Your Inside Scoop | January 2022
Changes to the Tiny Tots Season

As many of you now know, due to the impact of COVID cases around Colorado, the size of our programs, and the age of our audience, we have made the difficult decision to postpone the in-person Music of the World programs to June. Any decision of this magnitude has a ripple effect throughout the season. You can find several updates on the Tiny Tots season on our website.

But with that comes good news! A virtual version of our Music of the World program will be released in February. If you are looking for a fun and interactive musical activity to do at home next month, you can join us for the virtual version of Music of the World, which will take children on a musical trip around the world, including stops in Peru, China, Scotland, Spain, and more.

The virtual Music of the World program includes on-demand interactive performance videos, on and offline musical games and activities, and an activity book sent to your home.
Tiny Tots: Science of Sound
We will return to in-person Tiny Tots programs with Science of Sound in April! Explore how sound is made by each family of instruments, experience high and low sounds, and participate in wacky musical experiments. These programs include a 45-minute immersive, interactive orchestral performance and a DIY instrument-making kit for your child(ren) to do at home. 
We are committed to equity and access in the orchestra space.
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For Schools: In-Person & Online
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All virtual programming is completely free to all schools. In-person programming throughout metro Denver is available at a reduced rate or free to schools who qualify.

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Fun with Music
Carmen's World Orchestra

As we prepare to explore music from around the world in our upcoming virtual and in-person programs, Carmen's World Orchestra from PBS Kids is a great online activity for kids to explore the sounds of different instruments from around the world. Kids can try out different instruments and learn their names and sounds.
Make Some Music

For the non-piano players, have you ever wished you could express emotions and feelings through music like a pianist? This app lets you "play" Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata (and more!) using just your keyboard or mouse - allowing you to bring all the elements of musicality you want without having to learn how to play the piano first!