The Prologue                                               Tuesday, July 3, 2018
  Unitarian Universalist Church of Bloomington, Indiana
   Congregation founded 1949
   LGBTQ Welcoming Congregation since 1995
   Green Sanctuary since 2007
Seeking the Spirit, Building Community, Changing the World
EVERYONE is welcome and encouraged to march, ride your bike, or mobility scooter in the 4th of July Parade!
* Bring hats, water, and sunblock. *
We will meet in the parking lot between N. Dunn and N. Indiana, south of 6 th St., by 9:00 a.m. on July 4.  Arrive between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m. Wear a solid-colored shirt in a color of the rainbow (ROYGBIV), tie dye, or UU T-shirt, if possible. We have signs to be carried, bubbles to blow, songs to sing, and more.
Questions? Contact Ann LeDuc at or call (812)332-3695 ext 203.
Sunday, July 8, 2018
9:15 a.m. and 11:15 a.m.
This Chapter of Your Story, Part 1  
Reverend Scott McNeill
When the story of your life is complete, what will this chapter entail? This week, our focus will be on changing the world - looking at the many different ways we can make a difference in this world, to help bend the arc of the universe toward justice. 

Sunday, July 15, 2018
9:15 a.m. and 11:15 a.m.
This Chapter of Your Story, Part 2 
Reverend Scott McNeill
When the story of your life is complete, what will this chapter entail? It helps when we realize we are not passive players in a production but are co-creating the arc of our life story each and every day. This week, we'll look deeper into our selves to search for patterns or foreshadowing, and how we might continue - or change - the narratives with which we've become familiar.
From Our Associate Minister
     The past couple of decades have provided a number of major watershed moments for our country and society. Many people can remember the world as it once was - pre-9/11, or before having our first Black president, or when it was no longer acceptable to criminalize lesbian, gay, and bisexual relationships (after the Lawrence v. Texas case, in 2003). That case overturned a terrible decision (Bowers v. Hardwick) and was written by Justice Anthony Kennedy. It was this, plus Kennedy's decisive vote in Obergefell v. Hodges, that led to many of the rights and freedoms (as well as a reduction in overt homophobia and violence) that people in the LGBTQ+ communities experience today. 
     Justice Kennedy's recent retirement has many of us wondering what we can do to preserve freedom and equality for all Americans (particularly those who are in the minority, or who have been historically marginalized). This would be an especially GREAT time to call Senator Joe Donnelly -- (202) 224-4814 -- to share your views on what type of Justices should be considered for the open seat on the Supreme Court. 
     Beyond this major battle that can have ramifications for people of color, immigration, people across class lines and income levels, reproductive rights for women, the right to democracy and voting, our environment and so much more - there is still much work to be done. For those of you who joined us at the Courthouse on June 30, staffed our booth at the Monroe County Fair, or will join us in the July 4th parade - THANK YOU! Please, there is no better time to get involved in making the world the place you want to see than this very minute, this very day. With our own lives needing attention, we cannot ask people to dedicate every waking moment to righting the many wrongs we witness - but all of us can do our part (however great or small) of changing the world, which helps others. This image, traveling around Facebook this week, has given me inspiration and I hope it does for you:

Reverend Scott McNeill, Associate Minister
MAM's Musings
     Thanks Reverend McNeill for your column. May we all stay informed and act THIS WEEK to voice our concern about those being considered for the Supreme Court to replace Justice Kennedy. Please see Reverend McNeill's column for details.
     I am looking forward to seeing many of you at the 4 th of July parade--either marching with you or seeing you in the crowd. It
will be hot so please do what is best for you in terms of taking care, Also,  do not worry if you do not have a solid color shirt! We welcome all shirt designs at the Unitarian Universalist  Church of Bloomington; its just the solid color in one of  ROYGBIV is so darn pretty. 
    Speaking of "pretty," pretty soon I will be away from the office for vacation.  I am leaving directly after the 4 th of July parade. Deborah and I are driving to Vermont to visit family and the Green Mountains. I will be back in the pulpit on July 29 th and back in the saddle (office hours) on August 1 st .    
    Deep gratitude to our Wellspring participants who created an in-depth and inspirational worship service on Sunday, despite the languishing hymn rewrite "In the Bleak Midsummer".

In the bleak midsummer, I'm so tired of tweets.
I cannot remember when there was no heat.
Heat has gathered, heat on heat. Heat on heat.
In the bleak midsummer, such a dome of heat.

Climate change is here now, mother earth does moan
Too much carbon out there so we sing this song.
In the bleak midsummer, in this world of pain
We must stay committed- love be born again.

Truth is yet not all gone in this post-truth time.
So we must be present, subtle and sublime.
Heat has gathered, heat on heat.  Heat on heat.
In the bleak midsummer, let our sweat be sweet.

    Be Careful Out There!

Peace, MAM
Reverend Mary Ann Macklin, Senior Minister 
Mailing lists are being updated--We need your help
We are preparing to update our mailing list. If you do not receive your Friday UU Update on July 6 or your Prologue on July 17, please check to be certain that we have your current postal address and correct email address so that we can get you back on the list. Send your changes to or call (812) 332-3695.
Children and Youth Religious Education Registration 
      Parents, it is time to register your children and youth for the 2018-2019 school year. This helps us to plan for our class size, relay important medical information to their teachers and keep children and youth safe. Register here: 
      Parents of 7th-8th graders, we will be offering Our Whole Lives  on Sunday  mornings. Please note the special time and stay tuned for a mandatory parent meeting in August or September.  Contact Adrienne Summerlot   if you have any questions. 

From Our Board President
     Our congregation has lots to be grateful for in welcoming the start of a new fiscal year.
     Thanks to the generous commitments from UUCB members and friends, our pledge campaign has come in at nearly $635,000. We based our final approved budget on $640,000 of pledges, but we expect some of the outstanding pledges will make up this difference. As always, the Board will keep an eye on the finances throughout the year. While this does not let us fully hit our goals for fair and sustainable compensation for the Ministers and Staff, it's a solid step towards doing so.
     It is exciting to welcome our new Board members: Stuart Yoak, Ed Robbins, and Julie Lawson. As with all the Board members, you'll be able to identify these new members by the light blue tags on their name tags.
     Our members and friends are living our vision - Seeking the Spirit, Building Community, Changing the World - in many ways this month. Several Board members will be marching in the 4th of July parade tomorrow. We hope to see you there! Special thanks to those who are volunteering at the Rainbow Rights Task Force booth at the County Fair this week.
     Gratitude for all who represent our congregation in mind, body, and/or spirit at these events and many more to come throughout the year.
Michelle Monroe-Cook, President of the Board
From the Ministers...
Welcome to Our New President and Vice President! 
Reverend Mary Ann Macklin
Reverend Emily Manvel Leite
Reverend Scott McNeill
Our New President
     We are delighted to have Michelle Monroe-Cook on board as our new President. For the past year, Michelle has played an active role as Vice-President, taking on projects in Leadership Development and within the Board, as Von Welch (our most recent President) worked on creating a smooth transition to his successor. Michelle is, and has been, involved in our congregation in numerous ways - supporting our youth as an advisor (and serving area youth through her presence at youth cons), being a greeter, and working on the auction. She also served on the most recent Ministerial Search Committee, along with our new Vice-President, Stuart Yoak.

     Michelle's wife, Jessie, is often around the church volunteering and lending a helping hand, as well. Hopefully you'll have the chance to see Mika, if you haven't already - she is their wonderful 3 year old! Outside of the church, Michelle works with the National Parks System to conduct assessments and training related to accessibility and access issues. We could not be more excited to have Michelle as one of our strong leaders at this time - please make sure you say hello and thank her for taking on this important role!

Our New Vice President
     We also want to welcome Stuart Yoak, our new Vice-President. Along with his wife Jana Pereau, Stuart moved to Bloomington a few years ago after living and working in St. Louis. While in St. Louis, he spent almost three decades (1982-2011) as the chair of the Biomedical Ethics Committee at Christian Hospital (along with teaching, serving on other committees, and so on). Most recently, he was the Executive Director of the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics (APPE), housed at Indiana University (2011-2017), before his retirement.
     Stuart can be found, as pictured, helping with our physical grounds. He is also one of our greeters on Sunday mornings, facilitates the First Steps classes, and Exploring Unitarian Universalism classes, and teaches a U.U. history class regularly. 
Before coming to Bloomington, Stuart was very active in his congregation in St. Louis, First Unitarian. At First Unitarian, he taught RE, was involved with the Youth program, served as Board President twice, and worked on many other projects.
      We hope you'll join us in welcoming Michelle and Stuart as they assume these leadership roles!
     At our June Congregational Meeting, we presented the Outstanding Service Awards to the following recipients: Sharon Yarber, Anne Haynes and Amy Makice.   These members of our congregation have offered their time, talent and wisdom to this congregation over and over again. They truly embody our vision of Seeking the Spirit, Building Community and Changing the World.  
     Congratulations Sharon Yarber. A long time member of this congregation, Sharon currently serves as the Chair of our Caring Committee, a position which requires regular (sometimes daily) contact with our ministers, staff and Health Concerns team. As chair, Sharon helps coordinate care for those in need within our congregation during many of life transitions-such as birth, death, illness, recovery, grief, and healing. Her service is heart-felt, purposefully, practical, and steadfast. Previously Sharon served as our Director of Religious Education, participated on the Ministerial Support Committee, facilitated the Caregiver Support Group and Grief Support Group, helped with Parent Talk, Cookie Walk, Women's Alliance, and so much more. Of course this is not the first award Sharon has won. In fact, earlier this year it seems she was voted World's Greatest Grandmother! Although, it seems like a few other members of this congregation have also won said award. Congrats to all of you. And kudos again to Sharon Yarber.
     Congratulations to Anne Haynes. It seems an odd day in the life of our ministers and staff, when we don't bump into long time member Anne Haynes either inside our church building or perhaps even outside. Currently Anne Haynes keeps our library enriched, up-to-date and functional. At our recent congregational meeting, she was voted into our Leadership Cultivation Committee; Anne also served on this committee when it was called the Nominating Committee. Anne has served on our Board as Secretary, Vice President, President, and Past President and is currently active in our choir and green grounds working group. A past member of the religious education committee, she has taught religious education and also been involved with Stewardship, VALE (Vigiling at Life's End), the Bazaar (co-chair) and Wellspring (planning committee). Her efforts on the Chalice Circle Planning Committee many moons ago remain part of the current success of this program in our congregation. Anne shows up when asked with quiet service, dedication and a delightful laugh. If you want to engage her instantly in conversation, just say the word permaculture. Thanks Anne for all you do.
       Congratulations to Amy Makice. Amy currently serves as co-chair of the Religious Education Vision Team, is a member of the Right Relations Committee (as stipulated by our Board of Directors) and is chair of our Rainbow Rights Task Force. As chair of Rainbow Rights she has led bold efforts to increase LGBTQ+ advocacy in the greater Bloomington area. Training members and friends in the empathetic approach known as Cultural Relational Theory, Amy has expanded the congregation's influence outward, including a booth at the Monroe County fair. This non-confrontational approach creates a space where people of differing opinions can connect and sometimes change. Amy facilitated a workshop on Relational Cultural Theory at last year's Unitarian Universalist General Assembly. Previously, Amy served as a member of our Youth Committee and facilitated a Beloved Conversation's program which explores race and ethnicity in individual and congregational lives. Amy's approach to life is much like her Zumba, Hip Hop and Bollywood fitness practice--- full of presence, heart, sweat, tears, laughter and perseverance. Rock on Amy Makice.
Our Folks...
A Celebration of Life for Steve Hall, son of congregation member Jackie Hall and partner Lloyd Orr, will be hosted by Steve's childhood friends on July 15th at 4:00 p.m. in the Federal Room of the IU Union. Family and friends are warmly invited to attend.      
This Sunday! Exploring Unitarian Universalism Class 
July 8 and 15
    Are you interested in learning more about Unitarian Universalism (UU) and this congregation? Are you considering becoming a member of this dynamic religious community? Whether you are considering membership or are just curious, this class is for you. Join us on July 8 and 15, 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. in the church library. Please plan to attend both sessions, since different material will be covered in each session. These are small classes, facilitated by members of the congregation.  
    If you would like to review a syllabus or register for the class, email Ann LeDuc at
Ready to become a member of UU Bloomington?
If this is your community, if you feel at home here, join us! A membership book signing is scheduled for Sunday, July 29 at 10:30 am in room 112.  We ask for participation in our Exploring Unitarian Universalism class prior to signing the membership book. To make arrangements to become a member, contact Ann LeDuc, before July 22 at  (812 ) 332-3695 ext 203 or

  Building Community 
Women's Alliance Meets July 5
A report from the General Assembly delegates is the topic of the Women's  Alliance meeting on  July 5 . We gather at  11:30 a.m.  in Fellowship Hall.  Meetings begin with a brown bag lunch.  The delegates' presentation  begins at  noon , followed by a business meeting.  The hosts for the month,  Sharon Wiseman and Louray Cain, will provide drinks and dessert. Join us  and bring a friend.  Everyone is welcome.

Save the Date! Splash of the Sacred, September 2
Our annual church pitch-in picnic and pool party is set for  Sunday, September 2nd from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. at Bryan Park.
Be a Calling Buddy!
Do you live alone and worry about your safety? " Calling  Buddies" is a program that pairs members of our UU community who live alone with other UUs who live alone. These matched pairs  call, email, or text each other regularly (usually daily or every other day) to check on each other's safety and well-being.  If you are interested in participating in the  Calling   Buddies  program, please contact Ann LeDuc at  o (812)322-3695 ext 203 .

Calling All Singles -  Save the Date for Game Night July 20th
A few of us unattached people at UU have been meeting for lunch after the second service. We want invite all UU singles to a GAME NIGHT. On  Friday, July 20th, from 7:00-9:00 p.m.  join us in Fellowship Hall for fun and games. Bring along your favorite game...board or cards or other. Also, bring your own drink and a munchie to share that won't require us to use the kitchen facilities. (If you are part of a couple but your partner won't play games with you, join us!!)  For more information, or to join our "lunch bunch," contact Debbie Fish

  Changing the World 
YAY! Our Electric Bill is a Negative Number
Duke Energy Billing Date:  06/18/2018
Amount:  $-443.17
Duke Energy will just have to do without our support for another month, as we have generated enough electricity with our solar panels to have a negative balance for the second month in a row. Thanks to everyone who has supported our solar panel projects!

Habitat Task Force Update
    The Habitat Task Force has been busy helping to make an impact locally, and in Indiana, in conjunction the Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter Work Project. We completed our commitment to the local Habitat chapter to contribute $3,500 for renovating a Habitat resale house for a new partner family in Bloomington. We worked side-by-side with the Habitat homeowner to help with painting and other home repairs. On  May 9, a team of 27 UU women and friends participated in the annual Habitat Women Build and raised $10,128 to help fund two new homes in the Habitat Trail View neighborhood off of the B-Line and Rogers Street. In late June, we prepared a big lunch meal for about 30 volunteer builders participating in the Habitat Builders Blitz at Trail View.
    We also decided to help our local chapter meet its financial commitment to contribute to the construction of more than 20 homes through the Carter Work Project. The annual building blitz is taking place in St. Joseph County in the South Bend area during the last week of August. We contributed $2,400 to this effort. In addition, UU members and task force volunteers Dirk and Susan Herr-Hoyman will build two days and  Tracy James and Barb Berggoetz will build one day during this well-known event.
    In the coming months, we will sponsor a bake sale between services on  Sept. 23 , and we are planning to host another coffeehouse at a date to be determined. Anyone who would like to contribute items to our bake sale, please contact Barb Berggoetz at .  
    Many thanks to those who participate in our efforts and to the wonderful continued support of the UU community of our fundraising projects.
-- Barb Berggoetz, co-chair of Habitat Task Force. 
Community Connections
Our Faith in Action in the Community

Historic Church Restoration Project
Sneak Preview Fundraiser July 14 and 15
     The recent Juke Joint event that we participated in helped provide some of the funds for the restoration of historic First Baptist Church (colored) in West Baden Springs, and there will be another fundraising event on July 14 and July 15, 12:00-4:00 p.m. at the church, at the corner of Elm and Sinclair Street in West Baden. Here's a poster about the event. Freewill donations are invited.
     "C ome and see the progress that is being made with the restoration of the First Baptist Church, built in 1909. This has been a labor of love for the volunteers from Second Baptist Church in Bloomington, Indiana. We are about 85% done. If you come to our sneak preview fundraiser, you will be helping us with the completion of a beautiful structure. I look forward to seeing you there ... and will tell you all about the history of the church."    -- Elizabeth Mitchell  
  Seeking the Spirit  
Adult Religious Education Opportunities
Shambhala Meditation Meets Mondays at 12 noon
Join us at 12 noon every Monday in the Library for an hour of Shambhala Meditation, walking meditation, and Shamatha yoga with Sarah Flint. Beginners welcome to participate in this 2500-year-old  tradition.
Open Mind Zen Meets Mondays at 7:00 pm
Join Frank Seisho Diaz for meditation, talks, and discussions on Zen Buddhism, Mondays 7:00-8:30 pm, in Room 110 here at the church. All are welcome regardless of faith or experience. 
 More info: or 
* No Taiji this Saturday, July 7 - class will resume on the 14th
Traditional Taiji on Saturdays at 8:00 am
Brian Flaherty leads "Wu (Hao)" style Taiji in Fellowship Hall on Saturdays at 8:00 am. Anyone is welcome, even those with no experience. Please wear loose-fitting clothing.
UU Freethinkers Enjoy  Free Ranging Discussion  
Sunday, July 8, 12:45 pm
The UU Freethinkers bi-weekly meeting creates the opportunity for participants to raise questions and engage in open and non-structured discussion of issues of social, political, and theological/religious concern. UU Freethinkers meet on every other Sunday in Room 208, after children's religious education classes end.
UU Humanists Meet Sunday, July 15, 12:45 pm
An opportunity for regular, open, wide-ranging discussions relating to ethics, human development, and the nature of the universe. This bi-weekly forum will meet next on Sunday, July 15 at 12:45 in Fellowship Hall. The discussion topic is " Mike Pence???and will be led by Betty Wagoner.  All are invited to attend. For general questions about our UU Humanist group, contact  Ann Watzel.
Community Connections
Our Faith in Action in the Community
My Sister's Closet Needs Some Help
Expansion of the Bloomington Convention Center dictates that My Sisters Closet (MSC) find, fund, and move to a new physical location in the near future. My Sister's Closet is currently seeking local volunteer groups to assist in preparing for our impending retail store move. We are seeking groups to commit to 3-4 hour time slots. Your group will help with our critically needed inventory assessment and organization. If you would like to help, please contact Judi Butler, MSC Board Member, at 317.354.5803.

UU History for You -- 
Adlai Stevenson was actually Adlai Stevenson II (1900-1965). The first Adlai Stevenson was his grandfather and Vice President of the U.S. under President Cleveland. Young Adlai was born in Los Angeles but raised as a Unitarian in Bloomington, Illinois, where his father owned a newspaper. Adlai joined the Navy in 1918 but did not see action because the Armistice took place before his training was completed. He started law school at Harvard but dropped out to become a journalist. He completed law school after talking with Oliver Wendell Homes, Jr. His JD was at Northwestern University. He married an heiress and had three children. His wife was psychotic and eventually they divorced and Adlai never remarried. After entering practice, Stevenson became known as a skilled politician and was nominated and elected Governor of Illinois. He was a strong supporter of Roosevelt's new deal and he opposed the pro-Nazi America First movement. At the Democratic convention in 1952 Stevenson's opening speech was so eloquent and resonating to the delegates that Stevenson won the nomination. He faced Eisenhower and lost. Eisenhower was popular as a war hero. In 1956 he faced Eisenhower again and lost with Vice President Nixon designating Stevenson as an "egghead" out of touch with real people. In 1960, Stevenson became U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, whose charter he helped prepare. He died of a heart attack in London, England.          -- Elof Carlson, UUCB Historian
Contact a Minister

Reverend Mary Ann Macklin, our Senior Minister,
can be reached at 812-332-3695 (ext. 201) and is available by appointment on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons.


Reverend Scott McNeill, our Associate Minister,  
can be reached at 812-332-3695 (ext. 209) and is available by appointment on Wednesday and Friday afternoons.  He can also be reached on his mobile phone, 703-577-0919.  For after-hours pastoral emergencies, please call him at 812-727-0919.

Reverend Emily Manvel Leite our Minister of Religious Education,  can be reached at  812-332 -3695 (ext. 207)  on Wednesday and Friday mornings. 

Our Covenant of Right Relations
In June 2017, our members affirmed a Covenant of Right Relations. Click here to read it.
Livestreaming Our Sunday Services  
You can view the livestream of our Sunday services and view archived video from the last few months at this link. If you have a problem viewing, please email Andy Beargie and Ned Joyner at

Making the Archived Videos of Services Easier to Get To
Each Friday, we'll post the direct URL link for the previous Sunday's archived video of the service at the end of the Friday UU Update, as well as posting the links on the Livestream page of our website.
 June 24      July 1
Current Membership: 512 certified members; 529 current members.
Sunday, June 24         9 :15 -  104       11:15 - 143     TOTAL: 247
Sunday, July 1           9:15 -  72        11:15 - 125     TOTAL: 197
Non-Pledge Offering    June 24:  $738     July 1: $464    
Total to be donated  (25%) to All-Options Pregnancy Resource Center $184.50
Total to be donated (25%) to Spencer Pride $116.02
Grocery Card Sales    (Bloomingfoods or Lucky's Market)  
June 24: $325, income to UUCB $16.25; 
July 1: $575 , income to UUCB $31.25
Office Hours Change for July 2-6
Because of staff vacation time, office hours for the week of July 2-6 will be adjusted as follows:
July 2, 10-1
July 3, 10-1
July 4 closed for Independence Day
July 5, 10-1
July 6, 11-3
Office Assistants Monica Overman and Mandy Skinner will be minding the office.
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Masthead photo by Marcia Hart.
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