Newsletter July 2018
RAC Family,

Time to celebrate your freedom, and what better way to express your independence than to move? Your body is designed to move. It is a fundamental aspect of life! It has been said that “those who do not move, do not notice their chains.” Don’t get stuck in a rut. Get up, get out, and get moving!

Movement is a fabulous expression of our physical freedom. Movement isn’t merely a “physical” characteristic though. It actually extends into all areas of life, especially our emotional health. There is an inseparable connection between our physical being and mental status. Have you ever sustained an injury which prevented you from moving? Or perhaps you know someone who has lost their independence to physical limitations? It can be utterly and emotionally debilitating.

On the contrary, our physical health can be impacted by our emotional status as well. Consider the over-stressed individual who always seems to be too busy to take care of themselves. Such individuals tend to display common physical traits such as poor posture and inadequate movement quality. They store stress in their shoulders and neck and have chronic headaches and neck pain. Thus, their emotional stress triggers and perpetuates the movement dysfunction.

There is no shortage of other health issues that can stem from lack of movement. Unshackle yourself from your physical and emotional chains. Take a step towards exercise... it is one of the best medicines!

Cardiovascular exercise has been shown to release endorphins in the brain. This “feel good” hormone can boost your mental state and disrupt the negative thought processes that trigger anxiety and depression. Come try out our TruZones program! These classes will certainly wake up your mind and body and leave you feeling energized. 

Perhaps stress is causing you to carry around tension in your shoulders? Yoga can have a profound impact on lowering stress and reducing cortisol levels. Come nourish your mind and body in one of our many unique Yoga formats!

Whatever your needs are, embrace your freedom. Exercise your independence.

Stay strong, BG
Independence Day Schedule
Wednesday, July 4
CLUB HOURS: 5 am - 4 pm
LIFEGUARD: 11 am - 4 pm
Kids Klub & Jr. Lounge 8:30 - 11:30 am
*no summer camp, tennis camp or swim team
5:00 am - HIIT Strength
5:45 am - Indoor Cycle
8:00 am - Sun Salutation
9:00 am - Indoor Cycle
9:00 am - Aqua Blast
9:00 am - Body Blast
9:30 am - Circuit Break
10:30 am - Stretch, Core & More
11:30 am - Perfect Balance
All other classes/programming are cancelled.
A Summer of Fun
Ages 5-12 years

Join us for another six weeks of summer activities and exploration in RAC Summer Camp.

Week 4  | July 2&3, 5&6  - Superheroes 
Week 5  | July 9-13 - Wildlife Adventure 
Week 6  | July 16-20  - Amazing Race
Week 7  | July 23-27 - Treasure Hunters
Week 8  | July 30 – Aug. 3  - Sports Extravaganza  (wait list)
Week 9  | Aug. 6-10 - Splish Splash 
Save the Date
Saturday, July 7
10 am - 1 pm

Wooden racquets. Old school whites. Sipping on mimosas. Classic!

Come enjoy our exhibition match!
Friday, August 10
5 - 7 pm

Celebrate Summer poolside with
Rita's Italian Ice!

Free for RAC
Summer Kids.
Fall Fest
Friday, September 14
5 - 9 pm

Did you know RAC turns 40 this summer?
Celebrating our 40th Birthday at our 5th annual Member Appreciation Event. We look forward to seeing everyone there!
USTA Jr. Open
July 21 & 22

Open division ages 12-18.
USTA ranking and competition.
Court reservations will be limited to one hour for all RAC members looking to get out and play, so please don't forget to reserve your court.
Rollingwood Rockets July Meet Schedule
Saturday, July 7:
Away @ Rocklin Wave
Saturday, July 14:
Away @ SAC Sting Rays
Saturday, July 21:
Rockets Last Chance Time Trials @ RAC
Saturday July 28 & Sunday, July 29:
Gold Rush Conference CHAMPS @ Woodland
July 1 - July 31

The Referral Bonus

During July, when you refer a friend to RAC, you will receive free RAC swag, in addition to a $10 dues savings.
Only on the RAC App.
July is the Home Stretch for RAC’s Rockets Swim Team !
This is the 2018 Rockets’ final month of competition as a whole team. With one meet against a new rival, one meet against an old rival, and one last chance for an official time at RAC, the Rockets are in action every weekend this month. It all culminates with the NCSL Gold Rush Championships on Saturday, July 28 and Sunday, July 29. Go Rockets!
Saturday Morning Aqua Blast is as Strong as Ever!
With our long-time aqua instructor, Debbie Regan, back home with us at RAC after some much-deserved travel, look for our 9 am Saturday Aqua Blast classes to be held with the fun and consistency you are used to! If you have not had the opportunity to take an Aqua Blast with Debbie, please make it down on a Saturday morning and give it a try; you won’t regret it! Currently, and throughout the remainder of the summer, Saturday morning Aqua Blast classes will be held in the outdoor pool when the weather permits. So bring your hats, rash guards, sunscreen, smiles, and energy with you and join us on a beautiful Saturday morning at RAC!
Fall Junior Programs
As summer wraps up we will be continuing with our Fall Junior Tennis Programs starting in August. Our Tuesday Tot's Class, ages 3-5, will kick off on  August 7. The remainder of our Junior Tennis Program will resume on Monday, August 13. We've got an enthusiastic group of coaches in addition to a wonderful squad of players. Stay tuned for our Fall Junior Tennis Program coming soon!
Family Swim
Join us daily from 12 - 6 pm through August 15.

Then every weekend through Labor Day.

Please remember to share the pool! On occasion there are club rentals, or member gatherings. Even during these times, the pool is available to all of our members. We are a community and enjoy when members and guests gather here, the more the merrier!