So wonderful to see many of you have returned to the Y over the past few weeks!
As a reminder, we will begin drafting our monthly members in July. If you are not planning on returning to use the Y during July, please contact Kelly by Friday, July 10th at to put your membership on HOLD.

What are my membership options?
  1. RETURNING TO USE THE Y If you have returned already or are planning on returning in July, you do not need to do anything.
  2. NOT RETURNING DURING JULY / PUT MEMBERSHIP ON HOLD If you are NOT planning on returning to the Y in July and would like to keep your membership on hold, YOU MUST CONTACT US by Friday, July 10th and let us know how much longer you would like to keep your membership on hold. Please contact Kelly at
  3. NOT RETURNING TO THE Y / KEEP MEMBERSHIP ACTIVE If you are able to maintain your membership fee we would be so appreciative as it will help with our operating expenses. Our Y like all Ys are hoping to recover from the massive loss of revenue that occurred during the COVID-19 shutdown.

Not sure of our new polices, or what areas of the Y are open?
Visit   for the latest updates.