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June 2011
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Hello and welcome to nearly the end of June 2011! 


With half the year behind us, and half of it still to come, where are you compared to where you want to be for 2011?   This is a terrific time to reflect, appreciate, preview and plan for the second half of the year.  So far this year, we have covered: 


  • Keeping the "new" alive throughout all 12 months. 
  • Appreciating and loving beyond Valentine's Day.
  • Reflecting forward in our lives and throughout our leadership.
  • Grabbin Life's Gusto.
  • Engage Fully in Now. 

This month's newsletter focuses on the ABCs of Welcoming.  In the near future, the topics will include UnLOCKing Your Potential as well as many more ideas that you request!   


Thank you for your interest in reading and embracing the Lundberg Life & Leadership Insights...a newsletter that is designed to assist you in "Reversing the Slobification of America"TM...while having fun in the process!


Cheers to a happy and healthy holiday weekend,


Debbie Lundberg

 Author, MBA, Certified Life Coach, Leadership Coach, UOPX Faculty
"Committed to applied knowledge, growth, fun & ROI."

Table of Contents

Debbie Lundberg Head Shot While Delivering a Keynote

- Article: ABCs of Welcoming

- Monthly Lundbergism

- Giving Back   

- Contest Winner

- Kudos    

- Presenting Powerfully Tip

- Stay in Touch

- "Ask Debbie"  

- Monthly Specials

June Lundbergism


Our impression on others does not begin when we see them, rather when they see us...what impression are you making when you think nobody is looking?   

Debbie Lundberg's 5th Book, Lundbergisms

Giving Back:

Give a Little, Get a Lot!


June was filled with quite a few opportunities to share ideas with those who might not be in a position to engage a speaker or a coach.  A bit of my gratitude is shared below:

  • It is so impressive to see the skills and poise of the Transitioning Executive Network, TEN Program participants.  Sharing with each of them gave me opportunities to connect them with other programs and/or clients.  The economy has impacted all income levels, and we are well-served to remember that!
  • Thank you to the Homeless Recovery Program office for having me as a guest to speak with our wonderful (yet homeless) American Veterans about Product One is YOU...Selling Yourself from the Inside Out!  I was impressed and moved by the positive attitudes, gratitude and talent we have in our Veterans.  Many are humble and do not want to brag, but really, they give of their time and their lives for us...can't we give them a chance in our places of work?
  • What a perspective I got when I was able to speak with 6th, 7th and 8th graders at the Transition Camp hosted by many local athletes and coaches, including the talented and giving Tyrone Keys.  These kids are likely going to be the first generation in their families to go to college, and by making time to share ideas with them, they hopefully got something that will stick with them, and I learned so much as well!

Should your industry or developmental group be new or find yourselves facing budgeting challenges, please contact me, as I have a Community Rate. 


Additionally, for 501(c)3 organizations, I donate one speaking engagement each month as a way of giving back.


Finally, for not-for-profit organizations, I book one promotional speaking engagement each month as a way of staying engaged in the community!

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Newsletter Contest Winner!

ABCs of Welcoming

"You must welcome change as the rule but not as your ruler."


- Denis Waitley, American Speaker and Author of Self-help Books. b.1933


Whether it is en route to a gathering or locating a new client, I am typically faced with a location that is either welcoming or not-so-welcoming, and it made me think about the similarities in the places that felt "right", and those that seemed oh-so-wrong...


Whether you are welcoming people to your home or your business, there are many things to consider including the invitation/meeting request, the directions/familiarity and the time of day/night.   


While there may seem like a lot of things either overwhelm or distract you from that welcome, here are the ABCs of making someone feel included and welcomed at your home or your business location (and for some of you, that is one-in-the-same):


A - Approachability.  Is your house or building free from debris?  Can people see and get to your home or office?  Is there a rickety gate or a friendly guard as their first impression?  What would you think and feel if you approached your location as someone who had never been there?  This A can also be thought of as "Accessibility".


B - BeautySure, beauty is in the eye of the beholder...but a lot of people agree on ugly!!!  Is there some color or greenery around your place?  Is there a brightness and a flow to it? Are there coordinated colors and signage?  What is your beauty, or lack of it "saying" to those who approach it?  This B can be remembered as your "Brand", too.  What is the brand you are conveying?  And, is that the brand you want to convey? 


C - Cleanliness.  Hopefully nobody is bringing their white gloves to do the cleanliness test at your home or office, and yet a at a quick glance, ask yourself:  do things appear tidy and clean?  Are there dirty or wrinkled papers or displays that are not so hidden from view?  Do people get the sense of sight, smell and touch that they can feel good about being in your space?  This C can also remind you of the visitor's "Comfort". How comfortable might a stranger, new friend, client or prospect be in your home or office?


Taking a short leap of faith in presuming you want to be welcoming (and I hope you do!), then stick with the ABCs, and even make a trip to your home or office with/through the eyes of a new-comer, and see what you can do to up your welcome and increase your ABC impact on welcoming!



 Congratulations Tampa General Hospital for being recognized in so many disciplines for your expertise and service to your patients!     


Thank you to the  

Tampa General Hospital Foundation


for including me as one of the 17 business leaders who was honored to shadow a TGH Doctor for a day!  I was partnered with Dr. Tom Sullebarger (Sulley), who is not only a teaching physician, he is the Chief of Cardiology, and quite a thoughtful and caring person!  The experience of witnessing a lung transplant and a liver transplant after two heart valve procedures and before a sciatic procedures, were things I will never forget!  Without hospitals like TGH and doctors like Dr. Sullebarger, we would not be the leaders we get to be!

Dr. Tom Sullebarger and Debbie Lundberg

Presenting Powerfully Tip

Ask Debbie... 

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I'll answer one of the questions each month in the newsletter!  


Thank you! 

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