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Letter from the Editor
There are a lot of strong opinions on whether or not to celebrate Canada this July 1. I, like many Canadians, am hesitant to blow out the candles for our nation as we have been hit with hard truths this past year...  READ MORE
Foreword by Brandon Burke

1981. Eleven years before I was born. Those eleven years following changed the complexion of the sport of tennis forever. Articles like this one are very important. They show the progression of the sport and give critical historical context to where we all – the sport of tennis, and the world in its entirety – have come from... Read More
By Pierre Lamarche

“The key is the communication . Issam always tries to understand me and listen to me as a player to help me to improve. He helped me developed my game and not change it.” Ons Jabeur, first Arab woman to reach the quarterfinals of a Grand Slam tournament... Read More
By Craig O'Shannessy

In his own, subtle, sophisticated way, he called out coaches, and he called out players... Read More
By Mike Meaney

Melissa Pine had to start learning the game of tennis in a basement against the wall when she was a little girl. Are we ever glad she did, Newfoundlander Pine has grown into one of the top tennis executives for the WTA, and became the first woman to be Tournament Director of the crown jewel year end finals... Read More
It’s never been easier to stay informed about social issues. Where traditional media shines a light, social media brings them to the masses and provides a platform for people to speak out or even enact significant change. Sport has often been a driver of said change. And tennis has had influential activists... Read More
Tennis and the Media: What Really Matters
By Peter Figura
In the evening hours of September 7 the Toronto Star emailed breaking news informing its readers that Canadian tennis star Bianca Andreescu had just lost her chance of winning Canada’s first ever singles Grand Slam title losing to Serena Williams... Read More
Richard has been involved with nine Olympics as an athlete, coach, researcher, and leader working across more than 30 sports for three countries focused on Olympic performance. Richard is a contributing editor for ONcourt with a focus on the mental aspect of high performance training... Read More