Newsletter July 2019
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RAC Family,

We are over half way through the year! Do a quick mental reflection and see where you are… but don’t stay there too long. How you want to finish the year? Don’t get too emotionally caught up with how much or how little progress you have made thus far. If you are happy with your progress, celebrate those successes but don’t let it blind you from continuing to strive forward. If you are unhappy with your progress, don’t dwell on the failures but rather embrace the opportunities ahead of you to make a change. 

Remember that while you should keep your eye on the prize, one of the hidden truths of life is that the path to the prize is always more valuable than the prize itself. Enjoy the journey!

Stay strong, BG
Home Stretch for the
Rollingwood Rockets
This is the 2019 Rockets’ final month of competition as a whole team. The Rockets are in action every weekend this month, and it all culminates with the NCSL Gold Rush Championships on Saturday, July 27 and Sunday, July 28. Go Rockets!

Rollingwood Rockets July Meet Schedule:
Saturday, July 6: Away Tri-Meet @ Elk Grove Piranhas with Dixon Dolphins
Saturday, July 13: Home Meet vs Rocklin Wave @ Orangevale Community Center
Saturday, July 20: Last Chance Time Trials @ RAC
Saturday July 27 & Sunday, July 28: Gold Rush Conference CHAMPS @ Woodland
Pool Time
For play, laps or leisure! Get a closer look at what is happening in the pool.
Summer Camp
Not sure how to keep the kids active this summer? Six Weeks of summer fun at RAC still to come!
Join us for one, or many, of our themed day camps.
Get Weekend Ready

WHEN: Monday, July 8 - Friday, July 12
WHERE: On the RAC App
GOAL: Burn 2,000 calories in 5 days!
PRIZE: $25 Gift Card to Coffee Republic

Track your calories burned on the RAC app in the "Record a Workout' tile for your chance at $25!

Stay in charge of those summer party temptations!
Let’s reboot before the weekend!
Summer Schedule Updates
If you have not had the opportunity to take a Saturday Aqua Blast, come on down on a Saturday morning at 9 am and give it a try; you won’t regret it! Currently, and throughout the remainder of the summer, Saturday morning Aqua Blast classes will be held in the outdoor pool. So bring your hats, rash guards, sunscreen, smiles, and energy with you and join us on a beautiful Saturday morning at RAC!

We are revamping the Cycle Studio program! Look forward to some exciting changes to cycle this Fall! Starting in July; Cycle/Sculpt - Monday at 6 pm and Cycle - Thursday at 6 pm will be removed from the schedule temporarily.

TruZones now offered Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays at 4 pm!

Try GlideFIT out Mondays at 8 am! Also look for GlideFIT demos offered throughout the month of July!

Athletes (ages 13-17) come join our Sports Conditioning class Mondays-Thursdays at 2 pm! Ask for pricing details. 
Tips from the baseline
from Coach Keith Gilbert
BALANCE: The key to better more consistent tennis

Why is balance so important in tennis? Tennis being a very fast moving dynamic sport, it has many variables. The speed of the shot you are returning, how much spin (if any) the ball has, where you will hit the shot from, as well as environmental factors (wind, light, temperature) are all variables every tennis player must deal with. The one variable you can control is you. Having balance during your swing will add power, consistency, and ease of recovery after each shot.

Here are 3 steps for increasing your balance:

1. When hitting anything, other than a serve, your split step is crucial. The slight hop, just as your opponent strikes the ball centering your weight equally on both balls of your feet, will allow you to respond quickly to virtually any shot.

2. Get to the shot before needing to make contact. This will avoid hitting on the run or worse hitting while falling.

3. Have a wide base. Hitting with your feet at least shoulder width apart, with a slight lean into the shot or on your opposite foot for an open stance will maximize power and give you a launch pad to recovering for the next ball.

Although there are many more intricacies to each shot, focusing on these 3 steps will help almost all players.
Junior Open Tournament
Sign up to compete in the USTA Rollingwood Jr. Open (Grand Prix) Tournament.

July 20 & 21
Boys and Girls Singles, ages 12-18.

Registration closes July 14.
A Very Social Summer
July 12 - 14
Bring a guest with you to RAC for free, all weekend long!

Get in a fun workout, a leisurely swim, a great game of tennis and enjoy the many weekend festivities!
Family BBQ
Friday, July 12 | 6:00 - 8:00 pm

Enjoy a relaxing night at RAC! Tasty BBQ, live music, games for the whole family and a visit from our friends at Fort Rock Brewing!

*$5 for BBQ (FREE seconds, if we have them!)
**$3 for Beers
Poolside Service
Saturday, July 13 | 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Lay back and let us serve you! This is a special poolside service luncheon. Let us take your order, bring you something delicious to eat, to drink, or anything from the RAC lobby! Lunch will be catered, stay tuned! ($)
Fresh and Fit Breakfast
Sunday, July 14 | 8:00 am

Come down to the club for a great workout and a complimentary breakfast! Happy Sunday! First come, first serve. No charge.