June 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to the June 2021 newsletter...we hope this email finds you doing well!

Sorry for the delay in the release of this newsletter as we've just returned from the ATHS show in VA today...with a 5-pallet shipment on our doorstep. We'll be working all week to fill backorders and leave for another show next Wednesday. It's tradeshow season...and we're thankful that they are not cancelled like last year.

Unfortunately not much has changed in the area of logistics however, with Ports still backed up and shipments now requiring over 13 weeks to arrive instead of 5 weeks back in the old days. We continue to thank you for your patience as we wait for our ships to come in.

This month we'll release the newest addition to the line of Crash Trucks...three Oshkosh Legacy 8x8 Strikers for Dallas/Fort Worth. In addition, a limited number of Chicago Pierce Ladders from 2000-2002 will be available to order on June 25th. Early next month, we'll announce new models for D.C. and FDNY as well.

New arrivals today include the FDNY Mack CF Engines and D.C. Seagrave Rescue 2. In about 2-3 weeks, we expect to receive the FDNY Mack C Engines and Chicago E-One Hurricane Engines.

Read on for updates on best sellers, new and pending arrivals, new releases and more.

And as always, thank you for being part of the elite group of Fire Replicas collectors.

Just released...
A limited quantity of the ATHS 50th Anniversary National Convention Show Model still remain. Only 100 produced of this classic Mack B-61 with the ATHS 50th Anniversary badging. See the ATHS show model >
Best seller in May...
By far the best sellers in May were the 1958 Mack C Pumpers for FDNY. Only a few units of Engines 8 (Manhattan) and 270 (Queens) remain. The other engines sold within a day or two of release. Arriving in late June. Shop FDNY Classics >
Runner up...
The NYPD ERV 1 was our runner up for the month of May. A limited quantity of ERV 1 and 2 remain...don't delay in keeping your NYPD Collection current!
Just arrived today...
Just arrived today...the Seagrave Rescue 2 for D.C. Fire & EMS. We should have all backorders shipped by this Friday, so keep an eye on your inbox if you have one on order. Need to add this one to your collection, we have a limited supply remaining! Order your D.C. Rescue 2 >
The Mack CF 4-Door engines just arrived and will be shipping this week. If you have yours on order, keep an eye on your email for tracking. A very limited number of Engines 8 and 26 still remain!
NEXT UP...Accepting orders this Friday!
Dallas/Fort Worth Oshkosh 8x8 Legacy Strikers
The museum grade series of Crash Trucks continues with Dallas/Fort Worth Oshkosh 8x8 Legacy Strikers for EZ 12, 41 and 42. EZ 12 and 42 are equipped with the Snozzle, and EZ 41 is without. Production is limited to 50, 50, 100 of EZ 12, 41, 42 respectively. These are the follow up to the Oshkosh 8x8's for Massport and O'Hare. Order yours on June 11th! See more Crash Trucks >
Releasing on June 25th...
Chicago 2000-2002 Pierce Dash 100' Ladders
These are sure to go fast! 2000 and 2002 Pierce Dash 100' Aerial Ladders for Chicago Fire Department. Truck 47 and 52 (2000) are limited to 40 and 50 units respectively. Trucks 3, 26 and 48 (2002) are limited to 50, 40 and 40 respectively. Each rig is authentically designed for the year, featuring the white ladders for 2000 and silver for 2002.

On the Horizon...
D.C. Fire & EMS Light/Air Units 1 & 2
The next models in the D.C. Series are the KME Light/Air Units 1 and 2...limited two 125 and 75 respectively. Make sure your D.C. Collection is complete!

FDNY 1985 Mack R/Saulsbury Field Comm Unit
The preservation of the history of FDNY fire apparatus continues with the classic Field Communications Unit. Production is limited to only 200 units.

Shop Ebay for hard to find items
Alliance scale models has some "sold out" Fire Replicas in case you missed out...including FDNY Towers, Tillers, Rescues, Satellites and more!

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