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Let Peace Begin With Me
    by Carol Roth

As we come before you at this moment in the busy time in our lives, may we pause to reflect on what it means to live in unity with our neighbor. 
May we love our neighbor as we love ourselves. 
May we treat our neighbor as we want to be treated. 
May we take a moment to speak to our neighbor with love and compassion.
May we offer grace and  mercy when listening to them speak.  
May we bring peace to our corner of the world 
     and with each  offering of peace may be said, 
"L et there be peace on earth and let it begin with me."

Carol Roth is a board member of Mennonite Women USA, representing Native Mennonite Ministries. She lives in Clinton, MS with husband, Mark and sons. She attends Open Door Mennonite Church.
Orlando 2017

Check out these photos from the Prayer Walk, our booth, Sister Care seminars and our Centennial Celebration!

View the slideshow from Orlando here!
Miss our 100th Birthday Party?

Hundreds gathered for the MW USA Centennial Celebration on Wednesday, July 5. Women from the Women in Leadership Project, Mennonite Church USA, and MW USA shared poetry, readings, song and dance created to celebrate one hundred years of Mennonite Women. The event was in honor of the history of Mennonite women, who have risen to lead and to serve even in times in adversity.

What Do You Love About Mennonite Women USA?

What do our board members love about Mennonite Women USA? What are their hopes for the future of the organization? Find out in this video!

Order your 2017 Bible Study Guide Today!

This 12-session Bible study helps women recognize the Spirit's gentle nudging-or firm push-so that they can clarify and participate in God's mission for their lives. Author Anna Liechty Sawatzky draws deeply from stories in the Gospels to affirm and challenge women to live out their God-given calling and to empower them to share the good news with others.
Excellent for personal study, women's groups, and retreat settings, this dynamic study published in partnership with Mennonite Women Canada and MennoMedia nurtures the faith of women in new and active ways and encourages women in their Christian walk.

Circles of Sisterhood

Learn about the history of Mennonite women and their organizations in Anita Hooley Yoder's new book, Circles of Sisterhood. The saga of Mennonite women's organizations is a story of struggle and triumph, productivity and misgivings, questions and celebrations. During the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, women's groups have offered Mennonite women a means of serving others by sewing clothing, laboring over quilts, rolling bandages, and packing school kits. Women's groups have also provided Mennonite women the opportunity to test their skills as leaders and give voice to callings they felt in a church that has not always valued their gifts for ministry. 

Crossing the Line: Women of Anabaptist Traditions Encounter Borders and Boundaries

Last month, Anabaptist women from all over the world gathered in Harrisonburg, Virginia. They reflected on the many identities of Anabaptist Mennonite Women. 

Click here to learn more!

Centennial Resources

We continue to add new resources on our centennial page! Click the link below to read stories, dramas, prayers and listen to music created to celebrate our centennial year!

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