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Forget Dropping Pounds, Make an Easier New Years Resolution
Ten out of ten of our dental professionals at Future Smiles agree that it's easier to floss every day instead of dropping 20 pounds!

The discipline to put down a cookie is much harder to muster than picking up some floss. And flossing has compounding effects that benefit your overall health!

My Friend, by flossing, you can eliminate bad breath, reduce the risk for chronic heart disease, and more.

So as you consider your goals for 2022, add daily flossing for a quick win!
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Super Tooth Sammy's Fun Fact

In medieval times, it was believed that kissing a donkey would cure your tooth aches.

Maybe it's time to get an office pet?
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Did You Miss the Award Event?
We recently announced that Terri, our Founder and Executive Director, was chosen to be an AARP® Purpose Prize Fellow.

We are so proud of her, and you can celebrate with us through the video awards below:
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