Sisters Servants, Soldiers Laboring "Side by Side" in the Gospel


More Women Are Enlisting
in The Lord's Army Every Day!

Since our May Newsletter , we have sisters in Christ who are making plans to work in foreign and domestic mission trips . We have found many teaching opportunities , and we have sisters who will be writing Bible class materials to be used globally. Some of our Sisters have let us know that they have begun working with World Bible Institute to teach others English using the Word of God and many others have signed up as "study helpers" with World Bible School !

We have had congregations worldwide asking for Ladies' Bible teachers and we will be sending more of them to WVBS to make videos to be used around the world in children's classes and women's classes.

As the word goes out about our Sisters, Servants, Soldiers Ministry , we will only be finding more fields in which to sow the seeds of the Kingdom! I hope you are praying and preparing for your next opportunity to get out of your "comfort zone" and "serve The Lord with gladness" in some new area of service. You will grow spiritually and God will be glorified!

"Yes, I ask you also, true companion, help these women, who have labored side by side with me in the gospel together with Clement and the rest of my fellow workers, whose names are in the book of life."
Philippians 4:3 ESV
Sheila Butt Interview on " HER" FB Podcast
with Kristin Sampson
After studying the Word of God together on a recent Ladies' Day, it was a joy to sit down with Kristin Sampson, the wife of Caleb Sampson, who is the Minister for the Church of Christ in Allons,TN, and talk about our influence as women in the body of Christ.

Kristin has started a Facebook PODCAST for Christian women entitled "Hopeful Encouragement & Reflection."

She asked my favorite verse in the Bible. That was a tough one! We discussed how rapidly our "eyes are adjusting to the darkness" in this culture today and how we are having evil marketed to us as something "good." We also discussed the fact that as we age and mature in Christ, we should not be planning for retirement! Our retirement is in heaven. We should be planning for ways that we can more completely be like Christ and serve Him and our fellow men!

I hope you will follow the link below to listen to the interview and add Kristin's HER page to your FBFavorites!

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Tullstar: A Great Resource
for Personal Study and Spiritual Growth!

One of the objectives of this Newsletter will be to equip each of us to better serve our Lord and Master with every resource available. Recently, I have run across Tullstar, a website that has been keeping recordings of Bible Lessons and Sound Gospel preaching for many years. They have over 2,000 recordings on this site. I hope you will visit the site and see what lessons may be helpful to you in your own spiritual growth and in teaching others!

Sisters Sharing Their Gifts

This beautiful hand painting and the following poem were gifts
from two of our Sisters
in Cottondale, AL.

The poem was written by a fellow "Sister, Servant, Soldier" there:


Sisters, Servants, Soldiers

As I awoke this morning and began my talk with God alone,
I prayed that He would send my Sisters a lot of care and love.
And then I asked that He would give me all the strength
that I would need,
To be His willing servant in word, in thought, and in deed.

You see, I want to be His soldier in all the things I do,
Because I want to walk the walk
that He has given me and you.

So we must be Sisters, Servants and Soldiers
as we journey through this life,
And God will give us strength to overcome our daily strife.

Sheila Milligan


July 11-13th, Faithbuilders, Washington State
July 21-26, Taylor Christian Camp, Scottsville, KY
August 3rd, Clinton, IL
August 10th, Lithia Springs, GA
August 16-22, Polishing the Pulpit, Sevierville, TN
August 24th, Clarksville, TN

Sheila Butt
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Our Kingdom Army is growing daily!

We have almost 800 "Sisters, Servants, Soldiers" receiving this June Newsletter. Our Batallion is growing faster than I could ever have imagined so I know that Our Father is blessing our efforts!

We received a generous contribution from a brother in Christ who said to me, "I know that women can do great things in the Kingdom of God. They can encourage the men to do a lot."

I told him that we see that very early after Creation when Adam took the fruit and ate it even after God had told him not to, because his wife offered it to him. God has made women powerful creatures! With that power comes an awesome responsibility to use it to glorify God and grow His Kingdom!

I want to especially thank this godly Christian man for believing in us. The work we do will be his work, too! Thank you, Troy!

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