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Presdelicious is Live!
Presdelicious is a new food event in Little Italy, that offers special table d'hôte fixed price menus.

This feast runs from July 21 to August 3, and offers 3 course meal packages at $28 and $38 per person.

As part of the Presdelicious media campaign, noted food writer Paula Roy will be appearing with Eric Diotte of Divino Wine Studio on Daytime Ottawa on July 19 at 1pm (and the show will be rebroadcast several times later in the day). This is in addition to an appearance with Steve Harris of two six {ate} on CTV Morning Live on July 13 at 9:15 am.

Please support your neighbours and spread the word to your networks. 

The menus are live on the website now.
Reservations open on July 7th.

Italian Festival 2017 recap

We were very lucky with the weather this year, the sun continued to shine despite threats of thunderstorms and even tornado watches!

The crowd was pretty good despite the competition from many other festivals in the city, including Glowfair, Beerfest, Fringe Festival, Red Bull Rallycross, and the National Capital Triathlon right at the end of our street.
We send our thanks to Ottawa Ferrari Festival, Italian Car Club of Ottawa, Bike Race Ottawa, and Italian Week Ottawa for their great contributions to the festival.  If you have any photos please do share them with us!

While the festival is fresh in your minds, please drop us a note with your ideas on how we can make this better next year.

La Vendemmia / Grapefest - New concept
We want more of our retail businesses to benefit from this festival.

This year, we would like to tap into the "Maker" culture where people want authentic experiences. They want to learn to be more self-reliant, to fix things, to make their own stuff, to cook, and bake and sew. Italians are the original makers, and the Vendemmia is the celebration of the talents of those Makers that are used to prepare for the winter. Once the work is done, the celebration begins.

We wondered if the businesses have interest in Teaching in their stores. For instance, how to make "the Sauce", how to pickle vegetables, how to make sausage, how to preserve fruits, how to make wine, how to make your own pasta, pastry 101, how to sew that winter outfit, how to get the bird feeder ready for winter, what is an easy recipe that will wow your friends at your next dinner party? The basics of how to get your car ready for winter. We are interested in any ideas you have that would tie into this theme.

We are trying to learn if YOU the business owners would have interest in participating in this kind of event? Would you teach a class at your shop? Would you host an instructor we bring in? We are interested in any ideas you have that would tie into this theme.

When we ran the "People on Preston" campaign, it was the most successful campaign we have held in terms of interaction - that is because customers do business with people they know and like. We are hoping this campaign will introduce new customers to you, and give you the chance to start business relationships with them.

If you are interested in hosting or teaching a class, or would like more information, please email:
Canada Day Road Closures

You will find attached the street closure map from June 30th to July 2nd inclusive. 
Please read the legends of the map for July 1st and from June 30th to July 2nd in the top left-hand frame. Please share with as many people as possible that will be affected by the street closures
Other street closures:

June 30th from 8am to July 2nd 24:00 pm (see the left hand frame on the map)
  • Wellington between Bank and Mackenzie
  • Wellington/ Rideau between Mackenzie to Sussex
  • Elgin lane Northbound between Queen and Wellington Westbound direction only
  • Metcalfe between Wellington and Queen
  • O'Connor between Wellington and Queen
 "Meet Me on Preston"

Our July calendar is now out!

The July  Calendar has been released! If you have an event that you would like on the printed copy of the August Calendar, you will need to have your information submitted by July 17th. We can add events to the web calendar throughout the month so be sure to make us aware of any special event or promotion you are having. We will also use that information to expand your advertising reach through the BIA social media channels.

If you have an event that you would like listed on the website, please email  

Deadline is July 17th to make the August poster. Online, you can email anytime.
Don't forget the Do it Yourself (DIY) Event Grants! 
This will give you seed money to get together with a minimum of three businesses to put on an event. To be eligible for the grant, you must fill out the application form, and present your event at the monthly Board Meeting for approval. Board meetings are held the first Tuesday of the month. 

Social Media is all about Sharing
Don't forget to connect with the Preston BIA social media channels. 

Facebook: @prestonstreetbia
Instagram: prestonstreetbia
Twitter: @Preston_BIA

Hashtags you need to know about:


Presdelicious Hashtags:

#Presdelicious  # littleitalyottawa

Other News
F ree website and newsletter for parents looking for quality things to do in the Ottawa region

Macaroni Kid is a free website and newsletter for parents looking for quality things to do in the Ottawa region. Every Thursday they share the best events, activities and things to do in town.

They are extending an invite to submit events to their FREE event calendar.

For the past (almost) seven years they have worked with local museums, sports teams, arts organizations, libraries and local businesses to share, promote and let people know the great family-friendly activities Ottawa has to offer.

Macaroni Kid currently has over 3550 (and growing) weekly subscribers and averages approximately 30,000-40,000 monthly page views.

Their event calendar is a great way to share and promote your events. Use this FREE resource to spread the word about kid friendly events you are hosting. It is easy to use and will be shared on their website and in their newsletter. You can submit events using this link.

Sara-Lynne Levine
Editor & Publisher
Hydro Ottawa offers incentives of up to $20,000 for business lighting upgrades
Do you own a small business? If so, they offer great incentives to upgrade your lighting!

Investing in energy-efficient LED lighting can improve in-store customer experiences, provide more attractive product displays, help employees more easily focus on tasks, and help owners manage operating costs.

All types of business - including retail, medical offices, restaurants, bars, cafes, laundromats, beauty salons and auto repair shops, among others - with an average electricity demand of less than 100kW per month can participate in the Small Business Lighting program.

Be vigilant about your security: car break-ins
We are getting reports of Smash & Grabs from cars, so we are reminding you to encourage anyone who has been a victim of this- to report it to the Police.

Police response will be based on the number of reports they receive, if they don't get any reports, they cannot assign manpower to it. You might also want to be reminding your customers not to leave valuables in plain sight in their vehicles. Ottawa Police Staff Sergeant Sam Fawaz, tells us "Crimes of opportunity are avoidable by taking simple steps to crime proof yourself. In short, "if you can see it in your vehicle; the thieves can also see it!" If you notice someone behaving suspiciously around parked vehicles - for example: looking into cars and checking if they are locked or actually opening the doors - please call police and report it. Ottawa Police Call Center at 613-236- 1222, ext. 7300.

Submit your content for the newsletter to:


Lori Mellor
Executive Director
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