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Purchase a ticket online to win a chance at a Quilt in the MW Booth at MennoCon '19, Kansas City! 

Here is another example of one of the four gorgeous quilts to be raffled at the Mennonite Women USA booth next month at  the Mennonite Church USA convention in Kansas City. 

With the MW logo as her muse, Marie Harnish, Indianapolis, IN, created a Fruit of the Vine banner, an example of the quilt pictured (left). 

Read the story about each of the four quilts to be raffled. 

Raffle tickets can be purchased through our website for $20. Purchase as many as you like. Tickets will be drawn beginning at noon Friday, July 5. 

God who comes...
excerpt from a sermon by Nadia Bolz-Weber
at Rachel Held Evan's funeral
submitted by Quinn Katherinberg

"...we know that the God we worship is not 
a shiny toothed motivational speaker 
churning out cheerful memes in times of suffering. 
Because the God we worship is a crucified and risen God. 
Which is to say, we worship a God that is not unfamiliar with darkness. 
A God who comes close to those who mourn. 
A God who comes to those who stand outside of tombs. 
A God who is not far off, 
but who is as close as that choppy breath 
that falters in your weeping."

Quinn reflects,  "If you are familiar with Rachel Held Evans's work, you may be grieving her death with me and many other lives she has touched through her writing. Nadia Bolz-Weber (writer, pastor, and friend of Rachel) brought comfort to me and some of my close friends as we reflect on the pain and suffering of death."

Quinn Katherinberg, young adult representative to the MW Board,  is a member of Salina Mennonite Church in Kansas, but she currently lives in Memphis, TN where she teaches 9th grade English. Quinn recently volunteered in Ecuador with Mennonite Mission Network. Her hobbies include playing the viola, reading, studying Spanish, and being outdoors.
Choosing Sisterhood
by Cyneatha Millsaps

Sisters by choice can be a very humbling experience. After speaking at First Mennonite Church in Wadsworth OH, Megan Croyle, a 24-year-old woman came up to me and said, "I love the idea of finding a sister, and I want you to be my sister."

I smiled and said, "How sweet of you to ask me. I have not actually found a sister yet. So yes, we can be sisters". We embraced as only real sisters would.

Choosing Sisterhood is a call to all women to seek a woman of a different background, race, age, culture, ethnicity, socioeconomics, etc. and ask her to become your sister. Becoming sisters means you begin to share your lives together, building a friendship. 

My sister Meghan is a master's student in the field of Clinical Psychology. She loves to quilt, yeah! And she is going to teach me how to use Snapchat. I am grateful that Megan chose me. I am excited about what God is going to do with and through us.

Choose your sister today!
MW Bible Study Guide Author to
present seminar at MennoCon 19

Shannon W. Dycus,  author of Mennonite Women's new Bible Study Guide,  Every Time  I Feel the Spirit,  will present a seminar at the Mennonite Convention this summer in Kansas City!  She will share various ways to use the Bible Study Guide. If you will be attending the Convention, mark your calendar to hear more from Shannon about this study. 

July 5, 2019 at 1:30 pm in room 2206. 

Shannon recently had a book signing at Teas Me in Indianapolis. Teas Me is owned by Tamika Cathings, former Indianapolis Fever player.  

2019 Mennonite Women Bible Study Guide:
Every Time I Feel the Spirit
by Shannon W. Dycus

The new Bible study, Every Time I Feel the Spirit, celebrates the legacy that we have received from history's bold and Spirit-filled women. It is an excellent resource for individual study, women's groups, and retreat settings.

Every Time I Feel the Spirit author Shannon W. Dycus skillfully traces the Spirit's creative power as it has moved women throughout history and continues among us. Readers learn from Vashti, Mary, Anna, Naamah, Ruth, Jochebed, the wife of Jairus, Sophia, and a prodigal sister, among others. These valiant individuals -- who come to us through Scripture and other historical sources -- lead us into Spirit-breathed journeys of our own.

Purchase your copy now!
Sister Care Leadership Training in Ukraine  

Carolyn Heggen and Rhoda Keener taught their first European Sister Care seminars in Ukraine in May with 86 women attending.  The seminars were held in Dnepr May 16-18 at a Russian Baptist church (pictured) and in Zaporizhya May 25-27 for women leaders from a variety of churches and agencies. 

Women talked about the toll of past wars - World Wars I and II as well as conflict in the 1990's when the Soviet Union broke up and Ukraine gained independence from Russia, the 2014 Russian invasion that was pushed back, and the current conflict on the border between Ukraine and Russia.  

Carolyn says: "The response to us and our teaching was extremely warm and enthusiastic. Numerous women said they had never had the stories of the Bible connected to their own life stories.  Another said they have not had training in 'practical theology' and appreciated gaining tools based on Biblical principles for their personal healing and to help others heal."  

Ukraine is the 17th country where Sister Care leadership training has been taught; the Sister Care manual is available in 15 languages with Russian and Ukrainian translations provided for these seminars. 

Ponder: Abortion
Blog post by Cyneathat Millsaps

Over the past few weeks, several states have passed new laws criminalizing abortion. I don't have a political agenda in this pondering; 
I just suggest food for thought. In preface to my proposal to follow, I affirm that when the first heartbeat is recognized, life is present. I believe all life is precious and that Jesus came for all of God's creation. And, I think that taking any life is not our choice but should be left to God.

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