Susie Gordon and Myrna Arlen Bloch


CHANGE.   It's a simple word that we use throughout our day as we change our clothes, our schedules and even our living quarters. It's an impactful word.  It's a word that brings a sense of excitement when the change is positive. That's the kind of change that NCJW/Cleveland creates as we help to meet the community's needs.
In every segment of NCJW, including advocacy, program and education, community service, fundraising, membership, and philanthropy, new ideas and projects are constantly being evaluated and put into place.  We are an organization of volunteers and advocates that turn progressive ideals into action.  The goal is always to create positive change - for foster children, for students, for women, children and families. 

Taking over the office of presidency has been a big change for both of us as well.  Yes, our knees are sometimes knocking when we think of the responsibilities that await us, but we know that together we can make a difference.

The two of us are just a small part of a strong and wonderful organization that for 122 years has been helping to improve the quality of life and create needed changes for women, children, and families.

As our role of co-presidents begins, we are ready to face the changes that lie ahead.  We hope you will support NCJW/Cleveland - it just might be the change you were looking for in your own life.  And, for sure, your help will make a positive difference for someone in need.

Susie Gordon and Myrna Arlen Bloch
Leslie Levine, Vice President

Welcome to our new Annual Members:            
Elaine Axelrod           Debbie Ellis
Sue Bergman            Bethany Gresh
Amber Donovan        Marlyn Jaffe
Amy Drechsler          Phyllis Lie

We regret to inform you of the passing of:

Lila Held        Judith Palay       M ary Ellen Saltzman
HOT OFF THE PRESS:  NCJW/Cleveland magazine 
for People with Special Needs 
The second annual free livespecial.com magazine is now available at drug stores, grocery stores, and other places where magazines are available.  It features information on the latest technologies; loving guide animals; functional, fashion-forward apparel; and so much more to help children, 
adults, and families of loved ones with special needs.
Abbe Froimson, Store Manager

It's time to KONDO your house!!!  
It's "life changing" and gratifying to "tidy" your home.  You are giving back to the community as well by stocking the Thriftique Showroom!
Call for a pickup.....  216-378-2264
Esther Spott, Vice President

Jewish Plays Project 2016 National Finalist...
Debuting in Cleveland! 
The context is that of an orthodox Jewish family, living in Brooklyn and the mother has just passed away, shortly before the play starts. To the Orchard deals with the aftermath of that and what it means to her husband and her daughter, Rachel.  College student Rachel Bergman reveals her sexual identity to her father, who also is struggling with his own hidden past. In coming to terms with each other - and themselves - the pair must reconcile the conflicting pulls of tradition and individual desire. To the Orchard takes place in the recent past but incorporates dreamlike visits to turn-of-the-century England and the lost Jewish Eastern Europe. The spirits of Robert Plant and Virginia Woolf add a touch of magic realism to this intimate work about making mistakes, coming clean, and the power of history and family.  
Dates/Venues:    June 3-5 at Creative Space at Waterloo Arts, 1 5605 Waterloo Rd, 
                          Cleveland; June 10-12 at Dobama Theater           
Times:                Friday - Saturday at 8:00 p.m.; Sunday at 2:30 p.m.
Cost:                  $15 Adults | $12 Seniors | $10 Students
Get Tickets:         Click Here For Tickets or 216.302.8856  
We have been offered promotional pricing that gives $5 off "Adult" or "General Admission" tickets (does not apply to student or seniors). The promo code is: NCJW4181.
For more info, Click Here for Info, or read an interview with members of the Orchard team,

Jerry Graham - "Looking into that Cloudy Crystal Ball"  
In this interesting and volatile political year, you have a unique opportunity to hear political expert, Jerry Graham, who will provide insight into the candidates and issues of this election. Jerry's wealth of knowledge, enthusiastic style, and humor make this a program you won't want to miss. Due to our relocating to a larger venue there is a space waiting just for you!  
Date:                Monday, June 6th
Time:               10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
Location:          Temple Emanu El, 4545 Brainard  Rd., Orange
Cost:                $10 members, $15 non-members
RSVP:              NCJW office 216-378-2204 ext. 101
Chair:               Loramae Simkoff 
Pre-paid reservations required.  No walk-ins, please!
Barbara Shane, Vice President

DDD - Jill Braun, Michele Kaminsky and Kelly Markowitz,
Co-Vice Presidents

Still Spring Cleaning?
D on't
D elay
D onate! 
Our NCJW warehouse is already starting to fill up with fabulous designer clothing and accessories for DDD. Our wonderful volunteers are busy sorting, tagging, and pricing the merchandise that is coming in daily.
Don't forget to check your jewelry box too!  
DDD can sell the costume and fine jewelry that you are no longer wearing.
Please drop off your items at the NCJW Main Office/Warehouse located at 26055 Emery Road in Warrensville Heights. Monday thru Friday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm   We supply the tax deduction form.
Thank you!  Michele , Jill and Kelly 
Debbie Joseph, Vice President

Done in a Day
Done in a Day projects are meaningful, rewarding and fun. They are also "oh-so-easy" to plan! We are looking to expand our Done in a Day program, jumping on the success and popularity of our Heart Pillows Project. Please join us as we brainstorm ideas for new "DIADs". We need people with ideas, and we need people to take the lead for a very manageable job that is ... done in a day! We will help you, and you will be helping others. Please join us!
Date:               Tuesday, June 7
Time:               9:45 a.m.
Location:         NCJW office
RSVP:              Becky Brouman at 216-378-2204, ext. 105

Our busy knitters work tirelessly to provide warm clothing, blankets, and comfort toys to many organizations who distribute them to families and children who are in need of them.

Meetings are on June 1, 9, 15, 23, 29.  
Chairs: Sandy Cole, Sandy Levine and Anita Pupa
COMMUNICATIONS - Leslie Resnik, Vice President

Introducing a New Advertising Campaign  
We all know the mission statement of our organization.  Here's the edited version for those who forgot:
"We're volunteers who turn progressive ideals into action to improve the quality of life for women, children, and families and to safeguard individual rights"
Why do we do this?  To create positive change, of course.  And in the course of our work, we not only create change for our "clients," we often feel the change within ourselves.
Therefore, our new campaign will focus on The Face of Change.  Sometimes it will feature one of our projects and the face of the "changee."  Other times it will feature the projects' wonderful volunteers.
This campaign builds on our former two-year campaign The NCJW Woman: Face to Face.  The headline, The Face of Change, color scheme, and the call to action, Be the Change, are new.  But the message remains true to our mission.
We hope you like it.

NCJW's Elaine Geller was named the 2016 Outstanding Ohio Nonprofit Volunteer for the Northern Ohio Region by the Ohio Association of Nonprofit Organizations (OANO), a statewide membership association of more than 550 nonprofit organizations.
The award recognizes a dedicated volunteer who goes above and beyond to support the success and achievements of an Ohio nonprofit organization.  She was nominated by the NCJW/Cleveland for her volunteer leadership in researching, teaching and initiating projects in human trafficking; for her leadership and continuing work with youth aging out of foster care, and for her commitment to the mission of NCJW.
"Elaine Geller has turned a passion for the socially marginalized into a full-time volunteer position," said Linda Barnett, former NCJW president, in her letter of nomination.  "In the process, she has changed the way the community -and our organization -views and supports the most vulnerable members of society."

Fostering Hope, a three-year-old nonprofit that enriches the lives of children living in foster care is the recipient of the NCJW Roslyn Z. Wolf Award for Youth, Education and Families.  Fostering Hope will use the funds to expand its Hope through Balance project, a trauma-informed yoga and art curriculum, to Applewood Centers, and its Hope Grows Here program to create, plant, and nurture a therapeutic garden at Bellefaire JCB. 
The award, in its 10th year, was increased from $5,000 to $10,000, thanks to the generosity of the Wolf/Zehman/Ratner families. The partnership with NCJW/Cleveland to select the award winner represents Roz Wolf's life's work, passions and ideals.
Roberta Herman, Vice President

Ohio Legislature Passes Key Foster Youth Bill
The Ohio Senate recently passed HB 50 unanimously and Governor Kasich is expected to sign the bill into law shortly!  The new law, the Ohio Fostering Connections Act, will establish a statewide program to serve youth who age out of foster care through their 21st birthday.

Since 2014, the Ohio Fostering Connections (OFC) coalition worked to encourage the Legislature to extend supports for foster youth.  NCJW/Clevelnad's Focus on Foster Care Committee enlisted the help of Council volunteers to write letters urging representatives in the Ohio Legislature, on the House and Senate sides, to support the passage of this bill. 

Once the bill becomes State law, Ohio's Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) will receive $550,000 to fund a year-long implementation plan.  The OFC Task Force decided to organize a statewide symposium this fall in Columbus to help community agencies design effective programs to serve the 3,000 eligible foster youth and alumni.  For those interested, please save the date for October 11, 2016.
If you'd like to get more information, contact one of NCJW's Foster Care Committee co-chairs Marilyn Oif at maroif1@yahoo.com or Jeannie Citerman-Kraeger at jeannieck@aol.com .

Greater Cleveland Congregations (GCC)  
Baptist Choir - Field trip date changed to Sunday, June 5 (originally May 22.)
Have you ever attended a Sunday morning church service to hear a fabulous choir rock the building? Here's your chance!  Affinity Baptist Church recently joined GCC. Our NCJW Core Team invites you to join us in welcoming the congregants and expanding our knowledge of churches. Affinity Baptist is located at 4411 E. 175th St. Cleveland. We'll meet at Fairmount Temple to drive together and raise the roof with song!  
Date:                 Sunday, June 5
Time:                10:00 a.m. - carpool.  Program begins at 10:45 a.m.
Location:           Meet at Fairmount Temple to carpool
RSVP:               Lynn Kleinman at lekchoral@aol.com  
NCJW/Cleveland GCC meetings - next one June 8
Everyone is invited to NCJW/Cleveland GCC's monthly meetings. Come join us as we discuss gun violence and ways to think outside the box for change. Learn about Safe Gun Technology and President Obama's new interest in focusing on production in our country.  
Date:                 Wednesday, June 8
Time:                 9:30 a.m.
Location:           Fairmount Temple foyer
RSVP:               Lynn Kleinman, lekchoral@aol.com for more information.
The gathering of thousands for the Republican National Convention in Cleveland is just weeks away.   We know that such large events result in increased occurrences of both labor and sex trafficking as traffickers see more profit potential. During this past year, members of the STOP Human Trafficking committee have participated in outreaches to local hotels on behalf of the Save Our Adolescents from Prostitution (S.O.A.P) organization.  The purposes of the visits are to: 1) increase awareness among hotel staff on what human trafficking is, 2) educate them on how to identify it and, 3) provide the hotline numbers on labelled soap and other printed material.
On July 9th, S.O.A.P is coordinating a MAJOR community-wide outreach in advance of the convention.   Volunteers from throughout the community are needed to reach hotels in Cuyahoga and surrounding counties.  I hope that we can demonstrate NCJW/Cleveland's commitment to STOP Human Trafficking and to our community by having a large NCJW contingent participate.  The event begins with remarks by Teresa Flores, author, advocate, and survivor, followed by training.  Then, volunteers will travel in teams to about 4 area hotels to distribute information and soap labelled with the Human Trafficking hotline.  The event is free, but advanced registration is required. Please consider participating, even if you have never done this before.   
Date :                Saturday, July 9
Time:                 9:30 a.m.
Location:           CWRU, 10900 Euclid Ave, Cleveland
To register:        Elaine Geller at elaine1818@roadrunner.com.
                         Registration deadline is June 20th.
* A light breakfast and lunch will be provided. *
The Self Esteem program has been so successful that we are expanding to work with more facilities!  The purpose of the program is to help kids, who are getting ready to age out of the foster care system, gain the confidence to tackle the challenge of navigating and establishing themselves in our community.  Training is provided. 
If you are interested in joining us, please contact:  Marilyn Oif, maroif1@yahoo.com , or Jeannie Citerman-Kraeger at   JeannieCK@aol.com
2016 Annual Meeting

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