Volume LVI, June 2022
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On February 1, 2003, the Columbia Space Shuttle exploded at more than 12 miles above the Earth. In Kathryn Schwille’s first novel, the IPPY (Independent Publisher Book Awards) winner “What Luck, This Life,” townspeople of fictional Kiser, Texas hear “two blasts and the roar of a crashing trail that rumbled far too long.” In the following days, searchers and reporters intrude into the troubled lives of a town already burdened with tensions of class, race, and regrets. For example, a father facing divorce finds an astronaut’s remains, a shop owner finds the courage to defend herself against a sexual predator’s increasing boldness, and an engineer finds an old neighbor’s longing when searching for shuttle debris.

Schwille says that her book “began as a collection of linked stories [with] the shuttle
disaster in every chapter.” She notes imagining and hearing many narrators when
writing and couldn’t settle on one to tell the story of the town. “In the end, I was able to
knit the narrators together... even though it’s not a traditional novel structure.”

Prior to writing “What Luck, This Life,” Kathryn Schwille was an award-winning
journalist before moving to North Carolina to be editor at the Charlotte Observer. Her
fiction has appeared in numerous literary journals.
Tryon Fine Books Sale @ Lanier

For book lovers, the two floors of Harry Goodheart’s Tryon Fine Books, or “Harry’s Folly” as he termed it, were a treat to the senses and a temptation to the budget. The lamplight was warm and shadows were soft, rarely touched by harsh sunrays that can fade dust jackets. The air was conditioned for antiquarian books but not stealing away the subtle fragrance of quality paper, leather bindings, and tended wood.

After Harry’s death on 10/29/21, an incredible bequest revealed the depth of his love for Lanier Library where he had been a long-time member with multiple board terms, including the Presidency. He bequeathed his “old curiosity shop” with its contents to Lanier Library and this book sale is a one-time benefit of membership.

Going forward, we hope others will emulate Harry’s example and include Lanier Library in their estate plans. There is lasting satisfaction in helping provide future generations access to a wide range of cultural resources.
Programs @ Lanier

As Nature Intended

Since 1985, The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee has provided refuge for 28 elephants retired from zoos and circuses. Today there are nine residents in three natural habitats. Vicki Leeds, a volunteer at the Sanctuary, will tell their stories, particularly Billie the heartbreaker from the non-fiction book “Last Chain on Billie: How One Extraordinary Elephant Escaped the Big Top.”

The sanctuary exists to provide captive elephants room to wander as nature intended,
companionship of a herd, and individualized care for life. Only staff and volunteers are
allowed entrance and do not always see an elephant in the 3,060 acres. The refuge is
accredited by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries and certified by the
Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

Vicki will also tell of elephant family interactions, their grief and joys, and their humor
and compassion in life spans of 50 to 60 years. Ask Vicki about their fingers, tusks,
trunks, communications, and role as “keystone species,” the last of the Proboscidea order
of mammals. Learn the challenges for the three surviving species in the wild: Asian
elephant, African savanna elephant, and African forest elephant.

For more information before the program: www.elephants.com
from the
Board President
A Birding Tip

I love birdwatching and
listening to birdsong. Recently, my sister told me about a fascinating app called Merlin. It identifies the bird you
are hearing and lights up an icon of the
bird when it hears its song. 

Merlin is a free download-developed
by the birders at Cornell University. 
One recent morning, I had a running
total of seventeen different birds in the space of about half an hour. 

Try it- you will be amazed at all
the bird life around us!

Cheers, Vicky Jackson
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2022 Lanier Library Book of the Month
Reading Challenge

Start your challenge by picking up your BOMC (Book of the Month Challenge) log at the Library & read one qualifying book a month that you have not read before.

The June challenge is focused on poetry. Read a collection of your choice that you have not read before.

Return your completed book log to the Library before January 31, 2023.

Please note the bonus opportunities.
Each book is an entry in a February 2023 drawing. Prize to be announced.

Download the Book of the Month Challenge Book Log
Books @ Lanier
Book Lovers Meets June 4 @ 10 am
Book Lovers - May 2022
The first Saturday of every month, avid readers meet at Lanier Library to discuss books they’ve enjoyed (or not)! It’s casual, enlightening, and there are no rules. Join the fun!

Click here for the current favorites.

Masks are now optional at all times inside the library.

Please follow the advice of your health care provider in deciding if wearing a mask is right for you.
is on break
for the summer & will resume in September
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Below are the links to our April Orders and Acquisitions. Feel free to contact the library to put your name on the hold list for any you would like to read.

You can call us or log in through the catalog on the website using your library card number for ID and PIN.

And, as always, let us know if there is a book or DVD you think
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May Book Review
Dementia Home Care: How to Prepare Before, During, and After by Tracy Cram Perkins published in 2021 is a very comprehensive, detailed guide for any caregiver of a loved one who suffers from Dementia/Alzheimer’s. It is full of sound practical advice and lists specific websites for numerous issues- be they medical, safety or legal.

Tracy Perkins refers to her experiences in caring for her father which rounds out the good information in this book with a personal touch. Every caregiver should invest in this well-rounded reference.

If you are currently a caregiver, please consider attending the recently formed Foothills Dementia/Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support Group which meets from 3-4 pm the last Wednesday of each month at the Meeting Place in Columbus, NC. Care will be provided for your loved one while you attend. Contact Peg Wyllie at 859-6339 for information.
Review by Peggy Willie.
Last Month @ Lanier
Poster Girls
An enthusiastic audience listened to Meredith Ritchie on May 12 share her journey of writing Poster Girls, an historical fiction novel about the Shell Plant in Charlotte that operated during World War II. Meredith shared the background of this 250 building operation, the research she completed, and a chapter of the story. She also shared a little bit about her journey to becoming a published author as well as news on her next project. Randi Koistinen coordinated beautiful flowers and refreshments, which made the event even more special. Be sure to check out Poster Girls in the library!

On May 17, vineyard manager Cory Lillberg of Parker-Binns Vineyard shared some of the history of winemaking in our area.

Cory also shared some future plans, including joint efforts by area vineyards to become a certified AVA, or American Viticultural Area.

Participants then enjoyed tasting a variety of white and red wines from Parker-Binns, as well as conversation and plenty of laughter.
Pets @ Lanier
Lanier Library welcomes all library-friendly dogs & cats,
but asks that they remain on leash or in their carriers at all times.
Meet Joey!
who stopped by to visit with owners Doug & Margaret Clark
Displays @ Lanier
Sandra's Shelf Display

Look for the Sandra's shelf display in June --
Enjoy a Poetry Collection to Complete Our June Reading Challenge!
June Display

In the display case this month you can see some treasures collected from Tryon Fine Books, the local bookstore owned by former Lanier Library board president Harry Goodheart. Harry left the bookstore and its contents to the library in his estate plan. The store was full of treasures, and we collected a handful for this month’s display case. We are grateful to Harry for his generosity to the library and his love of books.

Building Update
In early May, we replaced the carpet in the offices, children’s room, stairwell, and periodical room. We are thrilled with the clean, plush results. Later in May, we replaced the carpet and linoleum in the downstairs with new flooring. Please be sure to check out our new look the next time you are in the library.
Poem of the Month
The Lanier Library Poetry Committee is pleased to introduce a poem of the month program. Each month we will be posting a different poem that we hope will inspire you. The poem will be in the monthly newsletter and posted at the library.
Please let us know what you think of each month's selection.
Moonlight, Summer Moonlight
by Emily Bronte

    'Tis moonlight, summer moonlight,
    All soft and still and fair;
    The solemn hour of midnight
    Breathes sweet thoughts everywhere,

    But most where trees are sending
    Their breezy boughs on high,
    Or stooping low are lending
    A shelter from the sky.

    And there in those wild bowers
    A lovely form is laid;
    Green grass and dew-steeped flowers
    Wave gently round her head.
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