Happy July!

Gardening, hiking, sailing, canoeing, beach bumming or simply strolling scenic boardwalks ...summer is a great time to take advantage of the many outdoor activities that living on Long Island offers. With so many people and places to see, putting regular chiropractic appointments on the top of your list will help keep you feeling fit and healthy, enabling you to get the most out of the summer months. 

Why chiropractic? A properly aligned spine helps support a healthy immune system, so you're not sidelined by infection or a summer cold. Getting regular adjustments is a great way to ease back and neck pain and improve mobility, getting to the root of the problem to help make your body even stronger and healthier - without drugs - so you can remain healthy and active. For family vacations, a drive to the shore or other road trips, chiropractic care can prep you for the extended hours of driving, helping to keep you comfortable, and/or relieve any stiffness or soreness you may be experiencing. Coupled with massage, chiropractic is a great option to keep you moving so you can enjoy summer to its fullest!  Don't be a stranger this summer!!!  We're here for you -- give us a call!

Yours in Health,
Dr. Keri Chiappino and Dr. W. Brent Reynolds

P.S.  Reminder: Don't miss your opportunity to try a complimentary 30-minute yoga therapy session with Sarah K. Greco, C-IAYT, E-RYT 500.  Call 631.265.1223 to schedule your session and to discover the many benefits of individualized yoga therapy!
Natural Prenatal Care Is What's Best for Mom... and Baby, Too!

Having a summer baby?   Being pregnant during the dog days of summer can be taxing as your baby bump grows and the temperatures soar.  The following are some tips to stay comfortable and to achieve the best pregnancy outcome:

1.  Choose chiropractic  -- Prenatal chiropractic has numerous benefits for both mom and baby.  Gentle adjustments help: correct misalignments and alleviate pain related to mom's changing body; reduce the incidence of back labor;  reduce the likelihood of  breech position and interventions like C-section; and h elp to shorten labor by making room for baby to move into heads down (vertex) position.   Check out Dr. Chiappino's video above to learn how chiropractic can be one of the best tools in your prenatal toolbox!

2. Water, Water, Water!  Remaining properly hydrated is the key to not only staying cool and comfortable, but staying healthy as well.   Overheating and dehydration can pose pregnancy problems. Abnormally high body temperature, specifically in the first 6-8 weeks of pregnancy, can lead to low amniotic fluid, neural tube defects due to lack of water and nutritional support for your baby, as well as premature labor and poor production of breast milk.    Feeling thirsty is a sign that you are well past the point of dehydration, so plan to carry a water bottle wherever you go, aiming to drink 10-12 glasses eight ounce glasses per day, according to the Cleveland Clinic.  Keep body temps down and sciatica in check by taking a dip, which helps to take some of the pressure off the sciatic nerve.

3. Try Essential Oils -- High quality essential oils can be helpful in numerous ways.  Infusing your water with pure oils like citrusy lemon can make staying hydrated more tasty and enjoyable (and may help keep nausea at bay).  Essential oils-based sunscreens provide a safe, paraben-free way to help protect against dangerous burns, and oils-based bug repellants can naturally reduce your risk of bites by pesky insects.  And, for aching feet, lower back pain, headache or sleep issues,  high-quality oils diffused or used topically in massage can alleviate a host of pregnancy-related conditions, helping you to relax, feel comfortable and enjoy this special time in your life.  (Young Living, with its "Seed to Seal" quality control program, is our brand of choice!)

We love helping expectant moms feel their best! Come in for a visit this summer!
Tummy Troubles?  Try Acupuncture! 

For those living with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), pain, bloating and altered bowel habits, coupled w ith the fear of where and when symptoms may hit,  can take a physical and emotional toll; many people who suffer with gastrointestinal symptoms also suffer with anxiety and panic disorders that impact their quality of life. 
In a new study involving patients undergoing acupuncture for IBS, researchers found that acupuncture has a 90.7% total effective rate for IBS-D patients (those who have the disorder with diarrhea as the predominant bowel habit.). Even more impressive, the results showed a 34.9% complete recovery rate!  

Some tips to reduce flareups: Keep a food diary to track foods that trigger your symptoms; eat soluble fiber foods like apples, carrots and oats which stay in the gut longer, helping the colon to work normally; keep your system well-hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids, avoiding carbonated drinks which may cause gas or bloating; exercise regularly; and make sleep a priority! 
Acupuncture is an effective alternative to IBS medications which are often costly, have side effects and more importantly, only address the symptoms and not the cause of gastrointestinal disorders.    If IBS is impacting your lifestyle, come in for a visit with our licensed acupuncturist Lori Fortunato LAc. Acupuncture can help relieve the discomfort you are feeling, and has the added bonus of being effective for addressing anxiety that often coexists with IBS. Lori is offering $25 off an initial visit for all new private patients. 631.265.1223.
Managing Your Child's ADHD This Summer 

Free flowing , carefree summers sound appealing, but when your child has attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), freedom from the regular routine may actual be detrimental to his/her well-being.  Keeping your child on a productive path will help reduce m eltdowns and anxiety as well as help ease the transition to the new school year when it's time to head back in September.  Here are some tips:

1. Set Summer Goals -- Try activities that spark creativity and curiosity and boost self-esteem.  With a less rigid schedule, summer is a great time for your child to pick up a new hobby, whether it be arts and crafts at the library or music or dance lessons at the local community center.  In addition to fun, learning new skills stimulates brain development. 

2. Make Learning a Priority --  Studies show that many students lose an estimated two months of grade level equivalency in math computation abilities during the summer months, so honing math skills with workbooks to review material from the previous school year can help reinforce knowledge acquired and keep your child prepped for the new term.  In addition, keep your child interested in reading by making a visit to the library a regular part of your summer routine.

  3. Follow a Healthy Diet -- A diet filled with processed and sugary foods can sabotage all your efforts to manage your child's ADHD. Skipping breakfast, loading up on carbs at lunch and eating sugary snacks can sap the brain of much-needed nutrients.  Stock the cupboard and fridge with healthy, organic protein-rich foods to fuel your child's brain, such as eggs, cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, nuts, fruits and easy-to-grab sliced fruit and veggies.   Adding high-quality Omega 3 fish oil supplements to your child's diet can help support focus and attention, as well as sound sleep.

  4. Exercise -- Summer is the best time to get physical.  Encourage outdoor fun -- games, sports and outdoor exploring.  Exercise burn off restless energy, and also releases the neurotransmitter dopamine that helps  improve concentration, and "feel good" endorphins that reduce stress and enhance sleep.

5. Maintain a C onsistent Sleep Schedule  -- Many children and adults with ADHD have difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep -- oftentimes medications are the culprit.  Reducing stimulating activities in the evening hours and using calming essential oils like lavender  (rolled on the bottom of your child's feet or diffused in the room)  can set the mood for sleep. Sticking to a regular routine of rising and settling into bed will help reduce ADHD symptoms.           

6. Consider brain-training.  Research has shown that neurofeedback brain-wave training can help retrain dysregulated brain waves that often underlie ADHD, helping to alleviate symptoms and promote restorative sleep -- without drugs or invasive procedures.  A summertime training program 2-3 times per week can help improve learning retention and focus and attention, as well as address behavioral problems or mood issues, helping to prime your child for the coming term.  

If you are having difficulty managing your child's ADHD this summer, please give us a call.  Our wellness center has a wide range of therapies to help alleviate ADHD symptoms and help your child reach his/her maximum potential.  631.265.1223.
July Essential Oils Class Schedule
Attend our informative workshops this month and discover the wide range of benefits that essential oils provide, from soothing stress to improving allergies and sound sleep. 

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Join Dr. Chiappino for an unveiling of new Young Living essential oil products released at this year's International Grand Convention, celebrating 25 years of Young Living!  As always, there will be a giveaway for live attendees... and it may even be something new from convention!!!

Wed., June 31st 7:30PM
Young Living Virtual Office Training

Do you know all the ins and outs of your Young Living website, like setting up Essential Rewards, revising orders, sharing your link so friends can order from you?  Join Dawn and Maggie to learn the layout of the land for your virtual office in this Zoom-based webinar. 

Mon., July 29th 7:30PM
Young Living
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We are world changers -- we are life changers!  Join other Young Living leaders on your team as we learn to share the love, maximize our purpose, and create abundance, one drop at a time! 


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