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Want to learn more about our fish consumption survey, our progress on the RAP so far, and how COVID has affected our cleanup? The DRCC Remedial Action Plan Coordinator was featured on CBC's radio show, the Afternoon Drive.
Thirty Five Years of Restoring Great Lakes Areas of Concern
A new journal article highlighting Great Lakes Areas of Concern has been published in the Journal for Great Lakes Research . In 1985, remedial action plan development was initiated to restore impaired beneficial uses in 42 Great Lakes Areas of Concern (AOCs). The Detroit River was one of these Areas of Concern. A 43rd AOC was designated in 1991. AOC restoration has not been easy as it requires networks focused on gathering stakeholders, coordinating efforts, and ensuring use restoration. To date, 269.2 million dollars have been spent remediating the Canadian Detroit River AOC.

This paper outlines major AOC program achievements including the use of locally-designed ecosystem approaches, contaminated sediment remediation, habitat rehabilitation, controlling eutrophication, and advancing science. Key lessons learned include: ensure meaningful public participation; engage local leaders; establish a compelling vision; establish measurable targets; practice adaptive management; build partnerships; pursue collaborative financing; build a record of success; quantify benefits; and focus on life after delisting.
The percentage of total AOC cleanup expenditures ($22.78 billion U.S.) by remedial category, 1985–2019 (WWTPs = wastewater treatment plants; CSOs = combined sewer overflows).
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In accordance with public health guidelines, the Detroit River Canadian Cleanup (DRCC) offices remain closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, we have cancelled all in person DRCC events until June 30, 2020. Should you need to reach out to the DRCC, we can be reached via e-mail or telephone (519) 982-3722.

We wish you all the best during these uncertain times. Please remember to take care of yourselves and others.

Until we meet again,

Jacqueline Serran
Detroit River Canadian Cleanup Remedial Action Plan Coordinator
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The Detroit River Canadian Cleanup is a partnership between government, industry, academics, as well as environmental and community organizations that work together to improve the Detroit River ecosystem through a Remedial Action Plan. Our goal is to remove the Detroit River from the list of Great Lakes Areas of Concern.