Staying in Touch

Hello JCA Interages Volunteers,

We hope this newsletter brings you joy and information.

This period of time feels different. But, just because we can't be together doesn't mean we can't be a community. And what a community it is! How lucky we are to have technology to link with you.

This newsletter offers the perfect venue to unite you with other Interages volunteers. We would love to connect you by including an interview of you with your picture. Alternatively, we could showcase a video of you, highlighting your volunteer experience and how you are spending your days. [Contact Indira Dingledine at to be interviewed or about your video. Videos for the newsletter will need to be uploaded to Youtube.

We are a community of people who value intergenerational connections. Aside from boosting the immune system, a 2013 Japanese study found that intergenerational connection measurably increases smiling. More reasons to smile to come. Interages staff members are diligently planning virtual and other volunteer opportunities. Watch this newsletter for announcements.