Your Inside Scoop | March 2022
April 2022: Tiny Tots: Science of Sound is debuting at The Hangar at Stanley in just five weeks! And some of the programs are already very close to filling up.

Science of Sound will be a truly unique musical experience, giving kids a chance to hear orchestra music live and in-person, and to learn and experiment with how sound is made. You'll get demos by individual instruments, wacky musical experiments, and - of course - beautiful music.

This is a Tiny Tots unlike any we've done before, and we can't wait to share it with you. Are you coming?
June 2022: Experience Tiny Tots: Music of the World live and in-person, surrounded by our 30+ piece orchestra and guest artists El Javi, Denver Center for the Performing Arts, and Cleo Parker Robinson Dance. Go on a musical journey all around the world, with music from Denmark, Peru, Scotland, Spain, the United States, and more. Don't miss out on these unique and expansive programs.
August 2022: Meet the Instruments will all be outdoor events, including our first concerts at Chatfield Botanic Gardens! Move, shake, and dance your way through an orchestra party - with highlights from each orchestra family, unique instruments, opportunities to sing and play along (don't worry, no instruments required!), and a fun mix of new and familiar music.
We are committed to equity and access in the orchestra space.
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Fun with Music
Professionals vs. DIY

What happens when you challenge a group of musicians to make music without instruments? Or with toys instead of instruments? How about both? In preparation for our Tiny Tots: Science of Sound programs, we took on a set of science experiments. Here's the first one. How many non-instruments can you spot?
Water and Sound Experiments

Here are a few options for fun and easy science of sound experiments you can do at home or in the classroom using water, organized by age range for each activity. Try your hand at water percussion, water xylophones, or singing glasses! 
Playlist: Music of Ireland

This playlist includes folk tunes from Ireland, music by Irish orchestra composers, and music that was inspired by Ireland and all its sights and sounds! From jigs to symphonies, it is a great musical journey around the country.

Find our full playlist library on our website or follow us on Spotify to get the latest updates.
Musical Games

Did you know we have a library of online musical games that kids can use to learn about music, instrument identification, and creative expression? Here's a quick matching activity for kids to connect the instrument with the music it makes: All of our musical games are available in English, Spanish and French! Check them out here.