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In this Resource Basket you will find three ways to build new connections to vitalize your work—we bet at least two are completely new to you. Also, find out about the Global Leaders Program, about the intersection of art and social work, and about a new library of Latin American music for the cello. Please share these resources widely; each item lives on The WE website. 

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Sistema Connect:
Make a Difference in the Global Movement
Looking for a meaningful way to benefit young people in El Sistema programs around the world and enrich your own musical journey? Sign up to become a Sistema Connect Volunteer and help an emerging El Sistema program, whether through travel or from the comfort of your home. Sistema Connect is a new initiative founded in the U.S.; its mission is to make strong matches between people who want to share their musical, educational, or administrative skills and programs that need those skills.

Learn more about Sistema Connect here and sign up to become a Sistema Connect Volunteer here .
The World Alliance for Arts Education Hosts 10th World Summit in Florida
The World Alliance for Arts Education is hosting its 10th World Summit in the USA, at the University of Florida from October 26-29, 2020. Entitled  Arts Impact 2020: Context Matters,  the summit brings together artist-educators and advocates from across the world to network, share research, and examine processes and practices. For El Sistema practitioners, the summit is an opportunity to learn more about evidence-based practices aimed at measuring the impact of arts learning and arts programming. Themes for this year’s summit include Young & Emerging Leaders Forum: A Future for Leadership in Arts and Cultural Education; Designing for Quality; and Implementing with Fidelity. It is rare for music-for-social-change programs to present at major conferences, and no El Sistema program has presented at a WAAE Summit—so please consider not only attending but also proposing a session, to increase our field’s visibility. 

Click here for more information about Arts Impact 2020 . If you are interested in presenting, the submission deadline is March 20 . More information is available here

Join the Campaign for a Creative Generation
This blog post from Creative Generation introduces  Campaign 2020: Arts and Cultural Education is a Fundamental, Civil, and Human Right . The  Campaign for a Creative Generation is a global initiative to ensure that the next generation reaches its full potential to solve society’s most significant challenges. With inter-generational leaders from around the world, the Campaign aims to inspire, connect and amplify the work of individuals and organizations committed to cultivating the creative capacities of young people—a fundamental goal of El Sistema programs. This year’s initiative will focus on amplifying the stories of individuals, organizations, research and resources, enabling this vision.

Sign up for regular updates , get connected to the Gen C Incubator and work with an emerging curriculum from the Gen C Academy .  
Meet the Global Leaders Program
The Global Leaders Program recently published its 2019 Annual Report , which includes information about projects and their curriculum. This report is a good resource to understand the global impact of the program, which continues to develop many influential leaders in the music-for-social-change movement.  The World Ensemble  partners with the Global Leaders Program to share cohort members’ fieldwork experiences and global updates.

See recent articles by Global Leaders cohort members in The World Ensemble on programs in Haiti South Africa and Mexico .  

Arts and Social Work Resource
The magazine  Social Dialogue  has dedicated a special issue to the exploration of art and social work. Social work is like a sister field to El Sistema and has much to offer our programs. The free magazine introduces practical ideas, including pedagogical approaches to promote student engagement with social justice issues, and ways of using art and storytelling to teach critical theory.

The special issue features case studies from around the globe, including Japan, Nepal, India, Germany and Azerbaijan. Read about socially engaged arts like El Sistema from the perspective of social workers around the world.
New Catalogue of Latin American Cello Music
The new Sphinx Catalog of Latin American Works powerfully dispels the idea that “classical music” is a uniquely European creation. The library, released by the Sphinx Organization , is the most extensive of its kind, with more than 2,200 entries of cello music from Latin American composers ranging from 1783 to the present.

The project launched in 2018 through a partnership between the Sphinx Organization,  Dr. German Marcano, and Dr. Horacio Contreras , two internationally active cellists and experts in cello repertoire from Latin America. This resource not only provides new insight into the musical contribution of Latin America, but also creates a way for our Latinx students to find representations of themselves in history and connect their musical identity to the past.  

Free Arts Management Resources
As musicians and educators, most of us have a foundational sense of what we mean by quality in performance or teaching. A new, two-pronged research project, Quality for Culture , was conducted by Beth Ponte, a German Chancellor Fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation 2018-19.

This project provides a way to connect musical quality with administrative practices. Her white paper shifts the conversation about quality from a static, objective goal to a fluid mindset that has a variety of applications. She focuses on Quality Management as a topic and practice for arts organizations and recommends specific actions and tips to achieve a mindset for quality. The second element of her paper provides resources for improvement in areas ranging from leadership and engagement to evidence-based decision making and relationship management. The resource guide shares 180 online arts management resources such as toolkits, reports, guides, videos and online courses collected throughout over 13 countries. It reflects some of the best practices throughout various cultural organizations. For more information, contact Beth Ponte.
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