July 2020 eNewsletter
This eNewsletter contains news and information for anyone living with FOP and those who care for them. This includes family and friends, caretakers, physicians, researchers and IFOPA supporters.
Meet the 2020 Jeannie Peeper Award Winners

The Jeannie Peeper Awards - which honor our Founder’s initiative, leadership, vision and courage - recognize those who make exceptional contributions to the IFOPA through their leadership, service, fundraising, awareness-building and other accomplishments. 

This year’s winners join  47 other individuals and groups  who have been honored with this award since 2010.

Congratulations to:
  • President's Lifetime Achievement Award: International Clinical Council (ICC) on FOP
  • Outstanding Community Involvement - Individual: Stephen Guiseppe
  • Outstanding Community Involvement - Group: Sienna Otto & Family
  • Outstanding International Leadership Award: Massimo Alfieri
  • Inspiring Leadership Award: Steve Eichner

Call for Proposals
FOP Preclinical Drug Testing Program

The IFOPA is excited to announce its first Call for Proposals for the FOP Preclinical Drug Testing Program. 

The Preclinical Drug Testing Program was created to lower the costs and barriers of evaluating promising therapeutics for FOP in in-vivo models of the disease.  Proposals are due August 31, 2020 .

FOP Virtual Family Gathering Registration to Open August 3

The 2020 FOP Family Gathering will be unlike any other!  This year we are excited to be going virtual and inviting FOP families around the globe .

This unique opportunity to expand our community attendance will come with lots of extra planning for the large group presentations, small group discussions and family, fun-centered evening activities.  To ensure we are able to meet the needs of attendees, we encourage community members to register early. Registration opens August 3 .

New Travel Stipend Program for Dental Care

The IFOPA understands the importance that oral health has on the overall well-being of individuals with FOP. In support of this, we are excited to announce a new resource to support the financial needs of families traveling to receive dental care from FOP dental experts at Jefferson University Hospitals in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania .

To ensure that patients who require surgery receive expert care, we are providing a travel and lodging stipend of up to $1,500.

Register Now for the August 5
Energy Medicine Webinar

The IFOPA's new educational resource offerings for incorporating energy medicine practices into your daily routine can help you:

  • Boost your immune system
  • Decrease stress
  • Increase active participation in managing your health

These short videos are an excellent way to begin implementing energy medicine into your daily self-care routine.

We're wrapping up our Energy Medicine educational resource offerings with a special webinar on August 5 featuring Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner Gloria McCahill and one of her clients, FOP community member Ian .

A Celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the American With Disabilities Act

July 26 marks 30 years since the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed into law to help increase access and opportunity for people with disabilities in workplaces and communities.

Join the ADA National Network this Friday, August 24 by registering for their 30th Anniversary webinar to learn about the basics of the ADA, as well as important definitions and helpful resources to ensuring access.

The IFOPA will be hosting a community chat on Zoom the following Monday, July 27 at 12 pm ET to discuss the webinar and celebrate the victories the ADA has brought about.