July 2016
July Edition at a Glance
This month, we share with you an update on work taking place in Orange County to support better integration of their Mental Health and Social Services Departments.  We’ve also included links to some news from recent presentations and webinars as well as some exciting new projects. If you’ve not yet done so, be sure to “like us” on Facebook, where we are sharing more regular news, updates, and helpful links. 
Service Integration in Orange County: 
Staff from CCSI’s Center for Collaboration in Community Health has been working with the Orange County departments of Social Services and Mental Health to support their vision of enhanced collaboration to improve the health and quality of life of Orange County’s most vulnerable populations. This team building and strategic planning work has focused on identifying and prioritizing opportunities to improve outcomes through program integration, expansion, enhanced staff communication and information sharing, as well expanded access to training and wellness supports for staff. The integrated DSS/DMH Leadership Team has achieved a number of successes as a result of their collaboration, including:  
  • Creating a cross-systems work group to break through barriers tied to the child to adult system transition
  • Sharing best practices across departments
  • Delivering NARCAN training
  • Cross training on departmental responsibilities
  • Sharing resources tied to provider contracting processes
  • Developing a Veteran’s Task Force to improve awareness and access to county resources

Orange County is encouraged by what they have accomplished so far, but their journey continues.  The leadership team is interested in identifying other counties that recognize the value of enhanced DSS-DMH integration and would be interested in working with them to share ideas and to identify and implement practices for improving the health and quality of life for vulnerable populations. We think there could be substantial benefit in forming a learning community of counties interested in fostering this type of cross-departmental collaboration. 

If you are interested in considering this opportunity, please contact John Lee and he’ll make arrangements for an introductory conference call. We hope that you’ll consider the possibilities and join in the conversation.  

P2PH Conference
Earlier this month, Elizabeth Meeker, PsyD, presented at the 3rd annual P2PH Conference , (from Punishment to Public Health) held at John Jay College.  The conference was extremely well-attended, allowing for much information sharing and dialogue. Takeaways included:  
  • There was high interest in Trauma Informed Care (TIC) with a particular focus on what this looks like in practice. Examples shared included asking clients if they feel safe coming to the office, hiring people from the community with lived experience and social currency, providing psycho-education to clients regarding trauma, and addressing the vicarious trauma experienced by staff.  
  • 2. Why now? With health care reform and criminal justice reform happening simultaneously, there is a real opportunity to change our system to better serve individuals with trauma exposure to promote recovery and reduce recidivism. For more information about CCSI’s work in the area of Trauma Informed Care, please contact Elizabeth Meeker, PsyD.
Embracing Cultural Diversity and Creating a Healthy Equitable Future
Last month, the Northstar Network’s “Cracking the Code on Healthcare” event was focused on " Embracing Cultural Diversity and Creating a Healthy Equitable Future".  The morning featured talks on "A Healthy Equitable Future,” by Michael W. Painter, JD, MD, a Senior Program Officer with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and "Health Care Systems and Diverse Populations” by Alicia Fernandez, MD, Professor of Medicine, at the University of California, San Francisco.  Presentation materials are available on the Northstar Network’s website .

Following the morning session, Lenora Reid-Rose, Director of Cultural Competence and Diversity Initiatives facilitated a workshop on “ How to Operationalize New Approaches to Embracing Cultural Diversity and Eliminate Disparities of Care.”
  Community School Initiative :
We are excited to be working with Enrico Fermi School #17, the Rochester City School District, and the Farash Foundation to support local efforts to move to a Community School model at School 17. Implementation planning began earlier this week, with an initial focus on identifying needs, assets, and stakeholder engagement.  Stay tuned for updates as this work unfolds and check out the Coalition on Community Schools to learn more about this model as well as what’s happening in community schools across the country. 
Congratulations to Dr. Briannon O'Connor!
We are pleased to announce that Briannon O’Connor, Ph.D., has been named Associate Director for CCSI’s Center for Collaboration in Community Health.   In this role she will continue her focus on the development of performance measures and performance management practices for existing as well as emerging behavioral health and recovery services, while also serving as the Project Director for New York State Success , a SAMHSA funded system of care expansion initiative.   To learn more about Dr. O’Connor and the work of CCSI’s Center for Collaboration in Community Health, visit our website
Space Still Available –
FLHSA Rural Partners Poverty Simulation:

The Finger Lakes Health Systems Agency is partnering with CCSI to host a ‘Walk In My Shoes’ Poverty Simulation Exercise, which provides—for a brief moment—a feel for what poverty means to a low-income family. When poverty occurs in rural areas, as it so often does in our region, barriers such as transportation are even more insurmountable.   During the workshop, participants assume the roles of the various members of different families and develop a better appreciation for how they are challenged by the policies, practices and expectations present in the banking, employment, social services, education and other systems.  The hope is that as we deepen our collective understanding of these challenges, we can work together more effectively to develop solutions that can make a difference.   

The FLHSA Rural Partners Poverty Simulation is free of charge and will take place on: Wednesday, July 20th from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm at the Genesee River Restaurant (134 N Main St, Mt Morris, NY 14510)  

The session is open to FLHSA’s rural partners (providers and community agencies based in or serving clients that reside in the Finger Lakes region).  If you have questions about this event, please contact Heather Miraglia at 585-224-3101 or register at FLHSA - POVERTY-SIMULATION.  We hope to see you there!

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