Newsletter | January 2019
A New Year, a New You. We have all heard it before... But what does that actually mean to you? You have survived the Holidays. The resolutions are fresh in your mind. Now it’s time to get back in gear.

The New Year presents an opportunity to start the year off with fresh start. It’s good to start with a clean slate. It allows us to stop worrying about or feeling guilty for our past. Too often our failures to live up to our own standards weigh us down and prevent us from making progress. We have all felt the desire to just skip the gym when we know we should go. However, our feelings will often deceive us. They will usually tell us to do something that we “think” will make us happy. However, deep down inside we all know the real answers to our dilemmas. We know we shouldn’t hit that snooze button on our alarm “just one more time.” We know we shouldn’t go in for seconds (or thirds) at the dinner table. We know we shouldn’t skip that fitness class in the morning. In those times, our feelings are screaming in silence to do what feels good in the moment.

The trick to not listening to those feelings is to disrupt that thought pattern with action. Since our feelings are usually telling us to take the easy way out, we know that we must do something differently. In comes the concept of the 5 second rule. Not to be confused with the rule where you drop a piece of candy on the ground and that you have a 5 second window to pick it up before it’s contaminated. Rather, the concept of the 5 second rule was popularized by Mel Robbins, a well known inspirational speaker and author. It is a basic mental trick to kick start you into action.

Whenever we have an instinct that is attached to a goal, we have about 5 seconds to act on it before our brain extinguishes the idea or impulse. Thus, the simple trick is to countdown verbally from 5 and then act on those instinctual feelings. These feelings are the gut impulses that we know to be good and true for us, not the rash irreversible decisions that are destructive. The countdown primes our brain for action, then the action itself is what makes the difference. If you are determined to act within those 5 seconds, you will start developing a habit that will propel you forward towards accomplishment. It’s simple, yet very effective. 

Start utilizing this trick today, especially with your fitness goals. Every time you hear that little internal voice to skip the gym, drown out that noise with a 5 second countdown and immediate action. That way, as we countdown into 2019, this year can really be a New Year, New You. 

See you on the fitness floor, BG
New Year, New You, New RAC
Premium Fitness Program
RAC is now combining
in to one unlimited Premium Fitness program!

Feel the unlimited flexibility to come to any Premium Fitness Class.

Act now to get this premium add-on for only $50/month. Starting January 1, 2019 the new Unlimited Premium price will be $60/month.
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Total Barre
Starting Thursday, January 3 at 6:00 pm

Total Barre is an exciting fusion of Pilates, Yoga, and core strengthening exercises. In this class, you'll use a mixture of exercises using ballet style bars for support and a blend of body weight movements designed to tone, sculpt and lengthen your body. Reform your routine with this unique full body workout designed to add strength without the bulk!
Plus new Yoga formats and class times!
Self Defense
Starting Friday, January 4 at 4:30 pm

This 90 minute class will be held on the first Friday of every month. RAC Self Defense is an overview of basic self defense for anybody.You will be taught how to identify threats, and apply self defense and survival skills in most common situations. Blocking, escaping, defensive striking, kicking and ground techniques. Be prepared for a good workout and lesson in self defense.
Free class on the Group Ex Schedule.
Women's Total Workout
A new spin on Mommy Fit- This training provides an exciting mixture of strength training, cardio bursts, calisthenics/TRX, and high-intensity intervals all while listening to fun and energizing music! The workouts will specifically target those areas that all women want to focus on! 

Women's Total Workout includes:
-3 classes per week
-Specific strength, mobility, and fitness assessments and health profiles!
-Progress Tracking
-Nutritional Guidance
-GlideFIT and Pilates Reformer classes
-Unlimited access to our Premium Fitness program
Healthy U
Wednesday, January 16
5:30 pm | Cycle Studio

Power of Connection
Join us in the free seminar series. Session One focuses on remembering yourself through all of lifes' stresses and identifying what creates positivity and promotes longevity within you.
New Year's Resolutions for the Whole Family
Junior Winter Camp
January 2 - 4 | Ages 3 - 18 years

Start the New Year off right. All junior players are strongly encouraged to attend our Winter Tennis Camp. We've got something for all ages and all levels of play. We aim to improve and challenge players, keeping things fun, yet still pushing them to get to that next level. We will focus on grips and technique, point and match play, offering tips and advice that will get them to better understand the game. For our higher level players we will also touch on placement and strategy, as well as competitive point play and mental toughness, creating team games and scenarios that will apply pressure identical to what they might face during their tournaments. 

For more information and to sign up email
Coach Bobby.
After School Jr. Tennis Programs
Starting back up on Monday January 7, our Jr. Tennis Program will be moving back to the regular after school hours following the two week winter break. We provide scheduling flexibility, giving players and families the option of participating two to four days on court with our knowledgeable teaching staff.
For more information please visit us at
Tots Tennis on Tuesday is Coming Back
Starting on Tuesday January 15, kids ages 3-5 will be gearing up and hitting the courts to kick off the new year. A lot of fun hand eye coordinated drills, technical stroke development, in addition to footwork and games will all be implemented during our forty five minute sessions. We keep the clinics fun as well as fundamental, using low compression balls and miniature nets to create an environment that is age and size appropriate. Let us spark a love for the game, helping your child develop skills to continue successfully playing.
New Years Swim Clinic
January 7 - 31 | Ages 5 - 18 years

This 4-week clinic will have a heavy focus on stroke technique for all four competitive strokes and is designed for swimmers ages 5 and up that are swim team ready. Members and non-members are welcome.
High School Winter Swim Clinic Update
This intensive clinic is preparing high school swimmers for their upcoming swim season with technique work, aerobic training, and race training. This clinic is running through January 24, and it is NOT too late to join! Contact Coach Andrew Savine at for special pricing and other information! 
The 2019 Rollingwood Rockets are Getting Ready for Launch!
RAC’s championship swim team, the Rollingwood Rockets, are gearing up for another amazing year! The Rockets compete in the NorCal Swim League, and are open to water-safe athletes ages 4 to 18. The season runs from April through July, but registration starts on January 2nd! To get the best pricing, and to guarantee your spot on the team, register early!
Want More Info About The Rockets??
-Join us for our New Family Information Meeting on Saturday, January 26 at 10:00 am in the Upstairs Lounge at RAC.
-Join us for our Registration Night Social on Friday, March 8 at 7:00 pm in the Upstairs Lounge at RAC. 
-Contact our Head Coach, Andrew Savine at with any questions about the team or for a free swimmer evaluation.
-Contact our Registrar, Karen Newton at with any registration questions.
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