June 2018 AMD UPDATE

Welcome Summer!

Sun's out, shades out! The summer is finally here and we have some tips to help you enjoy this time of year. Read about the dangers of blue light and the benefits of the sunshine vitamin! 
What do you know about Drusen?
Does your doctor talk about d r usen? Hav you wondered if they are the cause of your AMD? Find out the story of drusen here, and watch a short video here.   
AMD, Blue Light and Sunglasses: What you should know

Confused about what you need to consider about sunlight and AMD?  Read more here, and watch Dr. Mitul Mehta discuss blue light and AMD on our video  "Potential Risks of Blue Light".
The Effect of Vitamin D

You probably have heard that too much sun can be harmful.  While that might be true, the sun is also the best provider of vitamin D. Read here to find right balance of sun exposure and how vitamin D may offer protection from progression of AMD.
Driving with Macular
Do you fear that you will lose your driver's license?  Learn about the vision testing process at the DMV and find out more information about low vision and how that may affect your driving.

Zimura, a New Drug to Treat AMD
Ophthotech, a biomedical company, has started Phase II clinical trials on Zimura, which targets the complement factors in dry AMD.   Read here to learn more about the research and their goals moving forward.
Are you having trouble going places? Interested in Uber or Lyft but don't have a smartphone?   GoGoGrandparent is a safe and affordable way of getting around town.

GoGoGrandparent was created to bridge the gap between available private pay transportation and those who may have some hardship in utilizing a web-based system.  By calling GoGoGrandparent, you will speak to a reservation agent who can help to set up a safe and affordable way of getting around town.  After speaking to you, the operator will contact drivers who also participate with Uber and Lyft and arrange for your transportation, ensuring that the driver is aware of your location and drop off point, and if you will need some assistance getting in and out of the car.  

This service was started in Southern California and is available in many parts of the US.  They have grown to serve the senior communities.  Now you can go to your doctor appointments, enjoy a meal at a restaurant, or take care of shopping without depending on family to drive you. 

To learn more about GoGoGrandparent, visit their website, or call 1-855-GoGo-USA or 1-588-464-6872.
Do you have an AMD-related question?

Send your question to  Dr. Andrew Browne, M.D., Ph.D., retina specialist at the Gavin Herbert Eye Institute may provide an answer in one of our videotaped segments, AMD Information Bites, which you can find on our Facebook page, or here in the AMD Update.

Q:  What is the risk involved in having cataract surgery if you have wet AMD?
Dr. Browne:  Cataract surgery does not have a clearly negative influence to the treatment of wet AMD. Patients with wet AMD who receive cataract surgery benefit from improved visual acuity. Cataract surgery does not increase the number of injections required for wet AMD. Some advise to avoid cataract surgery within 6 months of starting treatment for wet AMD and that reducing the disease activity for wet AMD is beneficial prior to undergoing cataract surgery. Other studies indicate that cataract surgery does not cause a conversion of inactive wet AMD to active wet AMD.

For more information:
Watch a video of cataract surgeon Dr. Sam Garg discussing this topic.  Go the the Macular Degeneration Partnership Facebook page, to see more videos regarding Macular Degeneration.

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