Volume LXII, January 2023
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Programs @ Lanier
Understanding Red Wolves

The non-profit organization Weiler-Woods for Wildlife combines the skills of Dale Weiler, wildlife sculptor, and his wife, writer Loti Woods. Their mission is to protect misunderstood underdog animals and habitats by clarifying facts and misinformation, opinion and myth, and promulgating the truth and heart of the matter. For example, what are the truths or misinformation of the following?

• The endangered Red Wolf lives wild only in North Carolina, having fewer documented cases of attacks on humans than any other wolf.
• More than 46% of bats have rabies and even with echolocation can get tangled in long dark human hair.
• If you are lucky enough to find an endangered 2-foot long Hellbender salamander, you’ve also found a healthy stream but do not touch the poisonous skin.

For the truth of these and more, meet Dale and Loti at Live @ Lanier on January 19 at 6:00 pm. For a preview, visit https://weilerwoodsforwildlife.com.
Support @ Lanier
Smiling for Lanier
We now have 61 members who have designated the library as their charity of choice with Amazon Smile! Please help us to reach our goal of 75 Smile contributors! Go to amazonsmile to access the link to designate Lanier Library as the nonprofit on your account today.
January Board & Staff Profile
You may know LYNN MONTGOMERY from regular glimpses of her at her desk in the office behind the circulation counter. Her responsibilities include ordering, receiving, and cataloging books, audio books, and DVDs. She notes, “I have loved this job for 9 years...particularly the DVDs. I’m always looking for series and movies to buy for our members.” 
If you’ve been a member for more than 9 years, you may also remember Lynn as Board Membership Chair and then President. “The first time I entered Lanier. I enjoyed being surrounded by books and friendly people. I couldn’t get enough of this Library, so when this job opened, I applied.”
It should be no surprise that her favorite hobby today is reading but what you may not have known is that she has a degree in Mathematics from the University of Richmond and was an aerospace computer programmer in California.
“My first memory of books was my mother sitting in our upstairs hall reading to the six of us children. The bedrooms all opened into the hallway so everyone could hear her. I also remember reading all the Nancy Drew books trying to solve her mysteries. Being left-brained with analytical thinking, I did not always appreciate books as a young adult but when my children were born, I read to them constantly.
“Now I am always reading a book and listening to another in my car. My favorite authors are Barbara Kingsolver, Wallace Stegner, and mystery writer Louise Penny.”
Grounds & Building Update
Thank you everyone for your patience while our new bathroom was under construction. We are nearing completion of this project, and the bathroom is back open. There are a few finishing touches to complete, and we are so pleased to offer
a more accessible space to all who visit the library.

Thank you to The Cannon Foundation for the grant that supported this renovation.
Annual Fundraiser
Membership @ Lanier

Membership Renewal Time

Is your membership about to expire?

No need to come in to the library,

just visit the library website by clicking on:

If you aren’t sure when your membership expires,

please contact the library at 828-859-9535.

Books @ Lanier
2023 Lanier Library Book of the Month
Reading Challenge
EVERY QUALIFYING BOOK READ IN THE “BOOK OF THE MONTH CHALLENGE” IS AN ENTRY into the February drawing. The prize is a $25 Gift Certificate to the Book Shelf in Tryon.
You do not have to complete the 12-month log/form to enter. If you missed a month or more, all of the other months where you did read a qualifying book still count as entries.
January is the last month and that may be enough time to go back and read all or some books, if any, that you missed.
DON’T FORGET THE BONUS BOOKS. The April challenge was to read any book set in France. You get a bonus entry if Paris was in the title. A bonus that you earn anytime during the year is any fiction or non-fiction book set in the city or state where you were born, or country, if born outside the USA. For example, Derek Smith’s history “Civil War Savannah,” James Michener’s epic “Alaska,” or Soraya Lane’s romance “The Italian Daughter.”

The Book of the Month Challenge log/forms are available at the Library or at the link below.

A Note from the Board President
Like all of you, I love to read and thought I would share some of my favorite books from 2022 with you. The plague and the Spanish Flu appeared respectively in Hamnet by Maggie O’Farrell, and A Murmur of Bees by Sonia Segovia. While Covid still rears its ugly head from time to time and is not yet in our rear view mirror, I found it interesting to read novels featuring past pandemics. I have also enjoyed many of Geraldine Brooks’ works- and her recent novel, Horse, did not disappoint. And I am a fan of anything by Martin Walker. Set in the Dordogne region in France, his Bruno novels are always entertaining and never fail to charm. If you have not read them and want to do so- I suggest that you
read them in order, since they build upon each other.  One of his that is a stand-alone novel that I thought was terrific is Caves of Perigord. Happy reading!.....
Until next time, Vicky
Book Lovers Meets Jan 7 @ 10 am
Book Lovers - December 2022
The first Saturday of every month, avid readers meet at Lanier Library to discuss books
they’ve enjoyed (or not)! It’s casual, enlightening, and there are no rules. Join the fun.
Here are current favorites.

The Marriage Portrait by Maggie O’Farrell
Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus
Mercury Pictures Presents by Anthony Marra
The Displacements by Bruce Holsinger
The Zigzag Way by Anita Desai
The Balcony by Jane Delury
The Prisoner of Heaven by Carlos Luiz Zafon
Bright and Dangerous Objects by Anneliese MacKintosh
Anxious People by Fredrik Backman
Great Russian Short Novels by Philip Rahv
Mum and Dad by Joanna Trollope
Lessons by Ian McEwan

The Silver Pigs by Lindsey Davis
The Third Nero by Lindsey Davis

The Cause: The American Revolution and Its Discontents by Joseph Ellis

The Revolutionary: Samuel Adams by Stacy Schiff
Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing by Matthew Perry
My Father, the Pornographer by Chris Offut
NONFICTION BOOK CLUB Meets Jan 8 @ 1:30 pm

The Non-Fiction Book Club will meet on January 8.
In January, the group will discuss
by Corban Addison.

In February, the group will discuss 
The Other Doctor Gilmer  
by Benjamin Gilmer.

Orders & Acquisitions
Below are the links to our December Acquisitions. Feel free to contact the library to put your name on the hold list for
any you would like to read.

You can call us or log in through the catalog on the website using your library card number for ID and PIN.

And, as always, let us know if there is a book or DVD you think
would enhance the collection.

Click here for Acquisitions.
December Book Review
Two Books, Two Reviews

Wes Moore’s recent election as governor of Maryland prompted me to pick up his 2010 memoir, “The Other Wes Moore: One Name, Two Fates.” As I was checking it out at the library desk, Sandra and Jenny recommended a new book with a similar title, “The Other Dr. Gilmer: Two Men, a Murder, and an Unlikely Fight for Justice.” Both tell compelling stories.

Moore recounts growing up in Baltimore and New York, the son of a widowed mother who struggled to keep him away from trouble. Her ultimately successful solution was to work enough hours for the money to send him to military school. From there, his career path led him to victory in his first run for public office at age 44 and possibly an even brighter future.

But as a young man, he discovered another Wes Moore from Baltimore who could not escape the dangerous circumstances of his childhood, who made terrible mistakes and now faces a lifetime in prison. Moore details his mission to learn about the other Moore and relate the twists of fate that sent them both in different directions, suggesting that each one’s life could have been the other’s.

Benjamin Gilmer was a young physician hired to practice in a small medical clinic near Fletcher, N.C. – just up Interstate 26 from Tryon. By coincidence, he replaced a doctor named Vince Gilmer, who had been sentenced to life in prison for murdering his father.
The new Dr. Gilmer found that his predecessor had been loved by his patients for his compassionate care, generosity and desire to improve their whole lives – not just to treat their immediate symptoms.

No one could understand what unleashed the violent episode that landed him in prison. Haunted by the question, Benjamin Gilmer sought to find out. That journey opened “a medical mystery, a legal thriller, and a heartbreaking saga of intergenerational abuse,” he wrote. Though unrelated, the two Dr. Gilmers became almost brothers whose lives, like the Moores’, could have taken much different turns.

Both books may leave readers wondering: Which Gilmer or Moore is really the “other” of its title?
Submitted by Doug Clark..
Last Month @ Lanier
Holiday Decorations Galore!

The LeDuc Room bustled with the creative energy of our holiday décor workshop participants on December 8. Armed with clippers and loads of greenery, participants made a variety of displays for their homes. Denny Crowe, Francine Gitto, and Cindy Caldwell guided everyone through the process, and we appreciate their expertise. Each creation was a little different, showing the personality of the designer.

Thank you to the Kirby Endowment Fund at Polk County Community Foundation for their support of this fun event!
Pets @ Lanier
Lanier Library welcomes all library-friendly dogs & cats,
but asks that they remain on leash or in their carriers at all times.

Here is Archie, Eilene Morgan's handsome cat,
checking on the weather.

Because Archie is an indoor cat, he can't make it in to visit Lanier, but we love to see pictures of him..

Displays @ Lanier
Sandra's Shelf Display

January's display will be: Enjoy a National Book Award Winner
To Complete Our January Reading Challenge

January Display

In January's display will be several of Dale Weiler's newest sculptures of "underdog animals" including his latest, a hellbender sculpture. They will also have sculptures of a red wolf and a sea turtle along with some info on Weiler Woods for Wildlife.

Thank You!

Thank you to Don Crandall
for sharing
his collection of vintage
Christmas lights in our December display case. 
Poem of the Month
The Lanier Library Poetry Committee is pleased to introduce a poem of the month program. Each month we will be posting a different poem that we hope will inspire you. The poem will be in the monthly newsletter and posted at the library.
Please let us know what you think of each month's selection.
An excerpt from
New Year’s Morning

The Old Year’s heart was full of greed;
With selfishness it longed and ached,
And cried: "I have not half I need.
My thirst is bitter and unslaked.
But to the New Year's generous hand
All gifts in plenty shall return;
True love it shall understand;
By all my failures it shall learn.
I have been reckless; it shall be
Quiet and calm and pure of life.
I was a slave; it shall go free,
And find sweet peace where I leave strife."
Only a night from old to new!
Never a night such changes brought.
by Helen Hunt Jackson
Lanier Library | 828-859-9535| thelanierlibrary@gmail.com