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We know you don’t like on-air fund drives!
First, the not-so-good-news: Our winter on-air drive begins on February 14th. The good news:  You can shorten the drive .  

For every $65,000 we raise by Friday, February 9th, we will shorten the drive by one day.  We are counting additional gifts, renewals, new memberships, gift memberships – everything, in this attempt to lop off a day or two. This is your chance to minimize the interruption to our regular 100% classical music schedule.

We would much rather bring you the classical music you enjoy without interruptions. But 70% of our budget comes from listeners , so we must come to you for support.
Since we began giving our listeners the opportunity to shorten the drives by buying back a day or two of regular programming, we have eliminated 20% of our scheduled fundraising days. This successful joint effort to bring you more classical music is something we can both be proud of.
It’s in your hands -  your donation by February 9th can shorten the drive Click here to make a secure pledge , or call our Membership Office at 410-580-5800 and make your gift today.
Music in Art

Last July, I posted a piece with the subject heading, “The Impressionist Painter with a Flair for Music,” about the friendship between the French painter, Frédéric Bazille, and the musician and art patron, Edmond Maître, and how they bonded over their shared love of music.

Since then, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about music in art. There are, to begin with, countless images of St. Cecilia, the Patron Saint of Music, which date all the way back to Medieval times. This one by the Pre-Raphaelite, John William Waterhouse, is probably the most famous.

Another Impressionist image that jumped to mind was Edgar Degas’s musicians in the orchestra pit. (If that is the conductor sitting on the chair, then goodness knows what the bassoonist is doing in the 1st violinist’s place, but never mind!)

There’s Paul Gauguin’s portrait of the Swedish musician, Fritz Schneklund, 1894, at our own Baltimore Museum of Art. There’s Édouard Manet’s Spanish Singer, 1860, at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. There’s the gloriously flamboyant Portuguese cellist, Guilhermina Suggia, by Augustus Hohn OM, 1920-3, at the Tate, London.

There are so many!

All this thinking crystallized beautifully when I went down to the National Gallery of Art again just before Thanksgiving to see the exhibition, Vermeer and the Masters of Genre Painting: Inspiration and Rivalry (on until January 21st, 2018), and I was struck by the number of his paintings that featured musical instruments and themes. When I looked into it further, I found some astonishing statistics...

Programming Notes

In the New Year we can look forward to new books by local writers, and some hidden gems. Ann Berlin from The Ivy Bookshop joins Judith with some guidelines.

Laura Lipman’s Sunburn
Sujata Massey’s Widows of Malabar
Dan Fesperman’s Safe Houses
Hotel Silence by Audur Ava Olafsdottir

01/20/18 - Thais - 1pm
01/27/18 - Tosca - 1pm
02/03/18 - Il Trovatore - 1pm
02/10/18 - L'Eliser d'Amore - 1pm
02/17/18 - Parsifal - NOON
(No Face the Music today)
02/24/18 - La Boheme - 1pm

Your continued support for opera keeps the Metropolitan Opera Radio Broadcasts and other live performances on the  WBJC Operafest  coming to you on Saturdays throughout the year. 
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Sponsor Spotlight
The Modell Lyric Performing Arts Center has created a new, three concert series: Sunday Serenades , featuring internationally-acclaimed operatic artists performing a classical repertoire.