July 2017
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July Retreat Programs

Visit our  retreat calendar web page  for more program offerings and descriptions.  Visit the reservation page for information  or call 715.267.7507. 

Healing Movement: Deeply at Home in the Whole
July 7-9 (Friday-Sunday)
With Emily Jarrett Hughes and Cecy Corcoran, FSPA, PhD
Tuition: $150, plus meals and lodging.
Both Emily and Cecy are popular presenters with a  new, exciting program this summer.
Come immerse yourself in the woods, the four elements, and the evolutionary story of the universe to revitalize your life with creativity. Enjoy a combination of meditation, time outdoors, qigong movements, group sharing, and rest. Experience meditative step patterns of ritual dance from the Balkans and Asia Minor – an ancient practice for reflecting and enhancing the beauty and order of the cosmos. All abilities welcome. Learn More

Mindfulness Immersion Seminar: Steer Your Life in the Direction of Your Dreams
July 7-9 (Friday-Sunday)
Lamonte McPherson and Jai Lynn Kellum  
Tuition: $150, plus meals and lodging.
Lamonte and Jai Lynn are a great team; t heir third retreat at the Center.
No matter your experience level, this weekend will offer a way to learn through Yoga, Tai Chi, group therapy, sound immersion, and mindfulness skills to become the director of your thoughts to help you fulfill your dreams. Explore ways to transform an agitated mind that creates negative thoughts and behaviors into an experience that emanates from a serene and clear mind. Learn More

Journey into Chakras 
July 21-23 (Friday-Sunday)
With Tatsiana O’Neill
Tuition: $150, plus meals and lodging.
Tatsiana's program was a big success  at our By Women for Women in March.
Come learn about the Chakras: how they work and how to assess and balance them. This retreat program will cover: basic Yoga poses for each Chakra including some Partner Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and Thai massage techniques; breathing and visualization exercises; Chakra vibrations with mantras, meditation, affirmation, and journaling. You will be guided with easy-to-do exercises that can be incorporated into your daily practice. Learn More

Brush Wisdom: Messages from the Contemplative Heart
July 21-23 (Friday-Sunday)
With Tom Roberts
Tuition: $150, plus meals and lodging.
Tom is a popular presenter here and  this summer he is bringing a unique program.
Japanese Zen Brush Work is a creative representation of the spiritual experience. We will explore the inter-play of mind, body and spirit through the expressive use of the brush stroke in an atmosphere of contemplative calm and peace. Experience a deep sense of inner harmony as we express the message of our hearts into black and white space. To enhance the power of the brush stroke, this retreat will utilize Qi Gong, breathing and Haiku. No artistic experience is necessary. Learn More

Discovering Truth: A Yoga and Writing Retreat
July 24-26 (Monday-Wednesday)
With Joanne Nelson and Sabre Page
Tuition: $200, plus meals and lodging.
Highly skilled and experienced writing teachers with an innovative program.
Innovative writing exercises will be combined with a multifaceted yoga experience designed to open the chakras and deepen awareness of the self. This awareness will allow you to express yourself and your own truths in unique and creative ways. Time will be available for writing in silence as well as for optional sharing in a safe and supportive community. Techniques can be applied to all levels of practice and all genres of writing.  Learn More

Come Renew Yourself during a Week-Day Getaway

Replenish yourself with natural beauty and healthy meals in this sacred place.

Come read, write, create, or just relax in the the stillness and peace of uninterrupted time.

Spiritual Guidance available. Learn More  

Could this program be a turning point for you?
Christine Center     
 Spiritual Deepening
for Global Transformation
Three-year Certificate Program
Group 6 
Begins February 23, 2018

Now Accepting Applications

Choose a commitment to your own Spiritual Deepening:  Learn contemplative practices for daily life.  Cultivate self-acceptance and learn to silence the inner critic. 

Choose to grow in a Circle of Community:  Find greater depth in conversations and relationships.  Recognize shared values by engaging in a community of people seeking spiritual depth.

For the sake of Global Transformation:  Grow in sensing the interconnection of all living beings.  Know that our spiritual practices and our personal transformation contributes to the good of the whole world.

Our program offers
  • A thoughtful blend of study, contemplation, dialogue and community.
  • Guidance and support for exploring a rich interior life.
  • Skills to meet life’s challenges with a depth of understanding and compassion.
  • Opportunities to transform, heal and create a life of spiritual depth and grace for your own sake and for the sake of the world.

For details and an application: Learn More

Program Updates 

A new retreat program sponsored by Mindfulness Community of Milwaukee was added to our summer schedule. Buddhist Meditation in the Tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh will be held  August 6-11 (Sunday-Friday). Learn More

Details about our annual  Hildegard Festival September 15-17 (Friday-Sunday) are now on the website.  An annual tradition at the Christine Center, the Hilde-Fest is a celebration of all things St. Hildegard: music, art, food and the bold stature of soul this 12th century saint inspires! Learn More
Because We Are Committed to Compassion

Read a  Circle of Compassion  blog post by Henrita Frost, SSND, a member of the Christine Center Leadership Team.

Seeking the Ever Present Moment, or How Puffs are Training for Presence
One day I asked myself what are you hungering for?  I truly hunger for the presence of the Divine within – the God of compassion.  For fleeting moments it happens and puff it is gone – my distractible mind did it again.  Wait it is back!  I entered the present moment again - briefly, but for sure – puff it is gone again.  O God, I am exhausted by puffs – I beg, give me only presence.  Read More

The Christine Center is a member of the International Charter for Compassion.  Visit their website.
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