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Dear RAC Members:

Summer is here, which means there are soon to be distractions everywhere. Between vacations, kids being out of school, good weather, endless activities... there are many things that will be pulling for your attention. How are you going to prioritize your summer this year?
Remember your goals. You've worked hard all year. Don't fall into complacency. Complacency is the forerun ner to mediocrity.

The best way to approach this summer is to have a plan. Make some goals. Develop a plan. 
Stick to that pla n. Period. Know that it won't be easy though. It is inevitable that something will inconveniently pop up in your life and try to prevent you from sticking to your plan. The unorchestrated events never fail to show up in our lives. Don't be sur prised at the trials before you, as though something strange were happening to you. Rather, view these trials as opportunities for you to express your grit and perseverance.

We here at RAC know that life is unexpected. That is why we provide a robust series of classes and services to meet you right where you're at. We will help you every step of the way. Start planning now though. Grab one of our class schedules... Speak with one of our Personal Trainers... Go into this Summer Season with some momentum. You owe it to yourself to see your goals through.

See you out on the fitness floor!

Summer Camp is almost here!
We are so excited to kick off summer camp at RAC! We have a great line up of nine themed summer weeks for ages 5-12 years.   Camp is offered Monday - Friday in full-day or half-day options. 
Drop off is at  8:45 am , full-day pick up is at  4:00 pm , and inquire about early drop-off and late pick-up options. 
Camp capacity is limited, so sign-up today to reserve your spot!

Join us early this summer for...
Week 1, June 11-15: Hawaiian Hullabaloo | Aloha summer! Welcome summer with a tropical tiki party.
Week 2, June 18-22:  Mad Science | Anything is possible. A little imagination, theory and discovery.
Week 3, June 25-29:  Camp RACs Got Talent  | Write a silly song, do a funny dance, show off your skills, be yourself!

BOOST Swim School - Summer Session Swim Lessons
Now is the perfect time to get your kids ready to splash around all summer long! 
Summer lessons are available in 2 week sessions, beginning on Monday, June 11. Private and small group sessions will be available in the RAC Indoor Pool. Ensure your child is safe in the water by providing them access to these great instructors! Enroll now to ensure your spot!
Learn more at: s  

Junior Summer Tennis Program - Beginning Monday, June 11
Summer is here and our Junior Summer Tennis Program is filling up! 
Our program offers something for all ages and levels of play,  from a new to the game 5 year old looking to learn the fundamentals - to a competitive  high school player eager to improve and climb their high school tennis ladder.
We offer an eight week program that is sure to exceed your child's expectations, jam packed with fundamental development a nd positive excelling in any given area of their game. While players continue to improve, they will also have a memorable experience here at Rollingwood. Offering both season rates and weekly rates, we get our fair share of novice, intermediate, and advanced students who participate in our programs. For more questions or information please visit us at

Tot Tennis Recap
Our Tuesday Tots Class is slowly coming to an end, but what a great experience and opportunity for all of our kids
ages 3-5. Over the duration of 2 months, the Tots improved in several areas such as hand eye coordination, listening, racquet control, and positioning too.

Great friendships were built and fundamental foundations were established, we are really looking forward to getting these young bucks on the court again early August. The Tots class will take a summer hiatus and resume again on Tuesday, August 7. A big thanks to all of the families that participated. It's been a great couple of months on court with your child.

For more information on the Tots Program please contact Bobby Martinez, our Tennis Director. Thanks!

Rollingwood Rockets Swim A Thon - Saturday, June 23

Come down and support the Rockets in this amazing annual fundraising event. After the Rocket swimmers spend the afternoon hours swimming as many laps as they can, there is dinner, raffles, a silent auction, and even live music for the whole family to enjoy throughout the evening!
If you would like any additional information about this awesome Rockets' fundraiser, or if you are interested in making a donation to the raffle or silent auction, please contact Marjorie at .

Come out and support your Rollingwood Rockets!
Rollingwood Rockets June Meet Schedule:

Saturday, June 2: Home Meet vs Del Norte, Orangevale Community Pool - 8:30 AM 
Saturday, June 9: Away Meet @. Del Norte - 8:30 AM
Saturday, June 16: Away Meet @ Fair Oaks - 8:30 AM
Friday, June 29: Away Meet @ Elk Grove - 4:00 PM

Fitness and Group Ex Updates
Group Ex
Introducing a new class! - All Things Core - Join Holly on Fridays at 10:30 am

We are holding a new TruZones demo class on Thursdays at 9:00 am (Duration: 30 min) 
Due to low attendance, our Sunday TruZones class has been cancelled.

60/60 SFC
Thank you to all who participated in our 60/60 challenge. We are hosting a "Wrap-up Party" on Monday, June 4, at 6:00 pm. There will be snacks, music, prizes and more!

Pilates Reformer 
We now have two additional Pilates Reformer Instructors - Holly Holcombe and Heather McIntire.
They will be offering FREE Group Evaluations!
To reserve your spot, contact the Fitness Director at

Woodies and Whites Coming Soon! Save the Date!

Our annual Woodies and Whites is just around the bend so come join the fun!
On  Saturday, July 7, starting at  10:00 a.m., we will be filling the courts with members wearing their best classic tennis attire and using the old school wooden racquets. Raffles and prizes for best dressed. If you have a wooden racquet dust it off and bring it out; if you don't we can certainly supply one as well. Reserve your spot at the front desk: Members,$25.00. Hoping to see you here! Contact Bobby Martinez, our  Tennis Director, with any questions.

Did you know? - by Lynn Alberts
Men's bodies begin their journey of breaking down at age 40.
It's harder to be the weekend warrior and bounce back as quickly. Always start your workouts with a good 8-10 minute warm-up. Keep your core strong to support your spine so you stay tall and have good posture. Walk or lightly jog five times per week, or ride a bike, this can cut stroke risk by 24-50%. 
Men's nutritional needs must be paid attention to. Men are more likely to have cardiac disease, obesity and diabetes. Men need more protein than women because of their muscle mass. To find out how much protein you need, divide your weight by 2.2, that equals how many grams of protein you will need daily. It is very important for men's diets to be more nutrient dense as they age. This is important to immune function, preventing bone loss, eye sight, heart attacks and more. Lean muscle can gradually be replaced by fat. Exercise is greatly important to keep lean muscle. It is also very important to have emotional balance. Being able to talk about problems, work out issues and not hold back. 
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Junior Tennis
Family Swim
Come swim at RAC this summer! Splash around, work on your tan, have a family picnic, and take a relaxing float.

Family Swim Schedule:
Memorial Day Weekend
(26, 27, 28)
thru  June 3:
12 pm - 6 pm

June 6 - 8
DAILY : 12 pm - 4 pm

June 9 - August 15
DAILY : 12 pm - 6 pm

August 16 thru Labor Day Weekend-

12 pm - 6 pm

Please remember to share the pool! On occasion there are club rentals, or member gatherings. Even during these times, the pool is available to all of our members. We are a community and enjoy when members and guests gather here, so please share the pool!

For updated pool schedules please refer to the website or app

Swim FUNdamentals
New Time of Day, Same Fun and Challenging Time of Your Life!
Starting on Tuesday, June 12, our popular Swim FUNdamentals class will be held in the outdoor pool on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the new time of 10:30AM - 11:30AM.
This one hour swim class is for adult swimmers of all ages and skill levels. We will teach you swimming basics, refine your technique, and you will get a good workout while doing it! This class will be held in the outdoor pool during the entirety of the summer.

Summer Hours:
Kids Klub and Junior Lounge will be open as follows:
Monday - Thursday: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm
3:30 pm - 8:00 pm
8:00 am - 12:00 pm
3:30 pm - 6:00 pm
8:00 am - 12:00 pm
9:00 am - 12:00 pm