
When you start planning an image wear program do you think about the value you can provide your client? The Big Picture? The Long Term Relationship? There isn't always the luxury of plentiful time for research or unlimited cash flow when we get a great lead. More often than not we must jump through hoops quickly to get the sale.
It's on us as successful distributors to attempt to slow it down for a minute — just long enough to communicate our ability to provide great value and affect the client's bottom line in a positive way. If we can do that we have a shot at a business partner as opposed to just another sale! We've got a Simple Formula for Smart Uniform Sales and it's up on the Blog right now.
Suits or Suiting Separates?
There is a common misconception in the uniform industry that suits and suiting separates are the same. They may appear the same but uniform suppliers want you to know that there is a big difference. Distributors who know the difference help their clients make better choices in their image wear programs.
Learn the difference between suits and separates and then get creative with garments from our Easywear Collection which has many coordinating styles.

Sustainable Uniforms
With spring on the way many environmentally conscious groups will ramp up their volunteer campaigns and they will need a conversation piece to get prospective donors to talk.

EcoTex™ Recycled Polyester Blazers are the perfect thing! Paired with matching pants or a casual tee-shirt and jeans, the EcoTex™ blazer is really comfy and looks smart.

Click the link to our Career Blazers page below and scroll down to learn more.

Lisa Denham
Marketing Director, Executive Apparel
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