Nada's Notes... It is my greatest joy to welcome all our readers to view the first JOPCO Newsletter. Our consortium of health is off and running and we are proud to be able to provide our audience with the best protocols, services and therapies available for optimum health. I first wrote this note from my native Croatia; my heart and soul belongs to the land where I grew up, a place where the food is so pure, and the soil fertile. My focus during the trip, was to meet with local farmers and establish a confederation, so they may collectively grow and sell quality products, such as Einkorn and other indigenous plants. It was a remarkable visit, getting back in touch with all that is familiar and good, while exploring new and exciting places. You can hear more about my journey and follow me on my pilgrimage page. (Click the photo) Note that a very special group of travelers will be able to experience it first hand in 2019, as they join me on a new adventure!

Looking forward to seeing everyone in January during our fabulous planning meeting for "The Year of Everything Wonderful"!

Wishing you light, love and a Happy, Healthy, and Wealthy New Year!