Firsts and Transitions
June has been a busy month of firsts and transitions for the DBC office. For the first time in our history we had a display booth at the Southern Baptist Convention in Phoenix. Our state staff and volunteer pastors from the Dakotas helped man the booth. We met a lot of people, got reacquainted with many old friends and hopefully connected with some potential partners and maybe some prospective pastors and church planters. Thanks to Paul O'Dell who was our logistics and point person on this project. He worked with Joe Ford and they put together a great backdrop for our booth along with designing brochures as well. We gave away a pheasant hunting trip for two. The winner was Jim Ballard from Blackfoot, ID.

We have contracted with the Southern Baptist of Texas Foundation to do our bookkeeping as June Highlan plans to retire in September. The transition will begin July 1st with the foundation, June and Paul working on the division of responsibilities. 

We have worked out the funding for their work and will begin to work toward a smooth transition by October 1. We appreciate June's willingness to work with us through this time and for Paul O'Dell's willingness to take on more duties as a result of this new relationship.  

I believe this is the best possible solution for our bookkeeping needs in the Convention for several reasons:
  1. We will have the services of a firm-type bookkeeping structure, with the services of a CPA and people who understand Denominational life and processes.
  2. It is an affordable option that will stand a better chance of being a long-term solution. 
  3. We will continue to use the same bookkeeping computer programs and will insure a smoother transition.
  4. The Foundation will be able to use methods and techniques that will help us maximize interest earnings from our checking accounts.
  5. We will have the advantage to take advantage of their investing expertise and eventually invest our foundation money with them at a later date. 

I will keep you informed as we transition through these next few months. I am grateful that we have found this solution and look forward to what it will do to help us be better stewards of our Cooperative Program and Foundation Dollar.  

Cooperative Program Giving Report for May

Thank you to all who have given to the Cooperative Program!  Please review the report and contact us if the numbers we have don't match the numbers you have.

Disaster Relief Training
August 18 & 19 at LifeChurch in Fargo

New Volunteers & Recertification

Training is open to all adults (yellow cap) and youth at least in 7th grade (green cap)


"Nobody should seek his own good, but the good of others."
1 Corinthians 10:24 (TLB)