Your Inside Scoop | February 2022
Releasing THIS Friday, February 25th!
With performances from dozens of our musicians, guest artists Cleo Parker Robinson DanceDenver Center for the Performing ArtsEl Javi, and more! There is so much at your fingertips for kids to see and explore. Kids will imagine, dance, and move along with the music - and have games and activities to explore on and offline whenever they'd like. Join Iliana and our orchestra for a memorable online musical adventure!
Programming is in English and Spanish!
Program includes:
  • On-demand video performances featuring 30+ performers. Individual interactive videos, as well as a full performance option (approx. 40 minutes).
  • Teaching artist Iliana guiding kids with imagination-based activities to engage with the music.
  • Interactive online activities and games built around the Music of the World theme.
  • An activity book sent to your home with coloring pages, themed activities, shadow puppets, puzzles, and stickers.
In-Person Tiny Tots Events Return
April 2022: We will return to in-person Tiny Tots programs with Science of Sound in April! Explore how sound is made by each family of instruments, experience high and low sounds, and participate in wacky musical experiments. Includes an immersive, interactive orchestral performance and a DIY instrument-making kit for your child(ren) to do at home. 
June 2022: Experience Tiny Tots: Music of the World live and in-person, surrounded by our 30+ piece orchestra and guest artists El Javi, Denver Center for the Performing Arts, and Cleo Parker Robinson Dance. Go on a musical journey all around the world, with music from Denmark, Peru, Scotland, Spain, the United States, and more. Don't miss out on these unique and expansive programs.
August 2022: Meet the Instruments will all be outdoor events, including our first concerts at Chatfield Botanic Gardens! Move, shake, and dance your way through an orchestra party - with highlights from each orchestra family, unique instruments, opportunities to sing and play along (don't worry, no instruments required!), and a fun mix of new and familiar music.
We are committed to equity and access in the orchestra space.
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Fun with Music
Trivia Tuesdays

Did you know? We're sharing musical trivia every Tuesday on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok (yes, we have a TikTok - join us)! Come test your knowledge on different musical themes each week - trivia can be used just for fun for anyone scrolling by or as a quick classroom/home activity to teach kiddos more about music/reinforce what they know.
Video Library

We have a library of music education videos that anyone can access at no cost! You can watch videos about different instruments, past performance videos, videos about stories and imagination and so much more. We have educational, fun, and interactive videos about various musical and creative topics.
Unique Instruments

In honor of the Music of the World programs, check out this quick three-minute video that gives you a tour of fourteen unique instruments from around the world!
Musical Moments on the Court

In this delightful video, eight performers from STOMP took to an outdoor basketball court in New York City with four stars from the world-famous Harlem Globetrotters to make some music together.