Volume XLI, June 2021
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Solar Panel Update

The electrical work for the solar panels is finished, and we are looking forward to Duke Energy completing the switch so that we can begin to reap the benefits of solar energy!
Support @ Lanier
A reminder about masks
Following national and state guidelines, we are pleased to announce changes to the library mask policy. If you have received your vaccine, you may choose to not wear a mask. We ask that anyone who is not fully vaccinated continue to wear a mask inside the building.

It has been our pleasure to continue our service to you during these past months, and we thank you for the part you played in helping us to keep the library a safe place to visit. Porch pick up remains available for anyone who prefers to not come inside the building. With the lifting of the mask mandate, we will resume regular procedures inside the library for the return and check-out of books, and look forward to the return to in-person programming in August!
Smiling for Lanier
We now have 38 members who have designated the library as their charity of choice with Amazon Smile, and the pennies are mounting! Help us to reach our goal of 50 Smile contributors!

Here is the direct link to the library on AmazonSmile:
Membership renewal
Is your membership about to expire? No need to come in to the library, just visit the library website by clicking on: https://thelanierlibrary.org/membership/online-membership-form/ and renew online.
2021 Lanier Library Book of the Month Reading Challenge
This month we read a book by a local author. For suggestions, check with Sandra. Remember, there is only one rule: the book you read must be a book you have not read before!

You can pick-up a 2021 Lanier Library BOM Reading Challenge book log at the library, or download it here:

We're still unsure of the prizes, but you can count on a prize for each group this time. You will earn one ticket with your name on it for each monthly challenge accomplished and be entered into the drawing to be held on January 31, 2022. Since we got a late start, the challenge will run from February 2021 through January 2022.
Here is the link to this month's Bibliotrivia challenge for those searching for even more literary stimulation: Bibliotrivia Questions #8
Books @ Lanier
They'rrrrre Back! Book Lovers, June 5, 10 am
Book Lovers will meet meet in the library Saturday, June 5, 10 am. All are welcome. The only requirement is a love of reading, and a desire to discover more books to love!

Below are the books read and recommended at the May Book Lovers meeting.

And here are the links to our May orders and acquisitions. Feel free to contact the library to put your name on the hold list for any you would like to read. You can call us or log in through the catalogue on the website using your library card number for ID and PIN. And, as always, let us know if there is a book or DVD you think would enhance the collection.

June Book Review
The BOM challenge last month was to read a cross-genre book. Many of us were stumped to understand what defined such a book, and turned to Sandra McCall for help. Here, in addition to her book review, she gives us the definition of a cross-genre book, and suggests a few titles we might enjoy.

The Invisible Life of Addie Larue
V.E. Schwab

Most adventurous readers have at some point encountered a book that can be considered “genre bending”. Such works contain elements of more than one common genre (Fantasy, Crime, Sci-Fi, Romance, Comedy, etc.) and make for compelling & original storytelling. One of our 2021 Book of the Month challenges encourages our members to explore a cross-genre work. Some wonderful examples from Lanier’s collection are: Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series which blends time travel with Scottish & American Colonial history, Jasper Fforde’s comic literary fantasies such as The Eyre Affair and Lost in Good Book which imagine reality peopled with our favorite literary characters, or The Midnight Library by Matt Haig, a fantastical allegory filled with meditations on philosophy, science and mental/ emotional health issues.

One of our recent acquisitions, The Invisible Life of Addie Larue by V.E. Schwab has been described by one critic as a “genre defying tour de force” and I completely agree. After reading just a few pages, I was completely immersed in this picaresque novel that moves us seamlessly from 18th and 19th century Europe to America in the 20th and 21st centuries while following the adventures of our enchantment bound heroine, Adeline. This Faustian fairytale elegantly captures historical detail while also meditating on the nature of time, love, and individual identity. If you want to explore a cross- genre book, you might want to try this one or some of the others listed.

Review by Sandra McCall
Programs @ Lanier
 We are looking forward to a return to in-person programming in August!
History, Artistry, and “How-to” 
of Hand-hooked Rugs with Julia Calhoun
Thursday, June 3, 6 PM
The Vikings pulled lengths of yarn with a hook through a coarse fabric base long before bringing the skill to Scotland during their invasions of the 9th century. Scottish sailors subsequently brought rug hooking to North America at least 200 years ago. Julia Calhoun, rug hooking artist, teacher, and owner of Mills-Mosseller Rug Studio in Tryon, will share more of the history, artistry, and “how-to” of the craft OnLine@Lanier, Thursday, June 3, 6:00 PM. Julia notes, “It’s a craft that can be learned and practiced by everyone. It draws you into a creative zone and the activity becomes its own reward.” 

As to the role of rug hooking in local history, Julia adds, “In 1925, Lillian Mills Mosseller founded her rug studio and elevated an old mountain handcraft into an art for large formal rugs. She exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1937 and sold at Saks Fifth Avenue. After WWII, her son Ronnie joined the business.” 

The team made rugs for the Smithsonian, Williamsburg Inn, and numerous noted families and celebrities. They moved to Tryon in 1957 to the old post office on Pacolet Street.

Large rugs are typically a team effort. For example, the 7x 9-foot rug on the wall in Julia’s studio took two and a half people four months. 
“When Ronnie decided to close,” continues Julia, “I could not imagine losing such an important part of Tryon. I purchased the business to preserve a legacy. There’s a magic to turning threads of colored yarns into a work of art that invites to be touched.” 

Register now to ZOOM for the who, what, when, and basic “how-to” of rug hooking at History and Artistry of Rugs Program reservation
Once the COVID vaccines became available in January it was left to public health departments to organize massive vaccine initiatives to stem the tide of the pandemic. By all accounts Polk County had one of the most impressive operations in the country and we asked Josh Kennedy, Polk County Health and Human Services Director, how he did it. He will tell us all about it in a Zoom program on June 23.

Join us on June 23rd via Zoom at 2:00 pm to learn how you organize and execute quickly a public health operation of this scale, and of the volunteers and others who made it possible. Your reservation can be made at COVID Response Program Reservation
Last Month's Program: White Oak Mountain History
On May 20, local author Susan Speight shared the stories she uncovered while researching and writing about the history of White Oak Mountain in her book
White Oak Mountain, North Carolina: The Cast of Characters and the Places They Loved. Susan was able to share photos of many library friends including Helen Stearns and former director Mary Carpenter. We were even joined on the virtual call by a descendant of the Stearns family that Susan met while researching. Susan's book is full of old images from this community that would delight any newcomer or long-time resident.
Pets @ Lanier
Lanier Library welcomes all library-friendly dogs, but asks that they remain on leash at all times.
Lanier Library Greeter Dog Nick and Benjamin (Ard) are buddies who know each other from walks around their neighborhood, but love the opportunity to catch-up and share treats at the library on Sundays.
Charlotte and Jim Holly brought Zacch for a first Sunday visit, an opportunity to become familiar with the library, and to socialize.
Tyson (Latham), one of the library's regular visitors, decided to wait behind the circulation desk on the chance that there were more of those Sunday liver treats in the desk drawer. Who could resist that face? Patience and good manners are always rewarded at the library.
Displays @ Lanier
June Display Case: The Art of Rug Hooking
Julia Calhoun will fill the display case with some color renderings of hand-hooked rugs as well as skeins of yarn and tools used in rug-making to complement her June 3 program.

Sandra's June Shelf Display will provide a selection of books by local authors to help you choose a book to meet your June BOM challenge.

As always, Sandra's displays are designed to be dismantled by interested readers, so come in and choose a book from a local author!
Our May display

Thank you to Eilene Morgan for her beautiful and nostalgic display in May celebrating teachers. What a marvelous collection!
Final Notes
In the Mountains on a Summer Day
Li Po - 700-761
Gently I stir a white feather fan,
With open shirt sitting in a green wood.
I take off my cap and hang it on a jutting stone;
A wind from the pine-trees trickles on my bare head.
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